What Accent Chairs Go With A Leather Sofa?

You've found the perfect leather sofa, but now you want to discover the best accent chairs to match a leather sofa? We've gathered together great ideas and images for you that will give a design direction for your home decor project. 

Look for accent chairs with any of these features to coordinate with a leather sofa:

  • Matching leather chairs
  • Different color leather chairs
  • Fabric chairs in a coordinating color
  • Fabric chairs in a pattern that works with the leather or other interior accents
  • Gorgeous chairs made of wood
  • Benches, poofs, or ottomans as seating

Let's take a look at each of these different accent chair ideas, and you can decide which will work the best for your room.

Interior of a rustic inspired living room with leather sofas and matching wooden chairs and furniture, What Accent Chairs Go With A Leather Sofa?

Accent Chairs That Pair With Leather Sofas

We all love a well-designed room. Leather sofas can be classic, elegant, or modern. But one thing they all have in common is a richness and sumptuousness, unlike any other material. But what makes the best chair to pair with a fabulous leather sofa. Let's take a look.

Matching Leather Chairs

The most straightforward approach to take if you're not a design-inclined person is to find a matching set of leather sofa and accent chairs. You know for sure they work together, and then if you want to bring in other elements, you can do that with a rug, throw pillows, and artwork.

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Leather sofa sets are readily available for purchase at all of your favorite furniture retailers. This one is available on Amazon.

Different Color Leather Accent Chairs With Leather Sofa

If you love leather upholstery, you can still change things up. Nowadays, leather comes in so many different colors; it's possible to mix and match leather accent chairs with your leather sofa.

A shinny leather sofa inside a reading room

Here a saddle tan leather sofa is mixed with a chocolate brown matching accent chair and a saddle tan barrel chair. The different shades work well together.

Here a creme colored sofa is paired with a saddle tan accent chair for a soft, neutral look. House plants and an oriental rug bring the look together.

We have a wonderful post about the various leather accent chairs out there that can work with your leather sofa. Please read, "21 Stunning Leather Accent Chairs You Need To See Right Now."

Fabric Accent Chairs In A Coordinating Color To Your Leather Sofa

Fabric chairs work really well with leather sofas. If you want a subtle look, pick an accent chair in a fabric color close to the color of your sofa. The differing textures will add visual interest, but a similar palette will keep things calm. Here we see a dark grey sofa paired with a slightly softer fabric upholstered wing back chair.

You can also use a color that contrasts nicely with your leather. Then consider using a third color as an accent color. Here a rich blue velvet chair is set against a saddle tan leather sofa. A slightly darker blue rug flows beneath, and a yellow accent throw pillow is used for the third color.

This gorgeous blue accent chair would work well with almost every color of leather sofa. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

Patterned Fabric Chairs With A Leather Sofa

We love a good pattern here at HomeDecorBliss.com, and leather sofas are an excellent backdrop for a splash of something fun in your accent chair. This patterned chair has orange tones that pick up on the camel tones of the sofa. A light-colored rug and fun fluffy pillow bring cozy cohesion to the space.

A beige fabric sofa with a gray throw pillow

If you're worried about getting items that don't match, check out this post, "Do Accent Chairs Have to Match?"

Gorgeous Chairs Made Of Wood

Mid-century modern furniture has made a comeback in the last few years, and it's a perfect complement to a contemporary leather sofa. The streamlined style of this sleek furniture is ideal for smaller spaces.

A white wooden chair

This lightly upholstered mid-century modern chair is a great choice if you have a small living space. Pair it with a contemporary sofa for a sleek, urban look. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

Using Poofs, Benches, And Ottomans As Additional Seating

Another route to take with additional seating with your leather sofa is to look toward poofs, benches, or ottomans for extra seating. There are so many interesting and gorgeous options out there to mix up your style. These leather poofs give this room a cozy feel.

Different colored poufs inside a living room

A large ottoman can provide extra seating, extra storage, and cover the additional surface area. Here a patterned fabric ottoman pairs nicely with a soft grey leather sofa.

Here a grey upholstered bench works well with a leather sofa. It functions as both a coffee table and additional seating.

For additional information about poofs and ottomans, check out our post, "Where to Buy Poufs and Ottomans (Top 40 Online Stores)"

A large ottoman like this would work well with creme, dark brown, or black leather sofas. Add a few similar geometric pillows to your couch, and you'll have a cohesive look for your living room. Click here for this on Amazon.

These Moroccan goatskin poofs will give you a similar look to the room pictured above. They're 20" round and a perfect extra seat for your gathering area. Click here for this on Amazon.

Can You Mix Different Leather Furniture?

There's no reason why you can't mix different leather furniture. As long as your colors and styles are cohesive and your furniture is not overbearing for your space. Leather is excellent with leather, as you can see here, "The 25 Different Colors of Leather Furniture."

Modern rooms with streamlined leather sofas and sleek leather accent chairs are some of our favorites. Here an orange-brown couch looks fantastic with a sleek black leather chair and modern abstract painting.

A leather sofa with white and brown throw pillows, a light gray carpet, and two end tables on each side

Should The Sofa And Chairs Be The Same Height?

When thinking about the height of the sofa and chair, you want to think about the height of the seat, not the height of the overall piece. Ideally, your sofa's and chair's seat height will be within 4" of each other. That way, no person is hugely taller or shorter than another person when seated in your seating arrangement.

Do Furniture Legs Have To Match?

Though matching your furniture's legs certainly gives a certain cohesiveness to space, it's by no means necessary. You want to think about colors, styles, and overall lines rather than exact matches. Of course, if you've bought a matching set, they'll have the same type legs, but when mixing and matching, that may not be an option.

This room is an excellent example of a living room where everything works exceptionally well together, but none of the furniture legs match. The couch, the two white club chairs, the tables, and the black accent chair all have different style legs. As you can see, it's no problem at all.

In this room, the furniture's legs are all a similar wooden cylindrical shape though they don't match. But their similarity does make the eye believe they are meant to be together.

In Conclusion

Interior of a rustic inspired living room with leather sofas and matching wooden chairs and furniture

There are so many beautiful options out there for accent chairs for your leather sofa. If you focus on similar styles, colors that meld well, and things that you love, you'll have an immaculately designed space in no time at all.

Bohemian living room with beige leather sofa and accent chair, What Accent Chairs Go With A Leather Sofa?

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