What Color Bedding Goes With Pine Furniture?

It's time for new bedding, but what color works best with pine furniture? We've researched and created a great list of options for you here because bedding is the thing that really makes your bedroom cozy and inviting, and comfortable.

Here are some great colors of bedding to go with pine furniture:

  • Light browns and taupes
  • Creme
  • Navy
  • White
  • Grey

We've got examples of each color for you in the post below. We'll also talk about the different types and colors of pinewood and whether your furniture might darken over time. We'll also briefly talk about if it's necessary to match your sheets and comforters and if there are any bedding colors you will do best to avoid. So please keep reading to find out more details.

Modern Bedroom Interior with grey beddings, What Color Bedding Goes With Pine Furniture?

The Best Color Bedding To Go With Pine Furniture

rich in texture bedroom with white and tan accent. patterned wall and beddings, wood nightstand

Whether you have a new set of bedroom furniture or are sprucing up an old one, you want bedding that's going to match. With these colors, you have options. So let's look at examples of each color scheme.

Light Browns And Taupes

Because pine is generally a warm-colored wood, it makes sense that warm colors go well with it. A slightly greyed taupe sheet set is paired with a warmer beige and taupe comforter and sham set on this bed. The bedding relates to each other and looks great with the bedframe as well.

Click here for this pine bed on Amazon.

Creme Bedding

Like the light browns, creme is a wonderful warm neutral. Choosing a neutral like this for your bedding gives you room to do more with color in the rest of the room. Plus, it's just a beautiful spa-like choice for the bed. There are so many beautiful creme comforters and throw pillows you'll be able to choose something really spectacular for your room.

Click here for this pine and metal bed on Amazon.

We love these fuzzy creme throw pillow covers to dress up creme bedding. They're both luxuriously soft and easy on the eye. Click here for these on Amazon.

Navy Blue Bedding

We often write about how versatile the color blue is. It's one of those shades that can bounce between warm and cool and works with almost anything. Pine bedroom furniture is no exception. Here a lovely blend of patterned coverlet in white and navy, with navy sheets and throw pillows, looks great with the red pine bed frame. If you want some color in your bedroom, then think about this deep blue.

Click here for this natural pine bed frame on Amazon.

This pretty navy and white coverlet would look great on a pine bed frame. Click here for this on Amazon.

White Bedding

White is a luxurious color for bedding, and the bonus is that it goes with pretty much everything. Pine furniture is no exception. And it doesn't matter which shade of pine you have; white will work. Here, a grey throw has been added to the top of the white bedding. It actually picks up the bits of darker tones in the wood graining and goes with the black metal frame of the pine bed.

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Grey Bedding

Though grey is not the best choice for all pine colors, it can be a contender with white pine and even yellow pine. This bedroom set features white pine that has been stained a driftwood color. Though the wood tones show through the stain, the whole thing has a much cooler effect than some other pines. White sheets have been paired with grey shams and a grey floral comforter. A pretty blue throw brings a bit of color to the overall room.

You can find this stained white pine set here on Amazon.

This botanical leaf comforter and sham set even has some leaves in brown tones. It's a perfect choice for a pine bedding set. Click here for this on Amazon.

What Is The Color Of Pine Wood?

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Pine basically falls into three distinct species and color categories. Let's look at each of them below.

White Pine

White pine is, as the name implies, the lightest of the pines. This wood has a very light color and small knots. The most popular of this species is from Russia. This pine is very strong and very beautiful.

Yellow Pine

Yellow pine has a slight yellowish cast to the wood. This is the pine we think about when we think of large knots and a cabin-sort of look to the wood. The most popular of these pines are grown in Canada. Yellow pine is perhaps the most popular type of pine for use in furniture manufacturing. It's not as hard as red or white pine, so it is not used as much for flooring.

Red Pine

Red Pine has a bit of variation in its color depending upon the tree and the batch of wood. It can run from a pinkish tone to a deeper orangeish-red tone. This pine is often farmed and grown in a sustainable way, making it a popular choice for many different uses.

Does Pine Furniture Darken Over Time?

Wood is a natural material and comes from a living organism. So as it gets further away from its natural state of being a tree, it will change and darken. The UV light from the sun is a major factor in this. Finishes on the surface of the wood will slow the oxidation process but won't entirely stop it. Your best bet is to keep the pieces out of direct sunlight.

Should Your Sheets Match Your Comforter?

There are so many cute sheet and comforter sets available, but do they have to match? Of course not. The bedding you choose is entirely up to you and if you want a radical combination that is unique unto yourself, then go for it. However, if you want something that is soothing and stylish, it might be a great idea to choose things that work together even if they don't match.

How do you do this? Think colors and patterns. If you have a patterned sheet, choose a comforter that works with both it and another color in your bedroom. In the instance of a colored sheet, make sure it works with your comforter. If you're not sure what to do, then soft white bedding is never a bad choice.

These beautiful Brooklinen sheets are available here on Amazon.

What Bedding Colors Should You Avoid?

Because bedding is in the room where you sleep, you might want to avoid colors that aren't soothing. Some bright yellows or oranges can really set a person on edge and might be best left out of the bedroom. 

If you have pets that sleep with you, you might want to avoid lighter colors that stain, or conversely, dark colors that show every stray hair. For stain and hair worries, you might choose something with a light pattern motif. 

We have a great post on this subject here: "How to Choose Bedding Color? [11 Color Schemes Reviewed]."

A neutral plaid sheet is a good choice if you're trying not to show stains or pet hair. Click here for this on Amazon.

A Well-Made Bed Makes A Bedroom Beautiful

Modern Bedroom Interior with grey beddings, What Color Bedding Goes With Pine Furniture?

Whatever color you decide works best with your pine furniture is a personal decision. But keep in mind that having a bedroom with gorgeous linens really sets the room apart. We hope that something here sparked for you. If you enjoyed this post here at HomeDecorBliss.com, please check out a few of our others below:

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