What Goes With A Blue Couch?

5 Color Schemes Explored

Are you unsure of what colors complement your blue couch? Look no further as we dive into 5 stunning color schemes that bring out the best in your blue furniture. Discover the perfect pairing for a stylish and cohesive living space.

We love this beautiful combination. Shades of sapphire blue in the upholstered chair are mirrored in similar colored throw and throw pillows. The futon sofa is the palest shade of greyish blue. White walls and flooring are sharp and clean and make the room feel expansive. Artwork pulls in the blues and whites, while the pendant lamps are the natural wheat tones of the furniture legs, woven pouf, and decorative baskets.

Blue Upholstery With White And Wheat

In this room, a pale grey accent wall provides a backdrop for the deep midnight blue sofa. A softer blue and white patterned rug provides a focal point to gather the furniture around. The side pieces use gold-toned metals to keep things consistent, and the abstract wall art has some shades of yellow and blue to tie these elements together.

Blue Couch Accented With Grey And White

Blue is such a lovely color to work in with neutrals that you can pair it with most combinations, and it's a sure winner. Here, a soft blue sofa is paired with grey, brown, and tan elements. We love the accent circle of blue painted on the grey wall behind the couch. Also, the greige rug nicely ties together the back wall and the brown and tan furniture elements. This room looks beautiful and comfortable.

Blue Couch With Brown And Grey Accessories

Here's a fun take on a blue couch color combination. This teal-colored sofa is accented with shades of pink, grey, and white. The tiniest details like the flower pots, the books on the shelves, and the sofa accessories area were all chosen with this color scheme in mind. The black and deep greys of the frames, flowerpots and lighting choices are a nice grounding element for the fancier pink and blue combination.

Blue With Pinks And Greys

This stripped-down room lets the colors do the talking. Here, a sunflower yellow wall is the perfect bold backdrop for an almost navy sofa. The light-toned wood floors, beige-toned throw pillows, and modern wooden side tables are the perfect accent color for the two brighter tones. If you love color, this is a great choice for any blue shade your sofa may be.

Blue Sofa With Bold Yellow And Natural Tans

When we talk about decorating a couch, we're typically talking about throws and throw pillows. Choosing blues also works great with a blue couch, as illustrated by this image below. Also, think about greens, oranges, and even blacks that would work with your blue sofa.

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