The first color we suggest for those wanting reflection is pastel yellow. Especially if you want to steer clear of dull colors like white, yellow is a perfect alternative.

Generally, softer yellow paint has a cheerful look, which makes it perfect for the kitchen, living room, dining room, or even bedroom.

Like yellow, orange walls could give your house a more welcoming feeling and pair nicely with wood flooring. This is another example of warm undertones on your walls, a common theme for many homes nowadays.

Another great color for reflecting natural light is soft blue. Of the group, this color seems to be the most popular for interior design, as blue goes with just about everything.

Usually, you can use lavender in bedrooms and bathrooms, as it fits in well with calming spaces. Especially for your bedroom or guest bedroom, creating a bright, welcoming feeling is essential. Therefore, purple is a great choice, as it tends to be a nice balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Here you can see how the grey wall reflects tons of light from the windows into the rest of the living space. Suppose you have a smaller home: using light grey paint could make it feel much bigger.

Of course, you don't have to go crazy with pink, as this color speaks volumes without needing to do too much. Brighter colors, in general, don't always need much extra to stand out, and pink is a perfect example of that.