What Chairs Go With Oak Dining Table? [5 Wonderful Options]

It’s time for new dining chairs, but what’s the right choice for an oak table? We’ve done the research to see some of the best pairings out there and have gathered the information for you here. Each of these options is a solid choice, just like the oak of your dining table. 

Here are some great types of chairs to go with an oak table:

  • Wooden Backed Oak Chairs
  • Molded Plastic Chairs
  • Upholstered Chairs
  • Oak Benches
  • Spindle Chairs

Let’s take a look at each of these types of chairs and see how they work with your oak table.

Dinning area decorate with cozy style,wood blind and wood furnitures, What Chairs Go With Oak Dining Table? [5 Wonderful Options]

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Great Dining Chair Styles To Pair With An Oak Dining Table

Wooden Backed Oak Chairs

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Simple wooden dining table with empty dish and wood chairs with copy space.

Simplicity can be a beautiful thing. So can durability. And that’s what you’ll get when you pair gorgeous wooden-backed oak chairs with an oak table. If you want a bit of color, then you can add a cushioned seat to these simple chairs. These are a great choice for a busy family and a busy dining table.

Molded Plastic Chairs

A molded plastic chair like this is modern and comfortable. The wooden legs come in various shades of stain, from very light to this darker espresso stain. This type of chair is also available in many different color seats. This is a great way to give your oak table a contemporary feel.

Click here for plastic molded chairs on Amazon.

Upholstered Chairs

If you prefer a more formal look for your oak table, consider an upholstered chair. Your style options are varied, the ones displayed are considered French Provincial, and upholstery colors are also wide-ranging. These chairs can have spindle-turned legs or straight legs, so it’s possible to find an upholstered chair for any oak dining table style. These look lovely with the red oak table pictured. 

Click here for upholstered chairs on Amazon.

Oak Benches

Old french home, dining room and dining table

There are so many beautiful wooden benches available for dining tables. It’s a perfect marriage with your oak table. Whether you go for an antique or find something contemporary, there are loads of beautiful bench styles available. You can even have a bench on one side and chairs on the other. There are also dining benches available with backs that can serve double duty as additional seating if you live in a small apartment. 

Spindle Chairs

Spindle chairs have a certain elegance to them. They come in a wide variety of overall style and color, but they all have wooden dowel spindles in the back. These chairs are fancy enough for a formal dining room but also simple enough for a farmhouse kitchen. This is another style that is easy to find second-hand if you want to paint or refinish. You might even consider finding a collection of mismatched spindle chairs for a look that’s cohesive but eclectic around your oak dining table.

Click here to see spindle chairs on Amazon.

Is Oak Furniture In Style?

Oak is a really quality hardwood, which makes it a fabulous choice for furniture makers. That being said, how the oak is finished can have a lot to do with its stylishness. Typical wood stains are much less popular these days than they once were. However, the trend of oxidizing oak to make an almost black finish is gaining in popularity. Also, whitewash finishes creating the light and neutral look are popular in many of today’s homes.

[PIN id=”30258628737507019″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


This contemporary buffet is a great example of how spectacular an oxidized oak table can be. However, if you love the traditional look of oak, rest assured that your furniture will be something you can have for a very long time. 

This gorgeous arts and crafts style desk is made of solid and oak veneers. The finish is the rosy and warm color we associate with this beautiful hardwood. Though it may not be the grey or white so popular today, it definitely has its place in designers and home furnishings’ vocabulary.

Click here for this desk on Amazon.

Is Oak Good For A Dining Table?

Oak is a fantastic choice for a dining table. This natural hardwood is incredibly dense and resilient. This quality makes it a natural for resisting scratches and dings and other issues that come with everyday use. If finished naturally, it has an intricate wood grain that many people find beautiful.

This solid oak dining set of white oak is finished naturally. The lighter tone of the wood makes it a good fit for urban and contemporary interiors. This is a great set for a family kitchen area where the table will see lots of use. Its sturdiness will ensure a lifetime of family suppers.

Click here for this set of five pieces on Amazon.

Do Chairs Have To Match Dining Table?

Rustic oak table, different chairs and dark wall in dining room

Your chairs do not have to match your dining table. In fact, choosing to mix them up can be a design choice that is fun and interesting. If you’re someone who loves to shop for bargains, whether new or second-hand, searching for the perfect chairs is its own kind of treasure hunt.  Of course, if you have a petite table, you don’t want to get chairs that will overpower the table. And if you have a massive table, you don’t want spindly chairs that get dwarfed by a larger piece.

We have a related post here if you are interested: “Do Dining Chairs Have to Match? [Here’s why not].”

How Do You Style An Oak Dining Table?

There are so many fun ways to accessorize and style your dining table. Use your dining room table centerpiece, for instance, either functionally or a way to showcase your style preferences.

Lazy Susan For The Ultimate In Functionality

If you have a circular dining table where the family sits down to eat, consider putting a lazy Susan in the center. This handy accessory is perfect for placing salt and pepper shakers, the butter dish, and food dishes to share. It keeps your kids from reaching haphazardly across the table and spilling a glass of milk in the process.

This round, acacia wood lazy Susan turntable is approximately 18″ in diameter. The heavy-duty build turns easily and is both functional and beautiful. Click here for this lazy Susan on Amazon.

Double Tiered Tray

A two-tiered tray with porcelain serving dishes is wonderful to keep fresh fruit or floating flowers on your dining room table all year round. This one has a wood base that will work beautifully with your oak table and the white dishes are modern and sleek for today’s designs. Click here for this tray on Amazon.

A Grouping Of Vases

flower, sunflower, dining table, bouquet

Why not spread out a grouping of vases on your oak table. Here, delightful yellow sunflowers are placed in simple glass vases. It’s a look that perfectly complements this rustic farm table.

A Wooden Tray With Colorful Votive Candles

You can’t go wrong with candlelight. And a wooden tray filled with coordinating votives is a delightful addition to your oak dining table. Pick votive glasses in colors that work with the rest of your decor. This grouping would work with greys, blues, greens, whites, and beiges. Click here for this complete set on Amazon (candles sold separately).

A Solid Choice In Dining Tables

Dinning area decorate with cozy style,wood blind and wood furnitures, What Chairs Go With Oak Dining Table? [5 Wonderful Options]

Your oak dining table will be with you for many years. But the great thing about chairs is that they are easy to change should your taste change. We hope these ideas will help you in your search.

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