What Can You Use A Flex Room For?

Having a flex room in your home can present a fun but challenging dilemma. You may be wondering how to use that extra space in your house. We have thoroughly investigated this question and have found some great ideas for your flex room.

A flex room is an extra room included in floorplans that does not have a specific intended use in its design. There are endless options for utilizing this space, but here are our favorites!

  • Family Room
  • Home Office
  • Playroom
  • Meditation Room
  • Home Gym
  • Display Room
  • Lounge
  • Reading Room
  • List the Room

That's a long list, but don't worry! We have more details to help you decide how to use your flex room. Keep reading for a breakdown of each idea and answers to other questions you may have about this special room.

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Flex Room Options

Family Room

A very popular use for a flex room is to use it for a family room.  Place a TV and some comfy sofas in it, and you are ready to go! This is an especially great idea if you plan on using the main living room as a formal space to entertain guests. The family room can be set up with kid and pet-friendly furniture. It would be a casual space where all members of your family can relax together while allowing your living room to remain ready for guests at all times.

Read this article for some ideas on how to set it up.


Colorful playroom interior

Another idea for the extra space in your home would be a playroom. This follows the same idea as the family room but is geared more towards the children in your home. A playroom in many houses doubles as a home classroom and craft room for the little ones. It can be a kid-friendly place where they can make messes and learn!

It also has the added benefit of helping you keep the rest of your home organized since there will be one place for all of their toys. This room can start as a nursery or changing area and then transition to a playroom as your children get older.

If you don't have young children and still want a fun place to play, read this post for ways to make a game or recreation room.

Home Office

Your flex room may be too small or not have enough closet space to use as a bedroom. An idea for this type of flex room would be to use it as a home office. This is great for those who work from home or who often bring their work home. You can set up your computer, file cabinets, and a desk to have a place to work that's distraction-free. There are many different ways to set up a home office.

Read this post "25 Modern Home Office Ideas" to get started!

Meditation Room

Wooden vintage table top or shelf with candles and pebbles, zen mood, over comfortable bedroom with wooden parquet floor and panoramic window

An idea that has become very popular is to use the flex room as a meditation room. This room can also be called a tranquility room. To set this soothing space up, install ledges and shelves for candles and incense. Choose a soothing color for the walls and throw pillows for the floor. Keep some yoga mats or prayer rugs on hand as well for a room that's ready for you any time you need an escape!

Reading Room

Study room home office

Your flex room can become a reading room. Some have called this space a study room. This is a great option if you have many books and study materials. You may want to put a bean bag chair or two, and a side table! Kids can use this area to do homework and school projects.

Home Gym

Big home gym

If you don't want to make the commute to the local gym or pay those monthly fees, a home gym might be for you. You can use this room as a place to do yoga, lift weights, or even as a mini dance studio. To get started, install a laminate or hardwood floor and keep some gym mats on hand. Keep it bare, or add your favorite equipment.  Install full-length mirrors, and you will have a versatile space to keep fit.

Check out these options below to get started with coverings for your gym floor!

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Display Room

Large walk in closet with hardwood floor

Are you a collector? An artist? Maybe you sell a product and keep an inventory. Do you need an area to do product demonstrations? A display room is a great way to use the flex room in your house.

To display your collection, you can install glass casing on the walls or display tables. Having one area of the house for this type of display will also make it easier to secure. If you are an artist or designer, you may want a space where you can control the lighting and show off your work to its best advantage. This type of room can be used as a gallery, and you can invite your friends and clients for showings.

Maybe you are a direct salesperson and need to keep inventory for your business on hand? Use this room as an attractive way to display your merchandise! If you sell clothes, install clothing racks and set up a mannequin or display tables. Do you have a cosmetics inventory? Set up a makeup demonstration room with a vanity set and shelves for your products.

Another use for a display room could be a studio room to shoot your live product or cooking demonstrations or videos for your social media. The possibilities for a display room are truly plentiful!


Bar with aquarium. Luxury home lounge

Be the envy of your social circle and set up a cool lounge area or bar! Having a place in the house that is adults-only can lend an air of excitement and sophistication. Place a chic couch, end tables, and surround sound system for your favorite tunes. Add a countertop and some barstools, and you will have a great area to entertain!

Is your home alcohol-free? No problem! Choose decoration options that provide a lighter ambiance to add a  unique backdrop for your coffee nook or juice bar. Entertain your friends in style!

List the Room

How can you make money with a flex room? List it! Several sites will allow you to rent out the room. 

You can list it as a homestay. People will pay for a hotel-like experience inside someone's home! Choose a great theme and provide great customer service to keep people renting your space. For inspiration on how you can decorate your rental room with a Tuscan theme, read this article.

Maybe you wouldn't want strangers in your home? We understand! List your extra room as a storage space. There are new sites that will allow you to list the spot as a place where people can store their things. Get monthly income with very little work.

Can a Flex Room Be a Bedroom?

You can definitely use the flex room as a bedroom. When you purchased or started renting your home, it may have come with a bonus room or a den. If you need another space for a family member to sleep, you can use these rooms as bedrooms!

If the room does not have a closet,  you can get portable closets. Put a mirror on the wall,  add a bed and a small side table, and now you have an extra cozy bedroom! Need inspiration? See 12 ideas for your new bedroom colors here.

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What Are Considered Rooms in a House?

The answer to this question will differ based on what type of professional you ask. According to National Appraiser Roster, the rooms of a house in general are:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Den
  • Office/Study

For more information on the types of rooms in a house, read our post "21 Types of Rooms a House Can Have."

Have Fun Choosing a Theme for Your Flex Room

Now that you have some ideas on how you can use the flex room in your house, have fun deciding on a theme! An extra room is a great way to express your personality and lifestyle. It can be a great venue for entertaining, a space to relax, or a way to add value to your home.

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