What Accent Chairs Go With A Gray Sofa?

Many different colors and patterns can accompany a gray sofa. If you wonder what accent chairs will go best with a gray sofa, we've scoured the internet to put together the most recommended color options and patterns for you.  

Virtually any color, pattern, or fabric can complement the color gray of your sofa. Bold colors like red, yellow, teal, and orange add a brilliant pop of color to the room. Subdued colors like pale pink, navy blue, and cream add a softened touch to the room. To coordinate pairs of accent chairs with a gray sofa, consider

  • The color of each chair should either match exactly or complement one another.
  • The patterns of each chair should either be identical or complement one another. 
  • The upholstery material of accent chairs can differ from that of the sofa, but each chair should be the same. 
  • Whether you prefer earthy or modern, both natural wood tones and metallic hues coordinate well with gray.

Of course, your gray sofa as the center stage of the room should also be the star of the show. So, you want to select accent chairs to precisely accentuate the sofa. Keep reading as we explore how to coordinate accent chairs with each other and your sofa and room decor. 

Scandinavian interior design living room 3d render with gray and yellow colored furniture and wooden elements, What Accent Chairs Go With A Gray Sofa?

Accent Chair Considerations 


When choosing colors for your accent chairs, you can either get chairs of the same color or different, yet complementary colors. Just make sure the dissimilar colors coordinate with one another and with the room's overall color scheme.

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Scandinavian interior design living room 3d render with gray and yellow colored furniture and wooden elements, What Accent Chairs Go With A Gray Sofa?

For instance, when using different colors such as a pink chair and a green chair, both match gray but clash with each other. Using one pink and one green accent chair would give the furniture a mismatched feeling. 

Let's take a popular color to pair with gray, blue, for example. In any shade, blue coordinates well with gray. Blue can also provide a soothing color for a living room or den. If you want to coordinate two differently colored accent chairs by using one blue, add a splash of color by pairing a second orange chair. Within the overall color scheme, orange compliments blue and also matches gray.

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Real photo of an armchair standing next to small tables and a couch in a living room interior with table with black chairs and shelves with ornaments in the background

Patterned accent chairs bring an exciting element to your living space. Similar to working with colors, ensure that patterns complement one another and the other items in the room. It is a little more challenging to coordinate patterns, but looking at the design scheme for your living room as a whole makes it easier to choose the right pattern for accent chairs. 

A good rule of thumb to follow when working with patterns is to incorporate at least three different patterns into the room's design. It might sound counterproductive, but the patterns should be different scales or sizes.

For example, you could pair a small-scaled pattern such as small polka dots with a larger-scaled pattern such as chevron. An easy way to coordinate using patterns is to select one piece of printed decor or furniture in your room to be the main feature and then choose designs that complement that piece's pattern and colors. 

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Dining area with white dining table and white dining chairs.

You can select accent chairs in a different material from your sofa; just try to keep the material the same for both chairs if using two. Consider the balance in the room not to overpower one type of material with the other. For instance, if your sofa is leather, consider offsetting the leather by using fabric accent chairs. Of course, if you select the same material chairs as the sofa, the room balances naturally.

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Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs? 

Yes. You can decorate your living room with two different accent chairs. Again, you will want to pay attention to cohesion and balance. Your accent chairs need to match the sofa, the overall room decor, and each other. For more tips and suggestions about choosing accent chairs that go well together, check out our article "Do Accent Chairs Have To Match?

What Color Walls Go With Gray Furniture? 

Interior of modern living-room with gray sofa and accent chair

Using gray furniture allows you to explore different colors for your walls, and your color choice depends on the overall style you want. Incorporating natural elements into design is very popular right now, and you can achieve this using browns, deep yellows, or greens.

Bold colors like bright yellow, red, or teal also pair very well with gray. If you want to play it safe, you can keep walls white or cream and use accent furniture or decor to give your space a pop of color. 

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What Is A Good Accent Color For Gray? 

Modern living room interior with gray sofa

Gray is such a versatile hue that there are many colors to complement it. Some of the most popular pairings are softer shades like pink, cream, or seafoam. For a bold pop, bright shades like orange, red, or yellow pair well with gray. Natural wood tones compliment gray, as do modern metallic hues such as gold or brass. 

Is Gray Furniture Going Out Of Style? 

Many designers will tell you that gray is going out of style and replaced with new tones such as pewter, pink, or blue. Don't throw your gray furniture out yet, though. As we've discussed, gray is a versatile color that can find a place on any color palette. If trendy looks are what you are going for, keep your gray furniture, and use stylish shades as accents throughout the room. 


Decorating a room with a gray sofa can be a lot of fun because there are so many design options for the color gray. To be sure that the look you are creating is attractive but cohesive, feel free to use your creativity. Be mindful of how each piece looks on its own and what other furniture and decor coordinate with the colors and patterns. 

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