What Coffee Table Goes With A Brown Leather Couch?

You may think that you are limited on the type of coffee tables that go with brown leather couches. However, in this article, you will see that there are many options available to you. 

Types of Coffee Tables:

  • Leather Ottoman
  • Glass Top
  • Metal
  • Rustic Style
  • Pallet Table
  • Mission Style
  • Tree Trunk 

Continue to read this article and find out the different types of coffee tables that would look great with your brown leather couch. 

Modern classic black interior with capitone brown leather chester sofa, floor lamp, coffee table, carpet, wood floor and mouldings, What Coffee Table Goes With Brown Leather Couch

Leather Ottoman

Brandy glasses on leather ottoman in a living room

There are many types of ottomans available. Most of the ottomans have a top that lifts off allowing for additional storage. They may be round, rectangular, or square. These are perfect for holding magazines on top, additional seating, or even playing board games on. Add a small wooden tray to set your drinks on. Or simply use it as a stool. 

We found an awesome leather ottoman, for purchase, with additional storage in it! 

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Glass Top

Stone decorated walls with a blush colored patterned chair with a glass top coffee table in front

Glass top coffee tables come in many colors. You may choose a brown wood or metal that matches your leather couch. These tables look pretty modern. Adding some lamps and end tables that match the table can bring the whole modern look together. Glass is so simple that it can be incorporated into any theme and look great! 

We found a beautiful glass and wooden accent coffee table below! 

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Empty white marble podiums in studio or showroom

Like the picture above, many tables are made with the base in metal. The tabletop can be marble, wood, or even mirrored. This brings a little bit more style to the room and your couch. Add some books, candles, and a small green plant to give the table and your leather couch some warmth. If you have gold tacking on your couch, find a metal table in gold. This will bring out the shine in both pieces of furniture. 

Here, we found a beautiful marble top metal coffee table. These are similar to the picture above. 

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Rustic Style

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The rustic style is centered around different types of wood. Often you can see the knots and imperfections of the wood on the table. It may even be rough and not completely finished if you prefer. Bring a little of the outdoors into your living room along with your brown leather couch. It can create more of a cabin feel or even a farmhouse depending on the style. These tables may be built with storage or drawers in them. 

Look at this rustic coffee table we found. It is made with reclaimed barn wood. Perfect for your brown leather couch!

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Pallet Table

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Have you ever thought of building your own table? With old pallets, you can make almost anything with a little work. You can paint or stain the pallets to match your couch or decor. Add some decals or stencils to make it even more unique. Not only is this a fun project but it will be exactly what you want! With the wood, it will match your brown leather couch naturally. 

Here is a video from YouTube showing you exactly how to use pallets to build your perfect coffee table!

Mission Style

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A mission style coffee table may have some great details like hardware or wooden slats. This type of table can go with almost any couch, especially your brown leather one. They have a shelf on the bottom for photographs or magazines and maybe a drawer for remotes or pen and paper. Like the one pictured above, it does not have to be the exact brown of your couch. It will still look wonderful!

We found a mission style coffee table below for purchase.

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Tree Trunk

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If you really want to bring in the natural elements to your home, why not use a tree trunk? Believe it or not, these are really popular right now. You may choose to cut your own and treat it or you can purchase them. They bring in the roughness of the wood and all the brown colors of the trunk. Some may have a piece of glass on the top or simply have a flat surface. An actual tree trunk can be a great focal point and certainly a conversation piece! Put two trunks together, as pictured, for a bit of contrast. 

Check out this awesome tree trunk coffee table we found!

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If you would like to make one yourself, we have included a video on YouTube!

Can you have a living room without a coffee table?

Absolutely! You may choose to use an ottoman instead, or nothing at all. There is no rule saying you must have a coffee table. If you have small children, it may be more of a safety issue. Do what is best for you.

What can I repurpose for a coffee table?

As stated above, tree trunks and pallets are great for coffee tables. You could use an old wooden bench, stools, or even build your own with some reclaimed barn wood. Some people have used wooden crates to create a table as well as old steamer trunks. There are endless possibilities. 

How far from the couch should the coffee table be?

It is suggested to have the coffee table 16 to 18 inches away from the couch. This provides comfortable legroom space and walking space. It also keeps it easy to reach snacks and beverages that may be sitting on your table. 

In Closing

There are plenty of different coffee tables that go great with brown leather couches. The options can be fit in with any theme you may have in your living room. Create your own unique piece by building your own, or purchase one that you find in a store or online. The color does not have to be exactly matching to your couch. There are wooden, metal, and glass coffee tables. Some may come with storage or extra shelves, as well. Use what suits your needs.

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