What Are Sheer Curtains [With 11 Examples]

Sheer curtains are a particularly popular curtain variety, but what are they exactly? We’re here to help you better understand the properties of this curtain variety.

Sheer curtains are light, airy, and breezy window treatment with translucent properties. The see-through material can come in solid colors, have embroidered or foil print designs, have shimmery or metallic thread, or be patterned. Options are seemingly endless with the kinds of sheer curtains available. Sheer curtains can be used indoors or outdoors. They serve slightly different purposes, depending on where they’re placed.

What Are Sheer Curtains (With 11 Examples)

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Without further ado, we’ll discuss sheer curtains in more detail.

What is the Purpose of Sheer Curtains?

Though often taken for granted, curtains are one of the best home decor accessories. Curtains not only add character and aesthetic appeal to a room, but they also add utility; curtains help filter light – some more than others – or block it altogether.

You’ll enjoy quite a few benefits from choosing sheer curtains. Their primary purposes are to filter light, add elegance, and add a pop of color or texture between other embroidered curtains. Light filtering helps reduce the harsh lighting in your home. Added elegance comes from their light and airy properties. Adding pops of color and texture enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Can You See Through Sheer Curtains?

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What Are Sheer Curtains (With 11 Examples)

You can see through sheer curtains to a certain extent. You won’t be able to make out details through them, but you can see silhouettes.

The light that filters through these curtains will cast a glow of whatever color the curtains are. So, for example, if you have sheer aqua curtains, the light cast in the room will have a hint of aqua. This characteristic makes sheer curtains a uniquely creative addition to a room.

What Are Sheer Curtains Made Of?

Sheer curtains can be made out of a few different fabrics. One of the most common materials is polyester. Polyester is a popular choice due to its durability, shape and color retention ability, and ease of cleaning.

You’ll also be able to find sheer curtains made from chiffon, lace, voile, cotton, linen, and silk. Pick a fabric that will best match your home’s style and aesthetic. You really can’t go wrong!

What is the Best Fabric For Sheer Curtains?

You may be relieved to find out that there isn’t a “best” fabric for sheer curtains. The main requirement is that it allows filtered light through the fabric. Many different materials can allow that, like the ones listed in the question above.

This means that there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to selecting sheer curtains for your particular space.

Do Sheer Curtains Provide Privacy?

a beautiful sheer curtain in the bedroom

To an extent, yes, sheer curtains provide privacy. There won’t be any noise cancellation from the curtains, but they can provide separation in rooms or as window treatments. It may be best to get solid or blackout curtains to block all visual ability.

During the daylight, sheer curtains will provide privacy without sacrificing that beautiful natural light that pours into the room. However, at night, if a light is turned on inside the room, people outside will be able to see through the fabric.

Sheer Curtain Examples

Now that you know more about sheer curtains and all their characteristics, you’re likely wondering where you can purchase your own. We’ve created a list of some of the most beautiful sheer curtains available. Check out the links below to find 11 great sheer curtain options!

GoodGram 2 Pack: Basic Sheer Voile Window Panels

There’s no shortage of color options for these sheer window curtain panels. With 15 different solid colors, you’re sure to find one that will fit the style and aesthetic of your home. Each panel has a pocket for the curtain rod to run through it. Measurements of each panel are 52 inches wide x 84 inches long.

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HLC.ME Emma Floral Blossom Embroidered Semi Sheer Curtain

Sometimes you may want the added charm of embroidery on your sheer curtains. These curtains have a lovely floral design running the length. To best fit your needs, this sheer curtain comes in three different sizes: 54 inches wide x 63 inches long, 54 inches wide x 84 inches long, and 54 inches wide x 96 inches long.

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Bermino Faux Linen Sheer Curtains 

These beautiful ombre sheer curtains add in a pop of color. Pick which color option works best for you from the 12 color combinations. Each panel has grommet holes to fit on your curtain rods. Dimensions of these curtains can be 54 inches wide x 84 inches long, 54 inches wide x 95 inches long, and 54 inches wide x 108 inches long.

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Dreaming Casa Solid Sheer Curtains Drapery

Classic elegance exudes from these sheer curtains. Add a touch of luxury when you install one of these eight color options of sheer curtains. For added convenience and versatility, you can pick from 14 different size options for the panels. The curtains are sturdily made and will last for years to come.

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Deconovo White Sheer Curtains Grommet Diamond Pattern

If you’re looking for sheer curtains with a little more subtle pizzazz, these sheer white curtains have a pretty diamond pattern on them. They come in 6 different dimensions and three color options. The color options include white, beige, and gray. The geometric design is contemporary and will match any home style.

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Selectex Sheer Curtain in Geometric Patterns

Geometrics patterns are a fun way to spruce up your home. The sheer material keeps the space light and breezy without being overpowering. These panels come in 5 different color options: aqua, white, natural, soft pink, and grey. Pick from three different dimensions: 52 inches wide x 63 inches long, 52 inches wide x 84 inches long, and 52 inches wide x 95 inches long.

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White Leaf Sheer Curtains

The color options of these sheer curtains are white with green leaves, white with brown leaves, and white with grey leaves. The embroidered leaf pattern of the curtains looks elegant and contemporary. It adds in the perfect amount of intrigue and warmth to the room. Pick from three different curtain length options: 63 inches, 84 inches, or 95 inches.

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H.VERSAILTEX Decorative Linen Sheer Curtains

The rich linen material of these curtains is well-made and adds in an organic element to the room. The fabric has a beautiful aesthetic. With ten different colors from which you can choose, you won’t be disappointed. The width of each panel is 52 inches but pick from lengths of 63 inches, 84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. These sheer curtains will easily blend with your other home decor.

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Vangao Foil Print Sheer Curtains Beige Voile

The foil print on these sheer curtains brings some dazzling sparkle. It’s subtle enough not to distract from the room as a whole. The geometric pattern is fun and complementary to whatever design style is in your home. Select one of the four following colors: beige, dark grey, pink, or white. Lengths of this curtain come in 45 inches, 63 inches, 84 inches, or 95 inches. This particular style of sheer curtain is sure to be an aesthetic focal point of the room.

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Selectex Linen Look Pom Pom Tasseled Sheer Curtains

Bring a touch of dainty elegance into your home with these pom tasseled sheer curtains. There’s a linen look to the fabric, featuring a beautiful texture. Furnish your home with one of the nine color options: blush, aqua, burgundy, grey, indigo, lilac, maize, nature, and white. Enjoy the light, relaxing feel of these curtain panels.

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Top Finel White Sheer Curtains, Embroidered Diamond

Embroidered diamond shapes enhance the beauty of these sheer curtains. There are nine different color combinations from which you can choose; you can’t go wrong! Although made of 100% polyester, they are made to look and feel like linen. Liven up the look of any room in your house with the addition of these sheer curtains.

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