What Color Bedding Goes With Cream Walls?

Two of the most important parts of decorating a bedroom are the wall color and bedding color. Making these two colors work together can help your room feel comfortable and look great. If you have cream-colored walls, you might be wondering how to pick out the right bedding. We're here to help! We've researched all the color options for bedding and have found the ones that will work best with your cream walls.

Style your bedding using any of these color schemes for a lovely complement to cream walls:

  • Warm Colors
  • White
  • Grey
  • Muted Tones
  • Bold, Contrasting Colors

This is your bedroom, so the final decision is up to you. For examples of these color schemes, an explanation for why they work, and more details about bedrooms with off-white walls, read on!

A modern well lit bedroom with a classic bed, white and teal colors, and indoor plants, What Color Bedding Goes With Cream Walls?

Should Bedding Match The Wall Color?

Before going over all of the bedding types that work with cream walls, let's discuss whether bedding and wall color should match. Bedding should complement the wall color but does not necessarily have to match it. In fact, the bedding color probably shouldn't match the wall color exactly. This could overwhelm the room and flood it with too much of the same color if you aren't careful. 

Instead, look for a complementary color for the bedding. Use the bedspread or comforter to brighten a room or provide color to it. One of the most effective ways to do this is to contrast the colors dramatically. 

If you want the bedding to match the wall color, that's fine! You'll probably want to add a variety of colors elsewhere in the room: curtains, furniture, accessories, or flooring. For instance, this room uses cream bedding that matches the wall color almost exactly. But notice the simple greenery added to the room for color.

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A gorgeous bedroom with cream painted walls, cream beddings and vases placed on top of a table

We'll show you more examples of both of these strategies in the section below. For more ideas on picking out bedding for any color of bedroom, check out "How to Choose Bedding Color [11 Schemes Revealed]."

Warm colors

One reason to go with a cream bedroom color instead of a bright white is to create warmth in the room. It combines the brightness of white with the warmth of beige. Thus, the first option is to pair your cream walls with a warm color such as red, orange, or yellow. These warm colors also leave you lots of options for other furniture and accessories.

See how these two rooms use a gentle red color to emphasize the warmth of the cream walls? 

A classic rustic bedroom with red floral beddings, wooden cabinets and cream painted walls


Cream painted bedroom with reddish brown carpeted floor, brown and white curtains, and a brown bedsheet

This bedroom uses a comforter with burnt orange and gold highlights, plus an orange throw blanket, to tie the cream walls into the warm carpet.

Cream painted bedroom with floral beddings and a brown patterned flooring

This yellow comforter is beautiful and brings out the warmth of the cream wall.

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The opposite of warm-colored bedding is bright, white bedding. Going with this option makes the room light and airy. Since the white isn't the exact same tone as the cream walls, it provides depth to the room. This room feels bright, even though it uses an off-white paint color and a driftwood-like headboard.

A bedroom with cream painted walls, a wooden header and teal colored beddings

Also note, that this bedroom uses other accessories -- throw pillows, throw blanket, and bench cushion -- to provide the color. This makes the color pop and helps the room feel clean. If you're going to use white bedding with cream walls, have fun picking out an accent color! Feature it tastefully like the photo above. 

The photo below uses soft, beige accents to create an understated feel. If you're going for a calm, gentle look, keep the accents muted.

A cream painted bedroom with a white and brown beddings with a small wooden stool with books on it

This bright-white duvet would be perfect for a room with cream walls.

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Grey is a safe color for many different environments. You might love how it looks in your cream-colored bedroom! Grey bedding complements the cream walls in the picture below because it ties in the flooring with the walls. The room's decor feels stately and elegant.

A modern bedroom with classic styled designs on the walls and a bed with gray beddings

Another benefit of grey bedding is its versatility. You'll be able to use it in bedrooms of almost any color. The duvet below has ball fringes that provide another sense of style to the room.

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Muted tones

Muted tones are colors that have been softened and made less bright. These colors are more subdued and subtle than a bright, saturated color. These tones give depth to your cream room and add some color without being overwhelming. This is a popular style currently.

For instance, this green bedding isn't overwhelming but provides plenty of "pop" in the room.

A modern well lit bedroom with a classic bed, white and teal colors, and indoor plants

Or, see how this soft pink comforter stands out in this room? That's the goal of muted bedding.

This bedroom uses a variety of subtle tones -- beige, blue, and brown -- to tie the cream walls into the rest of the room.

A cream painted bedroom with a classic designed bed, two nightstands with lampshades, and a gray carpeted flooring

Finally, this room uses a muted violet to give color to the room without being too bold. It is simple and clean, yet fun.

Bedroom with cream painted walls, two nightstands with two lampshades and violet floral beddings

This mauve bedspread is beautiful and would look great in a cream-colored bedroom.

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Bold, contrasting tones

If muted tones aren't exciting enough for you, another option is to use bold, contrasting tones for the bedding. Cream rooms often lack excitement; spice them up with a creative bedspread or comforter!

This room uses a light brown and a bold black to contrast the cream walls. Also note, the fun colors of the plants in this room. It's a fun, creative room, even though it has cream walls.


Look at all the bright colors on this bedspread! Instead of choosing one color to contrast with the off-white walls, this resident has found bedding that shows off the room's personality.

The majority of the bedding in this room is a bright white. But see how they added bold yellow and aqua for the bedding accessories? The room looks clean and has defined colors.

A white bedroom with white yellow and blue stripped pillows, a yellow bedsheet, and gray lamps on each nightstand

The variety of colors on this quilt really pop in a room with cream walls.

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For more ideas for decorating your cream or white bedroom, read "21 Cream and White Bedroom Ideas You Should Check Out."

How Do You Brighten A Beige Bedroom?

On the darker end of the off-white spectrum, you'll find beige. Beige is described as a light tan and chosen for its ability to match with various other colors. 

One of the criticisms of beige walls is that it makes the room feel darker and smaller. While this is a positive aspect for many people, it can be a drawback for a brighter room. Brighten your beige room up by using these tricks:

  • Allow plenty of natural lighting into the room; use sheer, white drapes for privacy.
  • Use light fixtures with white shades instead of yellow or beige shades.
  • Pick out white or off-white bedding, curtains, furniture, and other accessories. White reflects light more than any other color, giving the appearance that there is more light in the room than there actually is. 

Are Beige Walls Out Of Style?

For the past several years, beige has been considered boring and went out of style for many people. A light gray color took its place in popularity and was used on walls all around the world. 

However, beige is in the process of making a comeback as we see the return of warm tones. Compared to gray, beige is warm and welcoming, a feature that many homeowners desire. This warmth helps a room feel cozy and relaxed, even as it might sacrifice brightness to achieve it.

If you're trying to decide between cream or beige for your bedroom, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What color/style elements do I already have in place? If you have a bedspread that you love, consider picking out the paint to complement it. Check your curtains, furniture, and flooring with each color and see which one works best. 
  • Are you looking for warmth or brightness? If you would rather have a warm-feeling bedroom, go with beige. If you'd like a brighter, more open feeling, pick out a clean cream color.

In Closing

If you're looking for bedding to complement your cream-colored walls, consider warm tones, white, gray, muted tones, or bold colors. Each of these options has its own positive and negative aspects, depending on how you want the room to feel. Always remember that this is your home, so you can do whatever you like with it! Use your decorating to fit your personality. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for how to do this. 

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