What Color Bathroom Vanity Goes With Dark Floors?

Remodeling or just moved in? If you’re not ready to change the floor, why not switch up the vanity?

With so many vanity colors available, choosing one that matches dark floors can be tough. Don’t worry—we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list to help!

Modern Bathroom with Black Vanity, What Color Bathroom Vanity Goes With Dark Floors?

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Whether you have tile or wood floors, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Remember, the floor is just one aspect of the room and can be complemented by other elements.

These vanity colors are able to span a wide range of aesthetics and tastes.

  • Deep blue
  • Gray
  • Light blue
  • Mint green
  • White
  • Teal
  • Forest green
  • Black
  • Wood

Now that you have a list, let’s see how they work with different dark floors. Don’t forget to consider cost, room size, and ease of cleaning. Keep reading for helpful tips and more!

What to Consider

Before you jump into this project, consider everything involved. Do you own or rent? If you rent, decorating with color might be best rather than making permanent changes.

However, if you own your home, you have free range. Here are a few things to consider.

Think about the size of your bathroom:

  • Is it on a smaller or larger size scale? Small bathrooms need creativity to feel spacious.
  • Larger bathrooms need balance to ensure sections don’t get lost.

Consider the cost:

  • Do you want to paint the existing vanity or buy a new one?
  • New vanities mean new fixtures, installation, and possibly a new countertop.

Think about themes:

  • What mood do you want? Modern, boho, minimalist, or eccentric?
  • The theme and number of decor items can affect the ease of cleaning.

Lastly, consider your flooring:

  • Wood floors are usually one-tone with grain, possibly shiny.
  • Tile floors can have various colors and shapes and may be reflective.

These factors will help determine which vanity color best complements your floor. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to the main point—here are the vanity colors that work best with darker floors.

1. Deep Blue

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Contemporary Bathroom Design with Sink, Vanity and Mirror

A rich blue will always work with dark floors. Wood, grey, black, brown, it handles it all.

If you already have a smooth vanity surface that you’d like to change, then you can paint and seal it. Or you can buy a brand new one and pair it with gold fixtures.

2. Gray

Luxury bathroom with gray vanity

Neat and neutral. If you’re unsure if you want something out of the box or calming, a grey is a great mix of both.

Since it’s such an open color, you can pair it with tons of different darker and lighter accents. Gray is also a timeless color, meaning it can fit anyone’s personality. 

3. Light Blue

A bathroom with two mirrors and sinks matching the blue cabinet

Maybe it’s not one of the traditional colors you’d have in mind, but it’s a surprising contender.

Light blue can have a tranquil, spa-like feel. It will also contrast with the dark floors to pop and add more color to the room.

4. Mint Green

Mint green cabinets and white countertop

A fashionable and light color, mint green breathes fresh air into the room. It complements well with darker colors without weighing down the room.

You can also pair a number of countertop styles with it, making it very versatile. 

5. White

Double basin vanity and mirror in contemporary new large ensuite bathroom

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, color choices for bathroom vanities.

White is light and clean and stands out against dark floors. It gives you a feeling of cleanliness, which is important if you feel the floors look grimy. Plus, it goes with anything. 

6. Teal

Gorgeous deep teal bathroom

A little bit of a wild card but teal can be a very classy choice. Teal works especially well with browns and gold to give you a vibrant, modern bathroom.

Add a white countertop to keep things light, or even go with white subway tiles on the wall. 

7. Forest Green

A square mirror with forest green cabinet and white backsplash

A darker green can bring an air of elegance into any room.

Green can be paired with wood, tile, brown, black, or grey. It’s a cool enough color to seamlessly flow with the existing dark colors, which will most likely also have a cool tone to them.

A forest green can also be complemented with light green plants to round out the homey feeling.  

8. Black

Modern Bathroom with Black Vanity

Sleek and modern, a black vanity feels powerful. The only downside to this color is that any scratches or dents will be noticeable.

However, it can stand alone or blend into the bathroom setting, depending on how much emphasis you want on the vanity area.

9. Wood

Modern Bathroom with Wood Vanity

Finally, but definitely not least, it is most likely the second most popular vanity choice.

Wood is a nice choice since it comes in a range of colors and grains. If you’re looking for a vanity that encompasses all styles but still has some personality, wood is a great option.

How do you match a vanity with the flooring?

Depending on your style, vanities can be the spotlight of the bathroom or blend in. Having a dark floor and light-colored vanities will create a strong contrast and pop the vanity out.

If you aren’t sure yet, a helpful tip is to look at your floor and see what colors make it up. Do you have multi-colored tiles or varied wood grain? Pull a color from there to complement your vanity.

What is the most popular color vanity?

From our extensive research, the results show that white, black, and grey are the most popular colors for vanities. White took the top of the rank for its overall feeling of cleanliness and welcoming nature.

A nice thing about having a white vanity is that you can switch up your fixtures with patterns, brass, or other colors.

What does a dark floor do to a bathroom?

Dark floors in a bathroom can make it seem tight, especially without any natural light.

Having all dark tones, such as dark floors, dark vanity, dark wall color, and a dark shower curtain, can limit the potential of the small.

A decorating hack to know: paint the ceiling white! Having a light ceiling can help the room seem taller.

Should you have a dark floor in a small bathroom?

You can if it fits your aesthetic; there’s really no right or wrong answer. But just like with dark vanities, dark floors will show scratches and scuffs more easily than a lighter floor will.

If you can’t paint or install a new vanity, here are some other suggestions: Add colorful floor mats and towels.

Place glowing salt rocks or fairy lights in the room. Small touches like these can be a budget-friendly solution. 


Just changing the color of your vanity can change the whole look of your bathroom with dark floors. No matter your vibe, there’s a color option for you. Pick anything from white to mint green to black.

White is the most popular color and can be paired with most accent colors.

While dark floors may make the room feel small, there’s no need to worry. Throw in some favorite rugs and lights to brighten the space!

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