What Are The Best Blinds For A Kitchen Window?

You’re in your kitchen, preparing a nice meal, enjoying your carefully decorated space when suddenly the sun glares through the window, nearly blinding you. It’s time to put up some blinds, but which blinds are best in your kitchen? We’ve researched, and we have some answers.

The best blinds for the kitchen should be easy to clean, block a sufficient amount of light to cut glare, and provide privacy. Some of the most recommended choices are:

  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Shades
  • Faux Wood Blinds
  • Cellular Shades

Within each type of these blinds, there are available options that perform well in a kitchen and can easily match your decor. We discuss each of these blinds below and the types of kitchen each may work best with, so please keep reading.

Interior of a small white themed kitchen with floral blinds on the window and indoor plants on the windowsill, What Are The Best Blinds For A Kitchen Window?

Blinds For Your Kitchen

It’s great if your kitchen has a window that lets in a lot of natural light. But at certain times of the day, the light coming in could be too bright or at the wrong angle, creating an uncomfortable glare. With proper blinds, you can not only reduce that glare but also improve the privacy of your home and add a nice touch to the design of your kitchen.

In the kitchen, you need blinds that are easy to clean. Kitchen blinds have a lot to deal with, including splatters and humidity fluctuations. It is important that the blinds you select are constructed from materials that can hold up to this without damage. At the same time, you want your blinds to fit well with the design of your kitchen. Some work better in more rustic kitchens, while others fit in with a modern aesthetic.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a great choice for a traditional kitchen. They can also soften the look of a harder design. If the proper blinds are selected, a roman shade even works well in a modern kitchen.

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Modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, granite countertop, and spotted tiled backsplash bringing that earthy kitchen feel

Roman blinds are more difficult to keep clean than some of the other types we mention below. Keep that in mind, especially if your window is behind the sink or in another area where splatters are common. You can mitigate that problem somewhat by purchasing a washable shade, like this one:

Cordless Roman Shades

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Roller Shades

Roller shades have been around for a long time. Some people think they are boring and plain, but that isn’t the case if you pair the right shade with the right room. Some roller shades have a drawstring to pull them up, while others have a spring mechanism. On the spring style, a ratcheting mechanism allows you to stop the blind where you want. With the drawstring style, there is a string to adjust the shade location.

A kitchen service window with a white rolling blind

These shades work especially well in a modern design. They have a clean look and are available in a variety of materials. Stick with the spring version to avoid dangling cords, and to make them easier to clean, you need to stick with vinyl or waterproof shades, like these:

Achim Home Furnishing Roller Shade

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Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds provide a classic look, and they can improve the look of many room designs. But there are a lot of moisture and temperature fluctuations in the kitchen, which may not always be the best thing for wood blinds. This is where faux wood comes in. Faux wood blinds look like wood blinds but are made of materials that are more water-resistant and washable.

A modern kitchen countertop with a white granite countertop

This type of blind works well with a cozy cottage kitchen or a farmhouse kitchen. Because of their classic design, they can work well in several kitchen styles, but may not work as well with more modern designs. If you select blinds like those below, you will have attractive blinds that are durable and easy to clean in a kitchen environment.

US Window And Floor Cordless Blinds

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Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are very durable shades that can provide a lot of privacy in your kitchen. They resist wear and last many years. This type of shade is available in materials that are easy to clean and usually only need to be wiped down in place without the need to take them down for cleaning. Many even have dust repellent properties, making them easier to keep clean.

This type of shade works well in a lot of kitchens. They add a softer look but are available in an array of colors and can work great in a modern or contemporary kitchen design. Shades like these shown below are insulating, meaning you’ll help your room stay closer to the temperature you want all year round. They also filter light, allowing some light through while still providing privacy. Cellular shades work well for a softer look in your kitchen.

BlindsAvenue Cordless Cellular Shade

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All of the shades above are great choices. Match one of them with the look of your kitchen and you should be happy with how it adds to your room's look.

Should You Put Curtains In The Kitchen?

Some people worry about hanging curtains in the kitchen. They can absorb odor and be difficult to clean. But you shouldn’t be afraid to put curtains in your kitchen, as they can really dress up the room. They can also filter the light and give you some privacy. When selecting curtains for the kitchen, you need to consider the type of fabric. You want something less absorbent and more washable.

While curtains are not always expected in a kitchen, they can work well. If you like the advantages and like the design of curtains in your kitchen, then there is no reason you shouldn't have them.

What Kitchen Window Treatments Are Easiest To Clean?

Some of the easiest window treatments to keep clean in the kitchen are faux wood blinds, like these. Faux wood blinds are made of vinyl or similar material, making it very easy to just wipe them down with a cloth and some soap or cleaner.

Linen Avenue Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

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Another good option in the kitchen is cellular shades, like these. Many of the cellular shades are dust resistant. Most of these shades are cleaned by simply wiping them down or dusting them occasionally.

Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Cellular Shade

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Vinyl roller shades can be very easy to clean. Make sure they are vinyl or other easy to clean fabric, like these:

ALLBRIGHT Classic Cordless Vinyl Roller Shades

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Do You Need Both Blinds And Curtains?

When choosing the window treatments for your room, you do not always need both blinds and curtains. While the two can complement each other, having both won’t always work with your design. On top of that, using both in situations where you don’t really need both can be an unnecessary added expense. Sometimes it’s good to just keep things simple.

Think about a bathroom. Do you really need both blinds and curtains in there? How about your laundry room? On the other hand, there are rooms where there is a lot of light intruding through the windows. At times doubling things up can give you maximum control of the light. Having both curtains and blinds can add style and comfort to a living room. Having both can also help block out the heat from the bright sun or add some insulation to the cold window area.

While it is not necessary to have both blinds and curtains together, it is a good choice in cases where it matches your style and room. There is no reason not to use both, but there is also no reason you have to.

What Color Blinds Should You Choose?

If you’re selecting new blinds and can’t decide which color to choose, there are a few ideas that can help you figure it out.

Match Wall Color

This creates a cohesive look that brings everything together. It’s a safe choice, and it can work well in most rooms. If you are concerned about everything being too matchy, you can go a few shades lighter or darker.

Match Trim Color

This is an easy way to go. It keeps your blinds from being the center of attention and is a simple, neutral look. Matching your trim is a simple way to make sure everything goes well together, and it rarely results in too much matching in a room.

Match Flooring

This is another simple way to make sure your blinds fit with your room design without risking having too much similarity. If you have carpet in the room, you should be able to match it closely, but if you have a wood floor, you may have to select a shade as near as possible to one of the dominant shades in the flooring.

Whatever color you select, remember that dark blinds in a dark room will result in an even darker room. Consider putting lighter blinds in a very dark room and darker curtains in a very light room.

In Closing

There are many good options for blinds in the kitchen, many of which we discuss above. It would be best if you kept in mind that the kitchen has a lot of heat variation, splatters, and humidity. Stick with blinds that are easy to clean and will hold up to the heat and moisture variations.

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