What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Flooring?

Although gray flooring is neutral, there are different shades, undertones, and materials to consider when styling your room. All of these factors go into determining what style you wish to achieve and what furniture will best accomplish that.

There are so many different gray flooring types, so choosing the right furniture color can seem like a big decision. See how colors pair with gray floors. Explore perfect decor combinations now!

Gray flooring originally entered the scene hand-in-hand with bright white furniture and clean lines. This is still a common styling in modern homes. Its appeal stems from the illusion that white and other light colors like gray, furniture make a room look much bigger.


White furniture with gray flooring is also popular in the Farmhouse and Country Chic stylings. It's a bright element that balances out the reclaimed woods, metals, and various checked patterns. Both flooring and furniture can take on a worn and weathered look to fit this decor.

Whether it's a fair sky blue or a deep navy, blues are a beautiful color to pair with gray flooring. Blue is a color that signifies calm and tranquility, so paired with a gray floor, it becomes inviting and comforting.


Black furniture is going to pop on gray floors. Even darker shades of gray will still allow black to contrast well. It's easy to create a monochromatic room with two neutrals or add bold pops of color that will really stand out. Colors like red and yellow are great accent colors for black furniture.


Red and gray is a classic and sophisticated color combination. This is a more adventurous choice to spice up your gray floors, but one you certainly wouldn't be disappointed with. A dark red or maroon couch with light gray floors can create just as bold of contrast as bright red and dark gray floors.


Oak furniture comes in two different variations, red and white. For gray floors, the white variation is going to be your best option. Despite the name, oak isn't white furniture, it's just a light-colored wood. This finish is beautiful against gray floors because it keeps the room bright.


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