What Color Bedding Goes With A Gray Headboard?

A grey headboard is a modern design trend that is becoming more popular. Grey headboards upholstered in velvet or other fabric create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Another element that helps give your bedroom a cozy feel is your bedding. We’ve composed a list of the best bedding colors that pair well with a grey headboard.

Since grey is a neutral and versatile color, it looks great with a range of neutral and more vibrant colors. Some of the colors that pair well with a grey headboard are:

  • Pink
  • Coral
  • Orange
  • Dark blue 
  • Teal
  • Taupe
  • White
  • Grey

With so many colors that go with a grey headboard, deciding which color bedding to purchase can be difficult. We want to help by providing a guide to each color choice and why it works well with grey so that you can choose bedding that works for your style to create the look you want. Keep reading to find out more!

Gray and cream themed bedroom with light gray beddings and a study lamp on the side, What Color Bedding Goes With A Grey Headboard?

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How do you color-coordinate bedding?

Since the bed is often the most noticeable aspect of a bedroom, creating a nice color scheme that coordinates well with other aspects of the bed can give your bed a textured and dimensional look. This will help to make your bed the focal point of the room and give it a designer appearance. Follow these tips to color-coordinate bedding.

Use a solid color only

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An up close photo of a beige colored bed pillow and a bed with gray headboard

Choosing bedding in a solid color gives your bed a clean look and gives your bedroom a luxurious, retreat-like appearance. A solid color comforter or duvet cover layered with pillows in different shades of the same color gives your bed texture and style while still looking clean and streamlined.

Mix patterns and solid colors

Bedroom with floral wall design, patterned black and white beddings with wooden nightstands

Patterned bedding can create a fun and whimsical look in your bedroom, but too many patterns can look old or outdated. To keep the pattern looking fresh, choose accent pillows in solid colors pulled from the pattern on the bed. Or choose bedding in a solid color and pair it with patterned pillows in a similar color scheme for an unexpected look.

Choose your fabrics

A farmhouse themed bedroom with white beddings and a wooden nightstand on the sides

Just like you can coordinate colors with other elements of your bedroom, you can also coordinate fabrics. If your headboard is a lighter grey, for example, choosing bedding made of cotton can give your bedroom a light and airy feel. If your headboard is a darker grey, shinier fabrics can help to brighten up the bed. Use different types of fabrics in the same color to create texture on your bed for a modern look.

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Choosing The Right Bedding Color

Now that we know how to coordinate bedding, let’s look at each color that goes well with a grey headboard and why that particular color is a good option.


Bedroom with pink beddings, a patterned black and white rug with a gray headboard

Light shades of pink, rose, or blush bedding warms up a cool grey and gives your room a soft, gentle, and girly feel, but they also look elegant when paired with a grey headboard. Pink also looks great paired with gold, rose gold, or floral pillows and fabrics.


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Shades of coral and peach also warm up a cool grey headboard. These colors give your bedroom a punch of color and look fun, flirty, and inviting. Consider pairing coral and grey with natural, lighter wood accents to warm up your bedroom even more.

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Orange and grey are not color schemes that will work for everyone, but if you’re feeling bold, orange is a striking and energetic color that can bring a major wow factor to your bedroom. If your grey headboard is a unique shape, orange can also help the headboard stand out more. For an instant mood boost or to soften it up, pair orange with light yellow or pink accent pillows.

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Dark blue

A bed with blue and white beddings with a gray headboard

If cool and moody tones are more your style, pair a grey headboard with dark blue bedding. This color works best with lighter greys because it provides a striking contrast. Dark blue paired with white accents gives off sleepy rainy-day vibes, or if you want to add a little warmth, pair it with tan, clay, or terracotta accents.


A cute gray cat sleeping on the bed with blue and white pillows with a gray headboard

Teal also works well with a light grey headboard because it provides a fun and unexpected pop of color. Velvet fabrics can help to tone teal down a notch, making your bedroom feel relaxed and serene. Pair teal bedding with gold accents or pink accents for a striking contrast against the grey.


Bedroom with a red patterned carpet, a bed with cream beddings, and a gray headboard

If neutral tones are more your style, lighter shades of brown such as taupe or tan pair well with a grey headboard. Bedding in these shades gives your room a natural, outdoorsy look that feels fresh. To further bring the outdoors in, throw in some accent pillows in varying shades of green and darker wood accents and decorations.


A headboard with white beddings, gray headboard, and two hanging industrial themed lamps

What could be more classic than pairing white and grey? White is a color that looks great with both a lighter or darker grey headboard, especially if the headboard is upholstered in velvet or suede-like fabric. Pair white linens with any shade of grey for a clean look and feel. For a spa-like vibe, throw in a few accent pillows in any pastel color or a brighter, more vibrant color if you want to liven it up.


Gray and cream themed bedroom with light gray beddings and a study lamp on the side

Combining different shades of grey looks chic and elegant and makes a bed look more inviting. For a cozy feel, combine warm greys. Another good thing about grey is that it can be paired with metallic and matte colors and accents in any color or finish. 

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What Does Your Bedding Color Say About You?

Bedrooms are often the one room in the house where you can truly express your unique style and personality because they are your space to retreat to when you need to relax. Because of this, your bedding can say a lot about you.

Light colors and neutrals

A Boho themed bedroom with brown and wooden furnitures

If you favor bedding in white and light grey or soft pastels in a solid color, then you have a classic style and like things to be tidy, clean, and free of clutter. You like to live minimally but also appreciate luxury, elegance, and comfort.

Bright colors and patterns

A colorful bedroom with floral beddings, indoor plants, and three hanging cone-shaped lamps

People who love bright colors and patterns in their bedding are often more outgoing. Florals can be both playful and feminine, while animal prints express a more vibrant personality. Patterns also express creativity and freedom of expression.

What Color Walls Go With Grey Bedroom Furniture?

Luxurious modern themed bedroom with hanging lamps and gray beddings with a gray headboard

Grey is a versatile color because it is neutral and can have either a warming or cooling effect depending on which shade of gray you choose. It can also be paired with many other colors. Here are the best wall colors that go with grey bedroom furniture.

  • White
  • Blue-grey
  • Light grey
  • Beige
  • Light blue 

Is Grey A Bad Color For A Bedroom?

A gray themed bedroom with a huge window on the right and a bed with gray beddings

Grey is a color known for being calming, so it makes a lot of sense why you would want to use grey in your bedroom. However, opinions are mixed as to whether or not grey is a good color for a bedroom.

Many designers have associated the color grey with sophistication and tranquility. All of the different shades and hues make grey a color that can fit with any decorating style. However, some studies have shown that painting bedroom walls grey can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep and make people feel more depressed.

Because of the difference of opinion, the decision to grey paint your bedroom is yours to make. If it fits with the look you’re going for and makes you happy, then, by all means, use it! The good news about paint is that it can be easily changed if you end up not loving it.


You have so many choices when it comes to coordinating your bedding with a grey headboard because grey looks good with almost everything.  We hope that this guide helps you create a comfy bed and expresses your unique personality and style so that you can create a space where you feel truly relaxed and at peace.

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