What Color To Paint A House With An Orange Roof

Orange can be a tricky color to pair with. At least, it's more complex than choosing a paint color for a home with a black, gray, or brown roof. However, selecting the correct color can offer a stunning visual, making your home visually appealing for the entire neighborhood.

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Here are the best paint colors to go with an orange roof!


Yellow is such an inviting color and often evokes feelings of joy and happiness. When you choose a shade of yellow for your house exterior, pale and pastel yellows will work best. Dark or bold yellows can be overpowering and clash with the orange roof. However, it can be done if done correctly.

Darker Yellow

A darker, more bold yellow is used here, and the look is pulled off well. This is likely due to the designer's choice of white trim. The white trim helps separate the bold yellow from the terracotta.


Terracotta roofs are popular on homes in European countries, and you'll often see them paired with white or off-white exteriors. If you're trying to achieve a Spanish or Mediterranean look for your home, consider painting the exterior of your house white. It can offer a stunning contrast between the roof and exterior and will look best in warmer desert-like climates.


While we're discussing off-white, let's talk about the color cream! The color cream isn't as harsh as white and tones down the house's overall look for a more cozy and inviting feel. To add to this, the brown trim on this house works so well with the cream and terracotta colors.


Most orange roofs are terracotta orange anyway which is described as orangey-brown. Terracotta comes in various shades, and pairing your terracotta roof with a terracotta exterior can create a uniform and inviting look. To avoid overpowering the look with terracotta, try pairing it with white or pale yellow trim to keep the two colors from clashing.


Beige is a color that can go with pretty much any other color, including orange. It allows the roof to take center stage visually but can still create an inviting overall look. Just be sure to choose a beige with a warm undertone to complement the warmth of the orange roof. If the beige is too cool, it can look uninviting and cold.

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