What Accent Chairs Go With A White Couch?

Are there accent chairs that go best with a white couch? You love the soft vibe of a light-colored couch but want the whole room to look great. We've collected great ideas in our search and have them for you here.

Here are some great accent chairs to go with a white couch:

  • Pair it with white club chairs in a similar upholstery
  • Pick an interesting silhouette in soft grey
  • Choose upholstered wingbacks for a more classical look
  • Tans and browns work great with white
  • Choose dark grey or black for high drama

We will look at each of these design ideas more in-depth below and show you visual examples. In addition, we'll answer your questions about the best throw pillows, how to make the couch look cozy, good rugs, and overall styling ideas. So please, keep reading.

Modern interior of living room with white couch, coffee table and accent chair, What Accent Chairs Go With A White Couch?

Great Accent Chairs To Pair With A White Couch

White is such a great color. It's light and bright and works well with almost anything. You can style it with neutrals for a calming palette. Or pair it with bright colors for seaside sparkle. And if you love ultimate contrast, mix a white couch with darker pieces for a room that sets a mood. Let's take a look at some super inspirational decor ideas.

Pair It With White Club Chairs With Similar Upholstery Fabric

White couch in a living room

This living room runs with a white and neutral theme. The comfortable transitional sofa in a white linen fabric is paired with matching accent chairs on either side. Cozy neutral throw pillows and furniture pieces round out the look, making this a refreshing and inviting room.

Pick An Interesting Silhouette In Soft Grey

Couch in a modern Scandinavian living room

One of the fun things about picking out accent chairs is that they don't have to perfectly match the sofa as long as the style is similar. Here a contemporary white sectional is paired with one interesting accent chair in a grey that works with the room's paint color. This is a great way to make a room look cohesive without it being too matchy-matchy.

This grey chair gives a similar vibe to the one in the room above. It's available here on Amazon.

Choose Upholstered Wingbacks In Patterns For A Classic Look

Furnished living room in luxury home

If you want a more traditional and elegant look, look at what they did with their white couches in this room. Two couches face one another across a coffee table, but two wingback chairs are at the end of the seating arrangement. We love these wingbacks because of the gorgeous teal and grey fabric that brings in color to an otherwise neutral seating area. 

A pattern like this would be beautiful in a more traditional seating space. And with the popularity of the color blue, it could work with many design schemes.

Click here for this chair on Amazon.

Tans And Browns Work Great With White

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace

White sofas are perfect in neutral rooms. Here we see the two white sofas set against the backdrop of the gorgeous stone fireplace. To the side, the designer has chosen to use two soft sand-colored upholstered accent chairs that pick up colors from the stone.  The sisal rug on the floor inside the seating arrangement pulls from the fireplace colors as well.

Bohemian living room with couch

Another spin on white and tan is to choose a rattan chair for a more bohemian vibe. If you live in a smaller space, it may be that you can only fit one accent chair without overpowering your room. This one works well with the more casual feel and overall size of the room's furnishings.

This chair will give you a similar look with the added comfort of a cushioned seat. Click here for it on Amazon.

Choose Dark Grey Or Black For High Drama

Large and luxurious interiors of a modern living room

If you're all about that drama, then think about going for dark colors in your accent chairs. Here, two dark charcoal leather accent chairs make a bold statement next to the large white couches. A dark coffee table and dark wood-lined ceiling offset the bright natural light coming from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. It's truly an elegant space.

White room with white couch

If you have a small space but love the look of this dark and light interior, one option might be to use smaller poufs for additional seating rather than larger accent chairs. Here two dark poufs and a luscious deep pile area rug give this white couch the oomph it deserves.

Decorating Your Living Room With A White Couch

With any design scheme, you want to think about size and scale as well as color. As you can see from the images above, you can go in many color directions when choosing a white couch. But beyond that, you want to think about a well-balanced room.

Smaller spaces benefit from smaller furniture pieces. Don't overcrowd or choose styles so cumbersome that they overwhelm the room. Scandinavian styles and mid-century modern design are great places to start.

You have more freedom to play with scale in larger spaces, though the opposite will hold true. You don't want a tiny spindly-legged sofa when your room is large enough to accommodate two full-sized sofas or a large sectional.  Choosing the right scale is a great way to have your living room look great from the start.

How Do You Make A White Couch Look Cozy?

Modern Scandinavian living room with table and white couch

White couches can sometimes look very stark. So how do you make them cozier and inviting? It's all in the styling. Choose soft throws and afghans that add texture, color, and warmth. Add in throw pillows to break up the starkness of a white sofa. Place a tall house plant or lovely lamp at one end. Anything you can do to give the room a loved and lived-in feel will make it cozy.

Natural mohair is warm and soft and has great texture. A throw like this will give your white couch some extra cuddly appeal.

Click here for this on Amazon.

What Color Pillows Look Good On A White Couch?

White is a kind color when it comes to matching, which is why we can say that any color pillow will look good on a white couch. That being said, it's good to think about your room's overall color scheme. If you have a neutral palette, choose natural colored pillows like these burlap linen ones.

Click here for these on Amazon.

Love a boho or fresh look? Then maybe choose a throw pillow with both texture and color. These pillows in vibrant yellow are crisscrossed with a plush velvet design. Making them both comfortable and cool. 

Click here for these on Amazon.

If you love the contrast of white and darker colors, then don't discount going with a deep grey or even black throw pillow. We love these medium grey pillows with a bit of textured design.

Click here for this on Amazon.

What Color Rug Goes With A White Couch?

Just like choosing pillows and chairs, you want to choose a rug that will enhance your overall design. We've seen natural fiber rugs, plush grey rugs, oriental rugs, and rugs that pick up other colors in the room in the images above. The main thing is to make sure the rug fits your design style.

Patterned rugs like this work in more casual living rooms. They're perfect for apartments and bohemian spaces.

Click here for this rug on Amazon.

If you love contrast, why not go for a rich grey deep plush carpet like this one. It not only looks great but will feel super on your feet. You might not even care about sitting on the sofa with a gorgeous rug like this!

Click here for this on Amazon.

Make Your Living Room Beautiful With A White Sofa And The Perfect Accent Chairs

Hopefully, this post has let you see how gorgeous a white sofa can look when styled well. It doesn't matter if you pair it with bold color, soft neutrals, or a strong black, but each look will give the room a different feeling. Decided what you want your style vibe to be and go from there.

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