7 Green Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you are a nature lover or just want a refreshing new feeling, one of the best color schemes to go with - even in the bedroom - is green. It's the color that is popping up in houses everywhere. From pastel shades that bring lightness and renewal into the air to dark and rich tones that seem to bring the beauty of nature inside, either way, you can't miss.

Elevate your bedroom's design with the perfect shade of green! Get inspired by our curated list of beautiful green bedroom ideas.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate green into a room is to use pastels as accents. Intertwining a beautiful, light shade of green with classy white and cream colors lets the room feel huge.

1. Classy Pastel

We love that the designers include a ton of light-colored tones. Some plants add some life and depth into the futuristic bedroom that sends us flying.

2. Skylit Green

This design dresses up the warm, soft green colors by a dramatic bed frame as well as a matching wardrobe. Our favorite part of this design is the lounge chair that happens to match the walls. It ties everything together.

3. Regal and Relaxed

Instead of the usual bold color wall, this room has one pure-white wall with three green ones. It's a brilliant twist that brings in brightness. Brown and green bedding help bring all the elements together.

4. White Accent Wall

There is no busyness at all in this design. We love the 20s lamp and the patterned rug to give it a little individuality.

5. Sleek Mother Nature

This design is diving us right back into the '60s. Warm browns, oranges, and reds contrast so well with the beautiful green shades. It's fun and eclectic.

6. Psycheldic Dive

Welcome to the jungle. The rug, the curtain, all the plant life, really says "Hakuna Matata" while still being high-end.

7. Jungle Life

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