What Carpet Goes With Gray Walls? [6 Top Choices]

What are some great carpet colors to go with gray walls? With gray being such a popular color these days, we thought it would be helpful to talk about carpet colors that work well with it. We've researched and found some fantastic design choices.

Great carpet colors to go with gray walls are as follows:

  • Gray
  • White
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Olive Green

Let's look more closely at these colors and see how they work together.

Posters on grey wall above white cupboard in bright living room interior with sofa and beige carpet, What Carpet Goes With Gray Walls? [6 Top Choices]

What Color Carpets Work Best With Gray Walls

Since gray is neutral, many colors go with it. Things to consider are whether you're working with a cool or warm tone of gray. Is your gray light, medium, or dark, and do you want your room to appear cozy or expansive? Once you have the details worked out, then it's time to pick out your carpet color.

Gray Carpet With Gray Walls

Gray carpet is a perfect match for gray walls. We'll look at a couple of different combinations below.

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In this striking living room, dark gray walls offset a lighter gray carpet. This keeps the room from feeling too dark. The use of large white-matted photographs above the sofa also helps with keeping things lighter. (For more gray wall decorating ideas: 20 Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms With Gray Walls)

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Here's the opposite of the above look. In this dormer space, light grey walls pair with a dark charcoal carpet.

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This monochromatic look of light gray walls and light gray carpet gives this room a super chill vibe. Perfect for the little makeup table in the corner.

White Carpet With Gray Walls

Whites and cremes are a beautiful match with gray walls. They look particularly gorgeous with the grays that land on the blueish end of the spectrum. 

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This large bedroom has a soft creamy white carpet and light bluish gray walls. What's interesting about this room is how they've utilized area rugs on top of the carpet to break up space a bit more.

Love that zebra area rug? You can get your own! This one is here on Amazon.

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Here a soft cream carpet lightens up a room with medium slate gray walls. It does a great job reflecting the natural light coming in from the windows. Your feet will want to sink into the softness.

Beige Carpet With Gray Walls

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In this lovely light-filled space, the tonal quality of the beige and light grey are equal, which means that each is a light version of the colors. The room feels fresh, and the space seems expansive.

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Here's another space utilizing this optimal color combination. In this room, a textured Berber style rug in slightly darker tone matches a subtly striped gray wall. The contrasting texture and pattern work well together.

Yellow Carpet With Gray Walls

Yellow and gray work together. And though yellow carpet may seem like a bold move, it's closely related to both beige and cream. Consider yellow the loud, fun cousin of the more muted sisters.

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Though this isn't wall to wall carpet, this large area rug serves a similar purpose. The size creates the feel of a wall-to-wall carpet by extending beneath all of the room's sitting area. It's bold and looks super with the light/medium gray walls.

A rug like this could work much like the rug in the above room. Be sure to get it in a large enough size to create the feel of carpeting. Click here to see this on Amazon.

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Here's a slightly different take on the gray and yellow theme. Consider a stair runner in a gray marginally darker than your walls and edge it with yellow binding tape. It's modern and fantastic.

Pink Carpets With Gray Walls

Really? Pink carpet with gray walls? Yes, really. Pink and gray are like peas and carrots; they go super well together. And though pink may not be a color everyone wants for their carpet, it can look fantastic.

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This room has an almost Fuschia carpet. It offsets one decorative wallpaper wall and the subtle soft gray of the other walls; it's a bold stroke that speaks to your design savvy.

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Raspberry sherbert carpet with greige walls and a charcoal gray head and footboard? Oooh, yes. Sign us up. The white bedding and curtains are a great subtle counter note to this forward-thinking design choice.

If you have a smaller bedroom and don't want to install carpet, this 9' x 12' area rug in soft pink can serve as full carpeting in a pinch. Click here for this on Amazon.

If you love the upholstered platform bed as we do, you'll want to investigate further to see if it's right for your room. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Olive Green Carpet With Gray Walls

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This beautiful textured carpet in a deep olive green gives a feeling of being in the forest when paired with the soft gray walls. The handsome look rounds out with beige furnishings.

Should Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

The general rule-of-thumb is that for dark gray walls, you'll want a lighter color carpet. And the opposite also holds true. If you have light grey walls, you'll want to go for a darker carpet. Keep in mind that carpet appears 1/2 a tone lighter after installation. This is because of the way the light in your room reflects off of the surface layer of the carpet fibers.

What Color Carpet Makes A Room Look Bigger?

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If you have a small room that you want to appear bigger, we suggest a lighter colored neutral carpet. The reflection of light from a light color to walls will amplify the sense of space. The other option is to pick a carpet color that closely matches your wall color. This can also create a sense of space in the room.

We hope this gives you a direction to steer toward as you make your design decisions around carpet and gray walls. If you enjoyed this post here at HomeDecorBliss.com, please check out a few others here:

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