What Are Console Tables Used For?




The most common place to put a console table is in the entry.  This is typically a small area where a bulky piece of furniture wouldn't fit.

In a long hallway, a console table can provide a visual break.  Adding a mirror above the table makes the hallway appear wider and lighter.

A console table may be placed against a living room wall to provide visual impact without taking up a great deal of space.

A console table typically serves one of two purposes in the dining room: a convenient place to store linens and table accessories or a handy wine rack and mini-bar.

In small bedrooms, console tables can be used in place of vanities.  It is helpful to select a table that has drawers for storing cosmetics and accessories.

If there is space in your bathroom, a small console table can add personality and utility.  You can place a flower arrangement or a display of fancy soaps and lotions on top.

Console tables are becoming increasingly popular as folding surfaces in compact laundry areas.  These tables tend to focus more on utility and convenience than on fashion.