What Chairs Go With A Glass Dining Table?

Glass dining tables are unique with their see-through quality and additional light reflection to brighten a room, but what chairs go best with them? We've done some research to see what design experts say and have put together a list of possible choices for you. There are some great ones!

These are great chair choices to pair with a glass dining table:

  • Upholstered Bucket Chairs
  • Metal Chairs With Floral Design
  • Straight Backed Upholstered Chairs
  • Glossy Black Scoop Chairs
  • Fancy French Style Upholstered Chairs

We'll look at examples of each of these chair styles and give you some places you might find similar ones. We'll also discuss how to choose the right dining room chair, if your chairs should match your table, and how best to style a glass table. So please, keep reading.

Stylish dining room with marble tiles on wall and floor and big, modern glass table with two chairs. - What Chairs Go With A Glass Dining Table

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Great Chair Choices To Pair With A Glass Dining Table

Though there are more choices than the ones we've highlighted, below are five beautiful options of dining chairs to pair with your glass dining table.

Upholstered Bucket Chairs

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A spacious living room with a glass dining table, comfortable dining chairs, and an indoor decorative plant in the center

This elegant dining room pairs soft velvet-suede upholstered bucket chairs with a long glass table. The use of glass allows this small room to hold an eight-person table. If a traditional dining table had been used, it might seem cramped. 

Metal Chairs With Floral Design

A spacious and luxurious living room with glass furniture's, white walls, and wooden kitchen cabinets with dangling lamps

These gorgeous metal chairs may have been part of a set with this glass table. But if you already have your own table, it's possible to find similar chairs to get this look. We love the delicate scrollwork and the comfortable cushioning. Find similar chairs here at Wayfair.

Straight Backed Upholstered Chairs

An open space living room and dining area decorated with plants

This is a clean-lined and elegant look for a dining table. A simple glass table is paired with eight matching straight-backed upholstered chairs in white. Of course, you could choose any color upholstery to go with your own decor.

Here is a similar chair in a soft dove grey. Click here for this on Amazon.

Glossy Black Scoop Chairs

A glass dining table with a black curved dining chair

Because your glass table has a shine to it, why not your chairs as well? These molded plastic chairs are made of a bright and shiny black that looks perfect with the tabletop. Chairs like this are typically available in a wide assortment of colors to go with any home design and color choice.

Fancy French Style Upholstered Chairs

Interior of an ultra modern living room inspired with the color gray

This glass table is unique with its clear top and solid base. The dining table's legs are bowed and rather elegant and traditional in the legs' design, so the choice of a more traditional chair makes perfect sense. These upholstered chairs with similar legs and circular backs will give a more traditional glass table a very regal look.

Here is a similar chair, though this one features a lovely rattan back. Click here for this on Amazon.

Do Dining Chairs Need To Match The Table?

A small indoor plant placed on a glass dining table

With a glass table, you've probably already figured out that you won't be able to match your chairs. Glass chairs are not a thing, at least not that we're aware of! But what if you have a different type of dining table; should your chairs match? The good news is that they don't need to. As long as you go for a similar style or scale, you can mix and match to your heart's desire. Design is about creating a particular cohesive look, not making sure everything matches.

How Do You Choose The Right Dining Room Chairs?

Nicely decorated and served dining, lunch room table. Interior design.

It can be daunting to think about choosing the right pieces of furniture, and that's no different when it comes to finding the right dining room chairs. There are a few factors to keep in mind:


If you're in a small apartment, you might be better served by choosing benches instead of chairs. The bench can easily slide beneath the table when you need to use the table as an island. Or choose a padded bench with a back that will serve double duty as a loveseat for pre-dinner cocktails.

This upholstered bench with a back is useful at the dining table and in your sitting area; a really versatile piece for a small home. Click here for this on Amazon.


The next consideration for choosing the right dining room chairs is your style. If you have a post-modern vibe, then you're probably going to want a chair with simple legs in a wood tone. If you like a more ornate and formal look, you may want something with turned legs and upholstered seats and backs. Farmhouse might be your vibe and if that's the case, consider a classic farmhouse spindle chair for your dining room table.

These classic farmhouse spindle chairs in black are classic and cool. Click here for these on Amazon.


Perhaps the most important factor when choosing dining room chairs is their size in relationship to your table. The chair's overall size is not as concerning as the seat's height from the floor. Ideally, these seat heights should be no less than 12" below the top of your table. If your table has an attached underskirt, then your chair (and/or chair arms) should rest no less than 7" below the apron.

What Type Of Fabric Is Best For Dining Room Chairs?

Luxurious modern dining room boasts a black dining table illuminated by a rectangular chandelier and surrounded by gray velvet dining chairs over taupe sisal rug finished with rustic console table.

Your dining room table is the place for wonderful meals with friends and family, so it makes sense that the best fabric is one that can withstand stains and spills. Fabrics like vinyl, faux leather, leathers, and poly blends will work well. If you prefer a natural fiber, be sure to find something in upholstery weight, and then finish it with a stain-blocking spray. We have a more in-depth post on this subject here: "What Type Of Fabric Is Best For Dining Room Chairs?"

This stain guard from TriNova is a handy thing to have in your home cleaning arsenal. It works on upholstery, carpets, and rugs to protect from liquid stains. Click here for this on Amazon.

How Do You Style A Glass Dining Table?

interiors shots of a modern kitchen in the foreground the glass dining table and iron chairs the floor is made of wood

Glass tables have a unique beauty and their own needs when it comes to choosing centerpieces. Primarily you want to make sure that whatever you put on your glass won't scratch it. Though most glass tables are very thick and sturdy, there's always a risk of scratching. So whatever you choose, be sure to attach some felt tabs or something comparable beneath to reduce the risk of damage to your table.

A Gorgeous Handblown Glass Vase

A glass table is luminous, so why not have a luminous art vase for a bouquet. This gorgeous piece is 9.5" tall with a secure flat base that will not rock on your table. Click here for this on Amazon.

A Non-Drip Collection Of Candles

The last thing you'll want to deal with on your glass table is cleaning up candle wax. This is why a collection of electric candles makes perfect sense. These battery-operated pillar candles will flicker like real candlelight without the worry of wax. Click here for these on Amazon.

Ornamental Spheres

You can choose something only decorative for your glass table because it looks good. This set of a raised bowl with two metallic ornamental orbs is that. Its purpose is an interesting design focal point for your gorgeous glass table. Click here for this on Amazon.

See Your Way Through To The Perfect Chairs For Your Glass Table

Bright villa interior with glass dining table and white chairs

A glass table doesn't have to be a design challenge. In some ways, it's even easier to pair chairs with a glass table. Now that you're filled with ideas, we're sure the perfect set is in mind.

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A glass dining table with weaved chairs outside a luxurious mansion, What Chairs Go With A Glass Dining Table?

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