What Color Backsplash Goes With White Cabinets in the Kitchen

White kitchens are a current trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Even in small or otherwise dark kitchens, white cabinets can brighten and open up the room, creating an inviting space. White cabinets are also a beautiful blank slate to explore with different types of flooring, counters, and backsplashes. So in a kitchen with all white cabinets, what are the best colors to use as your backsplash?

White cabinets truly lend a lot of freedom to being creative with your backsplash. However, it is still a kitchen, so some colors will simply work better in that space. These colors include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • White

Backsplashes come in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors, which can make deciding on the perfect backsplash a huge task. But don't worry, we've put together a breakdown of different backsplash colors to bring life to your white kitchen and hopefully make the decision process more exciting. Just keep reading!

A modern kitchen with a brick backsplash incorporated with a wooden countertop, What Color Backsplash Goes With White Cabinets in the Kitchen

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What Color Backsplash Goes With White Cabinets?

Since white kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile, you have so many options to choose from. Let's take a look at the best colors and patterns of the backsplash to inspire you in your next kitchen makeover.


Blues are a great color scheme for a kitchen because they are inviting and give a sense of peace and tranquility.

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A light blue backsplash on the kitchen wall with white paneled cabinets

If you're looking to keep your white kitchen as bright as possible, adding a small hint of color in the backsplash will keep the room open and airy. This pale blue is a beautiful hint of color reminiscent of a cloudless day.

A luxurious and spacious conjoined kitchen and living room with laminated flooring and a blue and white backsplash on the kitchen section

For a more modern touch, using a dynamic pattern in varying shades of blue can bring youthful excitement to your kitchen.

Classic kitchen with white wooden panels, blue brick patterned and a range hood

To add color in a luxury corner kitchen, a blue-grey is a perfect shade to bring out the shine in stainless steel appliances. Using a glossy tile with white matte cabinets adds dimension to the room making it more interesting for the eye.


Greens work well in almost any room in your home because they create a natural connection to the outdoors which can be calming. Especially in a kitchen with lots of natural light, it can be a great way to reflect the view outside your windows.

Earthy greens work well in eclectic or boho-chic styles since they mesh well with both browns and warm-toned colors. When using a mossy green, it works best to not use it in excess around the rest of the room because it can be overpowering. Instead, use complementary colors and patterns instead of exact color matches.

It's hard to beat the luxurious feeling of emerald and gold. The perfect way to bring this bold color scheme into your kitchen is through a backsplash. The deep green will be a beautiful contrast against glossy white cabinets and gold highlights for cabinet and drawer handles can tie the look together.


Black is a classic contrast for white cabinets that will create depth in an otherwise white-washed kitchen.

Modern kitchen with white wooden paneled cabinets and a countertop made from dark marble

Solid black in a kitchen with black appliances can make the kitchen appear seamless.

A luxurious modern kitchen with wooden laminated flooring, kitchen countertops made from marble and white paneled cabinets

If you love the look of your black marble countertops, you can carry them into the backsplash for something new and daring.


Greys have followed white in its popularity due to its ability to be neutral and bright. This palette is perfect if you're looking to add your accent colors in areas besides your backsplash.

A luxurious faucet in a contemporary designed kitchen

Soft grey tiles are gorgeous when fashioned in a herringbone pattern. When used in a kitchen with stainless steel, the grey backsplash can create a cohesiveness between the white cabinets and the appliances.

Farmhouse inspired kitchen with white paneled cabinets, kitchen utensils hanged on walls and dividers filled with herbs and spices

Dark grey tile creates the ideal amount of depth when used in nooks like above the sink or stove. 


Red is perfect for kitchens and dining rooms because it stimulates appetite and invites conversation.

A modern kitchen with gorgeous red brick patterned backsplash

When using red, you don't want to pick a shade that is going to be too dark and make your space look smaller. By using a backsplash that's broken up by white, you can have the perfect pop of color without being overbearing.

Kitchen with white cabinet panels light red backsplash and gray tiled flooring

Throw in some orange with hints of red and you can still achieve the warmth a red backsplash provides with even more color. This tile is made even more interesting with its added iridescent shine.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a white backsplash to go with your white cabinets. This is an easy way to keep the space airy and bright and will allow you to put your accent colors in through other areas of the kitchen.

A vintage inspired kitchen with white cabinets and a wooden range hood

Textured white backsplash paired with light wood creates a soft and modern farmhouse chic look.

Gorgeous kitchen with a kitchen island made from white marble and wooden paneled cabinets

Shiny subway tile provides contrast for matte cabinets preventing them from blending even when they are the same color.

Different Materials

If you're looking for something beyond colored backsplash, you may want to consider the look of other materials against your white cabinets.

Gorgeous modern contemporary kitchen with a wooden backsplash, white cabinet panels and gray flooring

A wood backsplash can either match your countertops or be a way to create contrast through textures.

A modern kitchen with a brick backsplash incorporated with a wooden countertop

Brick is a staple in an industrial-style home. White cabinets and a large stainless steel range hood create a modern industrial kitchen.

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than countertop?

There isn't a set rule on whether or not your backsplash should be lighter or darker than your countertops. It simply has to be in harmony with the color of your countertop. 

If your countertops are white, black, and grey marble, then you can pull any of those colors for your backsplash. These are also all neutrals, so you can choose a backsplash that's dark green or even pale pink. All of these are harmonious with marbled countertops. However, you should most likely avoid dark blue, since dark blue and the black in the counters can clash.

Likewise, if you have a dark blue countertop, you don't have to stick with strictly neutrals like white, beige, or grey. A fun patterned backsplash of oranges, yellows, and blues is a perfect harmonious color scheme for your countertops.

How do you pick a backsplash for granite?

Rustic farmhouse inspired kitchen with white marble countertop and industrial bar stools

Granite can be more complicated than marble because it's made up of smaller specks of color in varying hues and shades. To match the backsplash to the countertops, you can pick out some of the smaller grains of color that would benefit from being highlighted in the backsplash.

If the granite is made up of mostly darker shades of black and grey, then picking out a lighter shade of grey can help to pull those lighter shades out.

Should backsplash match floor?

Generally, you don't have to put a great deal of effort into matching your backsplash to your floor. There's enough space, such as countertops, cabinets, and appliances, between the two that it's not going to be detrimental to the flow of your decor.

The only time it may be important is if you have a kitchen floor that's rather unique. This includes a colorful patterned tile or a bold color. This tends to happen when the floor is purposefully created to be a focal point of the kitchen. In that case, you tend to build around the focal point, which would include tying in the backsplash.

In Closing

White cabinets are a versatile and modern element for any kitchen. Whether you want to achieve a minimalistic look, farmhouse chic, or industrial style, your backsplash choice can help you get there!

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