What Can You Use A Sideboard For? [7 Great Ideas!]

The sideboard has been a beloved traditional form of furniture used for dining service for centuries. But did you ever wonder if there were other uses for a sideboard? We did some research to find out clever and elegant ways that a sideboard can be used in your home. We hope you will feel inspired by our list of visual examples.

Don’t think that a sideboard is only meant to be in the dining room or used to entertain guests. Your sideboard is an excellent versatile piece of furniture that works well in multiple rooms of your home. Delight your senses and enjoy using a sideboard in the following ways.

  1. Style your entryway
  2. Display plants
  3. Modern bedroom storage
  4. Show off an eclectic collection of books and art
  5. A place for the fine china and antiques
  6. As an entertainment center for the T.V. and media
  7. Chic office storage

Transform an entryway, make a more exciting office, or show off your collection of prized treasures with a sideboard. Do read on to discover how to make the most out of this practical and timeless furniture.

Retro style, wooden sideboard with green plants and a poster on a white wall in a simple apartment interior with herringbone hardwood floor, What Can You Use A Sideboard For? [7 Great Ideas!]

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Creative Sideboard Solutions

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Interior living room with white sofa and tiled walls

Sideboards are so incredibly useful and provide a source of aesthetically pleasing storage; it would be a waste only to have them in a dining area.

Consider placing a narrow sideboard in a long hallway or small entryway to display plants, supplemental lighting, or a mirror. Tuck away linens like towels, bedsheets, and guest towels in ample shelves and drawers. Host a sideboard in a nook under the stairs or in a hard-to-define space where extra storage would be appreciated.

Why Is It Called A Sideboard?

The sideboard, also known as a buffet, has been a staple of dining rooms for serving food, storing dishes, and display. It is common to find this piece of furniture in traditional, formal dining rooms and modern living rooms, hallways, and other spaces. The sideboard received its name because it was typically placed “to the side of a room or hall where food was being served.”

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1. Entryway Delight

Modern sideboard in bright living room with Scandinavian design

Refresh an entryway or hallway with a minimalistic and clean touch. A sleek and simple white sideboard with a modern design looks picture-perfect against a neutral wall and wood flooring. Make sure to add a piece of tasteful wall art behind the sideboard and a curated selection of fascinating items to catch your eye.

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2. A Plant Oasis 

Retro style, wooden sideboard with green plants and a poster on a white wall in a simple apartment interior with herringbone hardwood floor

Displaying dishes and food on a buffet is nice, but turning a sideboard into a dazzling display for an at-home jungle is better. Use a sideboard to show off a host of potted plants of varying sizes for visual interest. Feel free to flank your sideboard with an indoor tree or plant with fabulous foliage. No matter where you place your sideboard, your furniture and home look more complete with some green friends to brighten your day and clean the air.

3. Sleek Bedroom Storage

Modern bedroom with sideboard trend

Traditional bureaus and standing closets look lovely, but have you considered using a sideboard for clothes and shoes instead? Take a look at this elegant modern bedroom, complete with an updated sideboard with reflective panels. Note how the display of minimalistic art on top of the sideboard is intriguing and reinforces the room’s aesthetic.

4. Eclectic Display Space

Decorations for trendy white interior

You can never have too many places to show off your treasured collection of antique books, found art, plants, and other knick-knacks. Check out how this sideboard makes the perfect space to show off your personality through objects and accent a room. The sideboard is light wood and works well with the white and metallic color scheme.

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5. A Retrospective

Retro off white armchair, vintage wooden light blue sideboard, old phonograph and vinyl records on background of beige wall, tiled porcelain floor, and red carpet

Pay respect to the past and give a vintage sideboard a deserved place in a living room, entryway, or parlor. Embrace the original paint job or choose a retro color and treatment for a sideboard, complete with a phonograph, records, and a kitschy potted plant. Notice how the tufted antique-style chair fits seamlessly alongside the buffet, a perfect place to relax while listening to tunes. Peruse an antique store, flea market, or thrift store to salvage a vintage find or purchase a recreation.

6. Entertainment Hub

Contemporary living room interior with white sofa, glass coffee table and TV

Long gone are the days of investing in a mega-sized entertainment center. Instead, invest in an updated, modern look hosting the television and media in your room with a sideboard. The narrow profile of a buffet is a far better fit with a flatscreen television, and the storage spaces come in handy for random items and the remote. Make sure to choose a clean, understated look for visual balance.

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7. Updated Office Storage

File folder on modern sideboard in bright room

Move over bulky metal filing cabinets and bring a sideboard into your home office. The sideboard is perfect when you need to save space and has enough room to store and organize files, office equipment, papers, pens, and more. Choose from an antique-style sideboard to introduce a conversation piece to the office, or opt for a more minimalistic, modern-style buffet instead.

How Big Is A Sideboard?

The average sideboard dimensions have a height between 30 to 36 inches, a depth between 20 to 22 inches, and a length of 60 inches. A buffet’s depth shouldn’t be too deep to allow for breathing room between furnishings in a dining room. Do be mindful of your furniture’s size and proportion so they complement one another and are visually balanced. Most sideboards are the same height and length as an average dining table but a little shorter in length to make the dining table the star of the room. 

Don’t forget to consider fine details and how your sideboard will be used in a room. A buffet for dining service has taller legs and usually lacks a hutch. Typically, a credenza or traditional sideboard, not to be used as a buffet, has shorter legs and a hutch to display storage items. And as always, don’t neglect how color, proportion, and your intended use for a sideboard will impact your decision.

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How Do You Choose A Sideboard?

There are so many styles, and types of sideboards to choose from it might be hard to settle on one for a room. Keep in mind that a sideboard is a functional accent piece and storage space. Choose a sideboard that neither overwhelms or underwhelms your dining room table, couch, bed, or other signature furniture. Stick to the same aesthetic, whether you choose a sideboard with a rustic, farmhouse look, a mid-century or contemporary design, or a minimalist industrial-friendly selection.

In Closing

We hope that you will bring home a sideboard into your home and find tremendous value in this practical and beautiful form of storage. You can use a sideboard or buffet in the dining room, bedroom, entryway, or even a living room to create a sophisticated and attractive home. Proudly display your interior decorating skills and bring home a high-quality and long-lasting sideboard.

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