What Color Bedding Goes With Brown Furniture?

Brown is the color of natural wood and a great choice for bedroom furniture. However, it may be difficult to find the correct bedding to complement brown furniture. If you wonder what color bedding goes with brown furniture, we have done the research to give you some suggestions. 

Brown is a neutral color, so you have many bedding options that will pair well. Some colors that would look stunning with brown furniture are: 

  • White 
  • Brown 
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red 

How do these colors look when paired with brown furniture? Read on to learn why these color combinations are superior and see an example of how each one can be used to create a stylish bedroom. Interior photography of a suburban family home, a child or youth's bedroom with stylish rattan bed head and plantation shutters. - What Color Bedding Goes W

Bedding Colors for Brown Furniture 


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Mediterranean inspired living room with white beddings and wooden furnitures

The white and brown bedroom in the image above proves that you don't need to use a bright color to create a visually pleasing space. This classic combination uses the brightness of white and the richness of brown to create a balance. Add contrasting accents, such as white lamps on the desks and tables and brown or wood wall art to the walls, to maintain a classic look. Or, use your white and brown foundation as a canvas for brightly colored accents. 


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Contemporary designed bedroom with wooden cabinets, concrete header wall, wooden bed and white beddings with gray bedsheets

Why would you pair brown bedding with brown furniture? The idea doesn't sound good in theory, but remember that there are many shades of brown that can be used together to create an interesting effect. Create a reimagined monochromatic look with throw pillows in tan, beige, and chocolate paired with a camel throw. Using different shades of brown in this way will create depth and dimension in your bedroom space. You can use white or off-white sheets to break up the brown and create a layered look. 


Real photo of a baby crib standing between a low cupboard and an armchair, lamp and stool in child's room interior with wooden floor and grey walls with molding


While bedding can complement the furniture in a room, it can highlight and enhance the furniture as well. Warm colors, such as pink, pair well with wood that had warm undertones. Pink is visually pleasing against the furniture's wood, but it brightens the wood and helps the undertones stand out. You can use solid pink bedding or add even more depth by choosing multicolored bedding that features the color pink. In the image above, pink is paired with orange and white. These colors work well together because orange is also a warm color, and white serves to give the eye a break and balance all of the colors presented in the room. 


Country inspired bedroom with wooden beddings, furnitures, and beige painted walls


Blue pairs with brown to create a tranquil and calm atmosphere. These colors together evoke nature as they are so often found together in our natural environment. In the image above, blue is paired with olive to help coordinate the bedding with the other room elements. The final result is a balanced and calm space. However, blue would also be inviting if used alone. 


Japanese inspired bedroom with brown walls, brown flooring, white beddings with red bedsheets, and brown furnitures

Red is an interesting color to use in interior decorating. It is vivid and rich, but it is also bright and responds well to light. Since brown is also deep and rich, especially in its darker shades, it would seem that pairing red and brown together would create a look that is too intense. However, the brightness of red prevents this from happening, and the colors compliment each other very well. When using red and brown together in your bedroom, incorporating some white accents will also help to soften the look. 

How Can You Brighten Your Room That Has Brown Furniture?

Flowers in brown vase on wooden nightstand table next to single bed with stripped bedding with teddy bear 

Because brown is such a dark color, it can leave your room feeling dark and gloomy. It is easy to remedy this problem, though, by lightening up other elements in the room. Here are some easy ways to achieve this brightening balance. 


Warm and cozy interior of living room space with brown sofa, pouf, beige carpet, lamp, mock up poster frame, decoration, plant and coffee table. Cozy home decor. Template.

Furniture is a very prominent element of a room, taking up much of the visual space. To achieve a brighter look, you can paint the walls a light color. Since walls are also a very prominent element in a room, lighter ones will counteract the gloomy atmosphere that dark furniture can create. Use neutrals such as white or cream to ensure that your walls will complement your bedding and décor. Or, use pastel or muted shades if you want your walls to have some color. 

Metallic Accents 

When light bounces off of metal, the result is glistening and shiny. Use this to your advantage by opting for metallic decor elements. Choose a metallic mirror over a wooden one, for example, and don't be afraid to choose pieces of furniture or decor with heavy metallic accents. Not only does metal look good against dark finishes, but you can let your room's lighting play off the metal to brighten your room creatively. 

Natural Wood Shades 

Brown does not have to mean dark. Remember that wood comes in various finishes, from the lightest ash to deep, dark mahogany. If you want to have a bright room while using wood furniture, choose pieces in lighter shades. You can also use some darker pieces of furniture and balance it out by including lighter pieces as well. 

What Colors Go Well With Wooden Furniture? 

Beautiful Grey Modern Kitchen in a Luxury Apartment with Stainless Steel Appliances

Natural colors such as green, blue, and grey pair beautifully with wooden and create a calming and organic aesthetic. Shades of white and cream also pair well with wood as they are neutral and soften the deep, rich tone of some woods. You can also use color to complement and enhance the undertones of your wooden furniture. For example, mahogany has warm undertones that can be highlighted by the color red. With cool undertones such as ash, Wood would pair well with cool colors like blue or purple. 

What is a Complementary Color to Brown? 

If you think back to your elementary school art classes, you'll remember that complementary colors are those that fall directly across from one another on the color wheel. Purple and yellow are complementary colors, and red and green are as well. If you recall, brown wasn't included on the color wheel we learned in those art classes, so it doesn't have a complementary color by definition. However, more advanced color wheels include brown as shade of orange. Considering this, brown's complementary color is a shade of blue, since blue is orange's complementary color. 


While you may feel intimidated looking for colors that complement brown, it is versatile and forgiving than you'd think. It plays well with many shades of both cool and warm colors, and it can always be paired with neutrals to create a clean and classic look. 

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Country designed bedroom with carpeted flooring, brown furniture's, red accent chairs, and floral beddings with red throw pillows, What Color Bedding Goes With Brown Furniture?

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