Ready to revamp your bedroom but stuck on which colors to choose? Don't stress, get inspired! Our expert design advice and stunning pictures will help you wake up your walls and create the perfect sleeping space.

Make your bedroom feel like you with inspiring colors that comfort you. Find your perfect shade and design ideas to make your walls uniquely yours!

Classic Navy & White

Want to liven up your bedroom? Try painting one wall a different color! The wall behind your headboard makes the perfect accent wall and adds depth and complexity to your space.

Peaches & Cream

Get fruity this summer! Paint a wall in sweet apricot orange and pair it with a milky white ceiling, trim, and bedspread for a creamy look. Who knows, sleeping in this dreamy bedroom might give you tangerine-filled dreams!

Punchy Purple

Give your all-white bedroom a striking makeover with a punchy pop of deep fuchsia purple and a matching wall decal that will leave a lasting impression.

Chic and Sweet

Create a sweet and sophisticated space with a muted millennial pink accent wall and rose-tinted grey walls. Add bohemian flair with a chic tapestry and eclectic bedside lamps for a warm and inviting bedroom.

Tranquil Sage & Misty Grey

Create a serene retreat with a calming green accent wall, hazy grey, and elegant decor. Relax in style with a cozy bedspread and indoor plants for lazy summer afternoons.

Just Hangin' Out

Looking for a chic and understated bedroom? Consider a timeless color scheme of charcoal and light grey walls for a sleek and sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

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