Should A Backsplash Match The Wall Color?

Black And White Contrast

If you prefer a classic design, pairing white with black can have a powerful effect.

Grey And White

You can also experiment with different grey and white shades to create a similar contrast, but not as sharp as the black and white contrast.

Patterned Backsplash

Choosing a patterned backsplash and a solid color for your walls is another way to help your backsplash stand out while coordinating with the rest of your space.

Play With Texture

Wallpaper, wood, and metal are all potential materials that can make your backsplash unique. 

Bold Color

If you are using two bold colors, your space can quickly become overwhelming.

Multiple Colors

If you have your heart set on using multiple colors in your kitchen, consider creating a colorful backsplash rather than using bold colors for both your walls and backsplash.