What Color Accent Wall Goes With Beige?

Beige is a safe bet to use when painting a home's interior. While this neutral color is underestimated for its simplicity, it's one of the best to work with.

But no worries if you still can't figure out what accent wall color looks best with beige! We did our research to provide you with some great suggestions!

Light or dark, beige can work with a wide range of colors. If your home's primary color is beige and you want an accent wall to match it, here are the options you can go for:

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Burnt Orange
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black

As you can see from the list, beige can be paired with a broad spectrum of colors, making it the perfect backdrop to express yourself with other hues and textures. Continue reading to learn more about each accent color and what else you can do to enhance your beige-themed home.

wooden coffee table and yellow chair in front of grey couch with pillows in trendy living room, What Color Accent Wall Goes With Beige?

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Choosing Your Accent Wall Color

While you can almost have any color go with your beige walls, it's essential to know the colors you can choose and what they can do for your room.

Each color can affect a room's atmosphere and change your whole concept.

If you go with a light color, it can make the room bigger and warmer. Meanwhile, dark colors tend to make spaces more intimate. Let's look at the options and see how each can enhance your beige space.


As neutral colors, gray and beige may seem to be an unlikely pairing. However, they are also complete opposites regarding look and feel, wherein gray is considered a cool color while beige has a warm tone.

Despite their differences, these work pretty well together. In the backdrop of a beige room, a gray accent wall can make your space feel crisp and welcoming while allowing the colors of your furniture to pop up more.

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Stylish living room interior design with scandinavian settee, grey wall and natural accents


Brown is a relative of beige, which makes this color an obvious choice as an accent wall. A brown accent wall can help the beige hue be more vibrant instead of dulling it out.

Meanwhile, the beige color can tone down the darkness of the brown accent wall. This color tandem will give off a comfortable environment.

Burnt Orange

If you want to explore having a more rustic yet bold look to your space, a burnt orange color as an accent wall would be perfect against beige. This bright color can liven up the room, but an abundance of it might be too overwhelming.

With beige as the room's primary color, it balances out the tone, creating a warmer, vintage ambiance.


Another bold choice to look at is red, which is a solid primary color. It can be overwhelming if there's too much red in the space, but as an accent color, it gives character to a room, especially with a beige backdrop.

The beige color makes red more inviting than intimidating, while red gives the room a flare.


Blue is a popular color that works great with beige. Their tones may seem to clash with blue's cool tone and beige's warm tint, but these complement each other and bring cohesiveness to the room.

The earthy tone of beige will do well with a blue accent wall, bringing into mind a kind of "sand and sea" feeling to the room.


Fast becoming a trend, green is a fresh color to pair up with beige. Similar to how blue and beige work, having green as an accent wall brings a tint of nature into your living space.

Aside from that, the combination of both colors makes the room pleasing to the eyes.


When you think of elegant, classy colors, black is one of the colors that come to mind.

Painting the walls black can make a room too dark, but as an accent color for beige walls, it stands out and makes the space look refined and timeless. It also modernizes the beige hue of your walls.

How Do You Make Beige Walls Look Good?

Apart from having accent walls that can play well with beige, you might be wondering what else you can do to spruce up the space.

Here are some things you can add to liven up the room:

Add Accent Colors

Retro interior design of living room with stylish vintage chair and table, plants, cacti, personal accessories and gold mock up poster frame on the beige wall

Once you've chosen the accent wall color for your beige room, you can decorate the area with spots of color similar to your chosen accent.

Choice furniture, a simple lampshade, and decorative pieces on the table are just a few things you can add to your space to give it more personality.

Layer With Patterns

Introducing a patterned item into your space can help break the monotony of solid colors. Checkered, zigzag, or other patterns on things such as a rug or a blanket can make the room more exciting and add a different texture.

Place Throw Pillows

Cozy sofa with pillows and plaid near light wall. Idea for living room interior design

There are only a few select areas that make sense for pillows to be in, such as the living room or the bedroom.

However, it's still worth mentioning that having a throw pillow or two is an excellent way to make an area look cozier while still being functional.

Grow Some Greenery

Having flora and fauna can help liven up any area. Rather than just plastic accessories, live indoor plants would make the room look natural.

Greenery can not only add different hues to a room, but it also goes well with any color it is in, including beige. Make sure to take care of your plants to keep them healthy and vibrant.

Hang Curtains

A well-lit room makes the room big and bright, but having too much light in it might make it overwhelming.

With colors like beige, that's already a light color; it's a good idea to put in curtains with similar shades as your accent wall. This way, it not only adheres to your color scheme but also helps reduce light when needed.

Include Mirrors

Aesthetic modern Scandinavian home interior design. Elegant bohemian living room with wooden console, mirror

Apart from being a means to check if you're dressed right, mirrors can also be great pieces to put in any room to enhance it and make the room seem bigger.

Having a mirror hang on your accent wall can also add character to the room, making it more attractive as people would most certainly be drawn to their reflection.

Show Some Art

Interior design of oriental style living room with modern chaise longue, shelf, pillow, plaid,plants, elegant personal accessories and mock up paintings on the beige wall.

Hanging art on your beige walls can add sophistication to your room. These artworks can be simple drawings or editorial photographs.

You can also choose art with color based on your accent wall so that it can seamlessly integrate into your space. The art piece can also make for interesting conversations with guests.

Highlight With Metal

Putting metal accents in beige rooms is slowly picking up, and that's because it makes the room more elegant.

Tables with metal finishes or lampshades with a metal stand are just a few examples of making metal work in your beige room.

It will also add a bit of glamor to your room and can go well with any accent wall color.

Our Final Thoughts

wooden coffee table and yellow chair in front of grey couch with pillows in trendy living room, What Color Accent Wall Goes With Beige?

Beige is a classic color for many homes, with its reputation as being a safe color to choose for any area. Its simplicity may be mistaken as boring, but it's far from it.

Its versatility allows it to pair up with gray, brown, burnt orange, red, blue, green, and black. Whichever color you choose for your accent wall, these can brighten up, modernize, and add to the sophistication of a beige room.

There's no hard rule to choosing what accent wall color you should have and how you should decorate your beige room.

Remember that light and dark colors will have different effects, with beige as a neutral color accentuating the space with other details sparingly.

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