The Ultimate TV Setup For A Super Bowl Watch Party

Lined Circle

Since Fox Sports is broadcasting the 2023 game in 4K, a UHD/4K or 8K TV will provide the best visuals and enable viewers seated to the sides to have the same crisp, clear images as those directly in front of the screen.

Considerations for the Ultimate Setup

For a Super Bowl party where there will be lots of people, you want to have at least a 60-inch TV that is mounted on the wall if the seating arrangements will be farther than 9 feet from the TV.

What size TV for your space?

Mounting the TV on the wall versus sitting on a stand also makes for a better viewing experience. The middle of the screen should be at eye level and directly in front of those seated.

Where does a TV go on a wall?

Most likely, this is not the kind of party where there will be a lot of standing and mingling; folks will want to be around the TV, devouring snacks and cheering for their favorite team.

How much seating do you need?