What Backsplash Goes With Brown Granite?

Backsplashes are an important detail since they act as your kitchen’s backdrop. If you’ve already chosen brown granite for your countertops, you can now narrow down your backsplash choices. So, what colors will make them complement each other? We have gathered unique and popular options for you.

When choosing the backsplash for your kitchen, you need to consider color, material, and durability. Of course, you want your backsplashes to look good, but they also need to be functional.

  • Subway tiles for a balanced look
  • Similar brown granite for uniformity
  • Go with patterns for a unique appeal
  • Create contrast with a busy backsplash 
  • Cream travertine to highlight colors
  • Go bold with dark colors
  • Neutral-toned porcelain tile for a classic look
  • Go sleek with ceramic tiles

There are many things to consider when choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen. The good thing is brown granite is versatile; it can make any design work with it, so your options are still wide. If you’re interested to learn more, keep reading below!

Large luxurious kitchen interior with many upgrades, What Backsplash Goes With Brown Granite?

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What Backsplash Goes With Brown Granite?

The key to making the backsplash visually work with brown granite is balance. Since granite is a natural stone, it does have a natural texture made with flecks, crystals, and pebbles.

You want a backsplash that won’t clash with your granite surface, although you can still explore various patterns that will complement granite’s unique texture.

The colors are relatively easier to select since brown is a neutral and natural color. You can experiment with shades and hues that will highlight granite or make the backsplash blend with your color scheme.

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Subway Tiles For A Balanced Look

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Homegrown selection of citrus fruit in retro modern kitchen with white ceramic subway

Subway tiles balance the traditional look of brown granite. These tiles give off a modern and polished appeal, making your kitchen look more structured. Subway tiles are also timeless, making them a common choice for those remodeling their kitchens.

A downside of this is your kitchen won’t look that unique, so you may want to lay the tiles in a different pattern and have them custom-made in a different color.

You also have the choice to have them honed in either a glossy or flat finish. Semi-gloss finishes are ideal for backsplashes since they will still have that polished look without risking water stains.

Kitchen Backsplash Bathroom Wall Pack

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Similar Brown Granite For Uniformity

Beautiful Modern kitchen with a counter height bar

Go for a brown granite backsplash if you want a seamless flow of color and material. This will create an elegant look, especially if you see the continuity from the countertop to the backsplash. Make sure you get the same slabs from the fabricator, so the patterns don’t look chaotic together.

Functionally, it should be easier to clean since granite is known to be low-maintenance, although it may need sealing occasionally.

Go With Patterns For A Unique Appeal

Beautiful luxury estate home kitchen with white cabinets

If you want to incorporate a unique appeal into your kitchen, you can install a backsplash with interesting patterns. You can do a herringbone pattern, have ceramic tiles painted in swirling patterns, or feature a mosaic.

They can make your kitchen look more engaging and visually stimulating and reflect your personality better than common backsplash solutions.

Make sure the colors and patterns complement your floor and countertops. It is important to still maintain aesthetic balance or the designs can make your kitchen look visually messy.

Small Square Glazed Porcelain Tile

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Create Contrast With A Busy Backsplash

Kitchen with Island, Sink, Cabinetrs, and Hardwood Floors

Light brown granite will pair well with a stark-colored, busy backsplash. It will add depth and dimension to your kitchen interior, and it won’t get lost in the background.

You can use the backsplash to create an accent in the kitchen, so there’s more opportunity to explore rich hues and designs. For example, you can incorporate round patterns into your backsplash and have them tied together with a gold grout.

Just make sure that your granite slabs don’t have a wild pattern. Choose one that will complement the designs you have in mind and will tie up your interior neatly.

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Cream Travertine To Highlight Earth Tones

ewly updated contemporary classic open concept kitchen with new stainless steel appliances

Travertine is not only elegant, but it is also a more functional choice for a backsplash. Travertine blends well with earth colors, and they are highly durable against wear and tear–which are commonly present in the kitchen.

They are also easier to cut, so you don’t have to worry if you need to make some adjustments to the backsplash. Most homeowners stress out since the backsplash can be difficult to match with the tiles and countertops, but with travertine, you can do the job more efficiently.

However, you need to make sure that you seal your travertine tiles since they can be reactive to acidic substances such as citrus. After that, you won’t need to worry about it too much.

Tumbled Travertine Mosaic Tile

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Go Bold With Dark Colors

Newly built gorgeous kitchen

If you have a large kitchen and don’t mind the visual staccato that comes with contrasting colors, go with a dark backsplash. The contrast adds structure to the kitchen, and it will look elegant against brown granite countertops.

Dark backsplashes are generally more expensive and high maintenance. They show water stains more easily, which can be ideal if you want to know immediately if the kitchen needs cleaning.

However, dark backsplashes hide grease stains easier, so your kitchen can still look polished after a busy cooking day. So if this fits your lifestyle, go for a dark-colored backsplash.

Shower Bathroom Kitchen Backsplash American Olean Gloss

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Neutral-Toned Porcelain Tile For A Classic Look

Modern Kitchen Interior with figurines in cabinets are tourist memorabilia

If rich colors are not your preference, go for the versatile neutral porcelain tiles. It is generally a safe option, and it can make your kitchen look brighter and wider–especially when paired with brown granite countertops.

Neatness is often a concern since the kitchen is often so busy. The durability of porcelain, along with its polished look, makes it an ideal candidate for your backsplash.

You can explore different finishes for them if you’re looking to add dimension in your kitchen space. It is best to go the opposite of your brown granite’s finish to create balance.

Go Sleek With Cool-Toned Ceramic Tiles

Empty anthracite modern kitchen on hardwood floor with appliances

Cool tones such as green and grey will look lovely against brown granite. Green is a natural color that will blend with another earth color, and grey is a cool-toned neutral shade that goes with any hue.

They will add a pop of color to your kitchen space without being visually overwhelming, and the cool tones will balance out the warmth of brown granite.

Ceramic tiles are also a great material to work with since they are highly durable and require low maintenance. It is one of the ideal choices if you want something practical yet valuable.

Ceramic Tile

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Can You Use Marble For The Backsplash?

Marble backsplashes scream elegance and opulence. They make your kitchen look bright, and they will blend with your kitchen’s warm color scheme. It is a natural stone that often comes in cream-colored hues, making it aesthetically versatile.

However, it is not the strongest or most durable backsplash on the market. Considering its expensive price point, you might be better off with another granite backsplash or porcelain tile.

However, if you’re willing to put up with regular maintenance, and if the value it brings into your home offsets the cons, then go for a marble backsplash.

How Much Do Backsplashes Cost?

The cost of backsplashes depends on the material you’re going with. You will need to prepare to shell out around $900 to $2,500 plus labor costs.

Contractors may charge a base amount of around $200 with an hourly rate of $40 to $60.

Low-cost backsplashes that you build yourself can be as low as $600–just make sure you actually know how to do it.

You may save more if you do it yourself, but you may spend more time and energy if you somehow create a faulty job. When it comes to building home fixtures, it is best to invest in a professional.

Final thoughts

Large luxurious kitchen interior with many upgrades

Backsplashes can make or break the look of your kitchen, so make sure to make the color scheme cohesive. Explore different finishes and textures to give your kitchen depth and dimension; make sure their style complements your kitchen interior.

As with all kitchen fixtures, sealing and regular maintenance is key to making them last a long time.

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