What Color Bedding Goes With Sage Green Walls?

Sage green is a refreshing color that's ideal for bedrooms. The color can instantly relax you and give you a sense of tranquility. However, the color of fixtures and fabrics also contribute to the appeal. Which bedding color scheme will give you an equally pleasant reaction? We have compiled color inspirations for you. 

You can always refer to the color wheel and choose complementary colors to create a softer mood. Alternatively, go for contrasting shades or even minimalist patterned fabrics. Try these bedding colors with sage green bedroom walls:

  • Neutral white & beige
  • Whimsical pastel purple
  • A colorful pop of muted orange
  • Complementary powder blue 
  • Uniformly matching sage green
  • Contrasting deep green
  • A bright burst of yellow
  • Earthy brown shades
  • Visually alluring floral
  • Adaptable warm gray & taupe

You can explore more designs and shades to make your sage green interior more cozy and appealing. It is also versatile for a range of aesthetics and decorations, so it is perfect for guest rooms and children's bedrooms. If you are interested to learn more about sage green interior designs, keep reading below!

Bedroom interior with sage green and white sheets and cushions and a blanket, What Color Bedding Goes With Sage Green Walls?

What Color Bedding Goes With Sage Green Walls?

Bedding does not only provide comfort for the body; the color and aesthetics have a psychological effect that can quiet your mind and set the atmosphere for a restful time.

Remember that conflicting colors can affect you psychologically; you do not want it constantly in your bedroom where you are meant to rest. You should at least familiarize yourself with basic color theory so you can be in control of your room's atmosphere.

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Grey linen and rusty muslin pillows on wooden bed

Sage green is also known as a transitional color in fashion. This means that it is adaptable to any season, so you're sure to stay in style for the whole year regardless of personal style.

The color bedding you choose sets the foundation for how you want your bedroom to look, so you'd want to explore more colors and designs. Here are bedding colors that will pair well with sage green walls.

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Neutral White & Beige

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Patterned pouf and basket in bright bedroom interior with lamps, plants and poster next to bed

Classic white and beige bedding is always the way to go when you're not yet sure about what color scheme to commit to.

You can experiment with texture and shapes to make them look more visually interesting: layer knit throw blankets, novelty pillows in different shapes, and thick comforters to add dimension to the bed.

You can combine both white and beige together and the color scheme can still work. If you are worried about it looking too plain, get different shades of beige layered on your bed. It will look more visually stimulating, but there would still be a structure that keeps everything polished.

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Whimsical pastel purple

Pastel purple or lavender can introduce whimsy to a sage green-dominated interior. It balances out the neutral and somewhat serious appeal of sage green by introducing a youthful color that improves your mood.  

There is lavender-based ombre bedding, too, that can pair well with sage green and look dreamier and cozier than plain lavender. You can incorporate this into your sage-green bedroom if you want to add more personality to your style.

If you want a more elegant approach, you can go for lavender or pastel purple silk sheets and pair them with knit throw blankets to make it cozier. 

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A colorful pop of muted orange

Muted or burnt shades of orange, such as terra cotta, will add warmth to your cool sage green interior. This is perfect if you want a more intimate and rustic vibe to your room, or if you just want to balance out the color tones. 

Muted orange and sage green go well together because they are both natural colors. Muted orange is reminiscent of sunsets and bathes sage green with a vibrant tone.

If muted orange looks too strong for your taste, you can tone it down with warm neutrals such as beige and taupe. Invest in textured fabrics as well to add visual allure to the bed.

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Complimentary powder blue

Home interior with dark green bedroom and potted palm


Powder blue matches perfectly with sage green interiors since they both remind us of nature. This is especially ideal if you want a beach-vibe, boho aesthetic since these are basically the foundational colors for it. 

Go for bohemian-inspired decors to add personality to the space, such as wood accents, wicker furniture, and indoor plants. 

Take advantage of the color combination to experiment with rich patterns and maximalist designs. If you want a more relaxed approach, add accent paintings on the walls and invest in warm light fixtures.

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Uniformly matching sage green

Bedroom with pastel green color and with wooden floors with green fabric furniture

For a monochrome look, opt for sage green bedding that you can design with neutral sheets such as white and beige. This will add depth to your bed and break the monotony of green that can sometimes get visually overwhelming. 

The green-on-green aesthetic is adaptable to any style, so you can add your own personal twist to it--whether you want to put up a small indoor tree or if you want to keep things neat and simple with wood trim.

This is ideal for minimalist spaces that do not want their space to be too plain since sage green can make the space more comforting instead of isolating.

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Contrasting deep grees

Modern Bedroom color with dark green interior design

Deep green adds more depth and dimension to your green color scheme. It is also more visually stimulating, especially if you introduce other contrasting colors to the mix. Just make sure they will not conflict with one another.

Deep green can be combined with lavender or even dusty pink bedding. The sage green walls will balance out the array of colors, so you can experiment with other earth and neutral tones. 

Incorporate other colors in other areas of the room so they are not concentrated on only one part of the room. 

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A bright burst of yellow

Yellow is a rich color that can be neutralized by sage green walls. However, it can be visually overwhelming if your bedding is purely yellow; try to break apart the tone with neutrals such as white, grey, or taupe.

You can even add depth to the bed by introducing brown sheets. The earth tones will add depth to the bedroom.

This color scheme is also adaptable, so you can incorporate it into any aesthetic. Add your personal twist to it, and you have yourself a relaxing bedroom!

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Earthy Brown shades

Interior of a modern bedroom decorated with modern furniture with pastel tones

You can have a brown-based palette on your bedding for a more earthy vibe. Just make sure that you experiment with shade and texture, so it doesn't look too plain or clash against sage green.

The ideal shade would be sandy brown. It blends well with sage green, and it is still relaxing to look at. Throw in your neutrals for dimension, and you have an earth-toned bedroom!

Visually alluring florals

Stylish emerald green and golden poster above comfortable king size bed with headboard and pillows in dark green bedroom

Floral patterns--or even leaf patterns--on bedding pairs well with sage green walls. Green is a color of nature, so it makes sense to incorporate natural elements into the interior design. 

Having printed sheets will also make the room more visually stimulating. You have the option not to spend too much on decorations since the bedding already creates a statement.

Make sure the patterns on the fabric have complementing colors so it won't be visually chaotic.

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Adaptable Warm Gray & Taupe

Spacious bedroom interior in beige and olive colour

Warm grays and taupe can make your bed look more welcoming. Cool greys can look detached, so your best choice--if you want everything to have a soft and minimalist appeal--would be warm grays layered with taupe fabric.

You can introduce novelty throw pillows or printed sheets to make the bedding look more visually unique. Add your personal twist to it, and you have a refreshing bedroom where you can recharge!

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Final Thoughts

Bedroom interior with sage green and white sheets and cushions and a blanket

Bedding can make or break your bedroom look, just as any big fixture will do. Pick out colors that blend well with your interior, but don't be afraid to experiment with design options.

Your bedroom should be a reflection of yourself. As with any design choice, make sure you incorporate your personality into it. 

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