What Adhesive To Use For Stair Tread?

Whether you are fixing, building your stairs, or styling your stairs with a stair tread to match the overall theme of your house, you will need an adhesive for that! Additionally, we researched it to give you the best answer and additional information to sustain your main query!

The adhesives effectively work well with your stair tread project. These top four adhesives that you can use for your stair tread are available in the market:

  1. Sikaflex Adhesive
  2. PL Premium Adhesive
  3. Gorilla Glue
  4. Bostik's Tread-Lock Adhesive

The job can be tiring, especially if your stair tread is made of wooden tracks, where a special adhesive should be utilized. Keep reading this post to learn more about bonds and how to use them properly!

What Adhesive To Use For Stair Tread?

The Top Four Adhesives For Your Stair Tread Project

A substance that can stick to surfaces is called an adhesive; these adhesives can attach two different materials. To use proper adhesive, here are the top four quality adhesives you can use for stair tread:

worker apply adhesive for 3 layer parquet flooring

Sikaflex Adhesives

Sikaflex offers a type of flexible polyurethane foam used to connect various materials, such as the stair tread. Compared to rigid thin film or mechanical joining, elastic bonding provides a more stable and long-lasting bond.

It also eliminates the need for mechanical joining due to its ability to distribute stress evenly over a large area. It can additionally prevent corrosion by absorbing vibrations and protecting the bond surface from water penetration.

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PL Premium Adhesives

The strongest and most ">stable construction adhesive, PL Premium is ideal for most interior and exterior projects where durability and long-term strength are met.

Its unique solid content technology provides a high-performance and long-lasting solution for various substrates such as wood, concrete, marble, metal, and brick.

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Gorilla Glue

The original Gorilla Glue is known for its incredibly strong and versatile adhesives. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and is 100% water-resistant.

This product can be used for almost any project or repair. Its water-activated polyurethane formula creates a strong bond to virtually anything.

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Bostik's Tread-Lock Adhesives

For stair tread installation and remodeling, the ">Bostik Tread-Lock offers quality adhesives. The Tread-Lock solution dries fast to establish a durable attachment, and this adhesive can also be utilized on a wet surface.

Tread-Lock helps to lessen the creaking stair sound when you are walking on your stairway once the surface of the stair is thoroughly dried. This adhesive also gives a firm yet flexible feeling to your stairs.

Once the adhesive is completely dried and attached to the stair tread, it is still easy to remove it in case you have new stair tread ideas.


Initial Action Before Applying Adhesives To Your Stair Tread

Some tips that you should do before using adhesives for your stair tread project:

Your Stair Surface Should be Able To Withstand Heavy Components

Your stair should be sufficient to withstand the heavy materials. The adhesive you will use on your stair tread might not serve its purpose if your stair material is not strong enough to handle heavy objects.

Pick The Right Adhesive For Your Stair Tread

Before deciding on one adhesive alone, try to conduct research first to help you choose which adhesive is capable of holding and withstanding the base of your roof.

Clean Your Stair Surface Before Applying Adhesives

Before applying adhesives to the stairs, make sure that you clean its surface first to remove clouds of dust and other microorganisms that can damage your stair tread.

Clean the surface using a brush and a solvent treatment or any cleaning materials suitable for the substrate of your stairs.

Types Of Adhesives That Can Be Applied To Stair Tread

wood stair with steel railing

When selecting the ideal adhesives, you have a lot of options to take into account, each one of which has different requirements and uses.

Adhesives can be divided into groups according to their chemical build-up, physical characteristics, categorization, or weight capacity.

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy is one example of a strong adhesive. Most materials, including ceramics, wood, metal, and plastics, can be bonded using epoxy adhesive. This type of adhesive can withstand high temperatures or any weather conditions.

Polyurethane Adhesives

Adhesives made of polymers called polyurethanes are utilized in buildings where strong bonding with long-lasting flexibility is necessary.

Polymers have diverse applications and are frequently produced as two-part adhesives. Since they need humidity to solidify, this adhesive can be applied for projects such as your stair tread.

Installing Stair Treads Using Polyurethane Adhesives [Step-By-Step]

Follow these ">steps for an easier installation of your stair tread:

Take Measurements

Each stair nose should be adequately measured for width and length. The size of each step varies slightly on most stairs. The minimum measurement of the stair tread from the top surface to the bottom should be at least 10 inches. 

Cut The Stair Tread

Using only a miter saw, cut the stair tread into the precise dimensions required.

Only cut the stair tread on the unnecessary side; never cut it on the line or the measurement line. You'll probably lose the tread if you accidentally cut it on the measurement side.

Apply Wood Stain

To preserve the wood's finish, varnish the treads. As instructed by the manufacturer, let the stain cure. After the second coat, allow the stain to dry completely.

Install The Stair Treads

After successfully staining the wood, you must install the stair treads using an adhesive. Just press a thin amount of polyurethane adhesive on the base where you will put the tread.

The exact process applies on the tread side facing the stair's step. Just put some adhesive on it.

Let The Adhesive To Cure

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and wait for the polyurethane adhesive to set before stepping on the stair treads.

Why You Should Add A Stair Tread To Your Home

Interior stairway viewed from the landing looking into the foyer and kitchen in a modern home

Not only can stair treads greatly increase protection, in addition, but they also protect the steps from daily use. The stair treads lessen the surface blemishes of your stair, including scratches, dents, and discoloration.

They bear the bulk of the damage and increase the longevity of your steps, which lowers overall maintenance expenditures. It is significantly less expensive to replace these tread covers than renovating the stairs.

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Maintenance Of Your Stair Treads

Woman washes stairway at house.

To remove any filth, dust, or microorganisms, use a dust cloth and vacuum on the stair treads. Add 2 ounces of Excelsior NC-900 all-purpose neutral cleaner for every gallon of clean water. 

Use a clean cloth or towel to remove the dirt residues and other debris. Soak with fresh, cool water, then let it air dry completely.

Best Type Of Wood For Stair Treads

Pine is one of the best woods for stair treads despite being gentler than Oak and other timbers. There are a lot of houses with pine flooring that is generations old because of the extraordinary durability of pine wood flooring and stair treads.

Should You Nail Or Screw Stair Treads?

Never use nails or staples to secure stair treads. Fasteners do not have the same function as adhesives. A strong adhesive is essential since there will be instances when fastening options will be limited. The stringer should not be used to stabilize the treads.

Should Your Treads Be Matched With Your Floor?

To have an overall theme inside your house, you should install a tread floor that matches your home's flooring. However, your stairs or stair tread shouldn't be darker than your floor. 

There is no requirement that stairs be darker than the ground. You may paint your stairs whatever color you like as long as it matches your flooring.

In Conclusion

These top four adhesives you can choose from are highly effective and recommendable for stair tread installation. Many homeowners utilize these adhesives in different ways.

Always check on the available sources online before going into the initial action. You should also consult an expert to guide you better on which adhesive to use for your stairs.

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