What Are The Different Colors In Tide Pods – Do They Have A Softener?

Are you wondering what exactly tide pods are made of and whether or not you need to add laundry softener when you're using them? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to answer all your questions in one place. 

The liquid colors in Tide Pods consist of different cleaning solutions that have varying effects on the clothing being washed. Some varieties of Tide Pods have more than three formulas included, and some even contain fabric softeners.

So, what exactly do the different liquid detergents in a Tide Pod do for your laundry? And do you have to add laundry softener to your laundry when you're using pods? Keep reading to learn all about how Tide Pods can change your laundry routine.

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What Are The Liquids In Tide Pods?

Tide Pods contain a detergent, a stain remover, and a color protector. These formulas all work together to give your laundry amazing results, leaving each load clean, fresh, and stain free. The design of the Pods ensures that the formulas are all released at the same time for optimum effectiveness. 

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The green liquid that makes up the majority of the Tide Pod is Tide's concentrated laundry detergent formula. This solution cleans and sanitizes your laundry to rid it of bacteria, dirt, and grime. This is the most crucial part of any good laundry soap.

Stain Removers 

The blue swirl on a Tide Pod is a highly concentrated stain remover that will penetrate deep into fabrics to remove tough stains. It works on both colored and white laundry, even lifting out set-in stains very well.

Color Protector

The white swirl in a Tide Pod is a color protector that brightens the color of your clothes. It also works on white clothing and brightens whites without using bleach. The color protection provides a layer of resistance to UV rays to protect the color of your clothing while you wear it too.

Tide Pods Original 

This 35-count package of Tide Pods is a great option if you're just trying Tide Pods to see how you like them. They smell the same as Tide's original liquid laundry soap.

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Are There Tide Pods With More Than Three Formulas?

Yes, Tide Pods are also available in several 4-in-1 varieties that range widely in their additional functions. You can find varieties that include extra stain lifters, some have additional odor-removing properties, and others even have extra scent boosters. You can find a Pod for almost any purpose. 

What Are 4-In-1 Tide Pods?

4-in-1 Tide Pods contain the three basic chambers of a Tide Pod but have extra ingredients mixed in to boost their functions or add a completely new feature. Some 4-in-1 products partner with their brands, and others just contain extra stain lifters or odor blockers.

Tide Pods Ultra Oxi

These 4-in-1 Pods include pre-treaters added by combining powdered hydrogen peroxide (oxi products) into the mix. This allows them to lift even more stains providing an even cleaner, brighter load of laundry.

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Do Tide Pods Have Fabric Softeners? 

Not all Tide Pods contain laundry softener. In fact, most Tide Pods don't. If you want pods that included fabric softener, find a variety that is clearly labeled as such. Downy and Tide often make combination products to simplify laundry. 

Can You Use Liquid Softener With Tide Pods?

If you bought a variety of Tide Pod that does not already contain laundry softener, then yes, you can add liquid softener to the load. This will help keep your clothing soft and fresh and also help prevent them from stretching. 

Tide Pods With Downy

These Tide Pods include the power of Downy laundry softener to keep your laundry feeling soft and luxurious. Three bags with 25 Pods per pack offer a total of up to 75 loads of laundry. 

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Can Tide Pods Be Used In Cold Water?

Yes, Tide Pods can be used in cold water, and recently Tide has been improving the Pods' cold water performance.

Tide boasts that its Pods have outstanding performance, even in cold water. Washing your laundry in cold water is better for the environment and can save you a bunch of money by reducing your water heater use.

Does Cold Water Clean Your Laundry As Well As Hot Water?

Yes, laundry washed in cold water is just as clean as clothing washed in warmer temperatures. The soap will ensure that your clothes are clean better than hot water will. Cold water also tends to work better than warm or hot water when you need to remove stains.

Tide Pods Spring Meadow

These Tide Pods are made in the spring meadow scent and advertise cold water cleaning right on the package. This 81-Pod tub will help you get plenty of loads of laundry done.

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How Do You Use Tide Pods?

Toss your Tide Pods directly into the drum of the washing machine before you add your laundry. Use one Pod for small- to medium-sized loads and 2 Pods for large or extra-large loads. You can also add any enhancers you desire like softener or scent boosters. 

Do I Have To Pop Tide Pods?

No, Tide Pods should not be popped before use. You should avoid popping them, as the liquid can irritate your skin and eyes. Toss them in the washer just as they are, and the clear film that contains the liquids will dissolve when water is added to the machine.

Tide Pods Hygenic Clean

These Tide Pods are 10 times more concentrated than standard Tide Pods, resulting in an even more thorough clean. One of these Pods is equal to two standard Pods, making it a great option for those who prefer to do larger loads of laundry.

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Are Tide Pods Better Than Liquid Detergent?

Tide Pods have a record of performing better than liquid soaps. This is due to the fact that they are portioned perfectly to include the appropriate amount of detergent. They also contain more concentrated cleaning agents which contribute to a more sanitary result.

Do Tide Pods Stain Clothing?

Previous versions of the Tide Pod have been known to cause stains on laundry if the water wasn't warm enough to properly dissolve the formula. It can also happen if you put the Pod on top of the laundry instead of underneath it, preventing it from getting wet enough to properly dissolve.

Since then, Tide has improved its Pods' formula to ensure better cold water capabilities. Also, remember to always put your pods in the machine before the laundry to ensure it dissolves properly.

Are Tide Pods Bad For Your Washer?

No, Tide Pods are not bad for your washer. They will dissolve completely before the end of the load and pose no threat to your machine. As long as you place your Pods in the drum before your clothes, you won't have to worry about residue building up in the drum. 

What Are The White Tide Pods? 

Usually, white Tide Pods are the Free & Gentle version of their product. This means that they are free from additional perfumes and dyes to create a detergent formula with fewer irritants. This can be valuable to anyone with sensitive skin or skin conditions that are triggered by these ingredients.

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Tide Free & Gentle Pods

These Tide Pods are free from perfumes and dyes for a pure clean without any unnecessary ingredients. They're great for anyone who has sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis.

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In Closing

close up tide pods on the wood textured table brand new from grocery

Now that you know all about Tide Pods, how to use them, and whether or not they have fabric softener, you're ready to decide whether or not they're the suitable detergent for you.

Don't forget to look at all the different options they have with stronger concentrations, fabric softeners, and even Febreeze. Good luck finding the perfect Pod for your home.

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