What Color Bedding Goes With White Furniture?

White is the ultimate in light neutral colors. Clean, crisp, and versatile, white can brighten up any color scheme or room. Because of its versatility, finding bedding to coordinate well with your white furniture can seem like an overwhelming task. We have researched this topic for you by searching multiple sources to bring you a concise selection of bedding colors to pair with your white furniture. 

As your bed should be a place of tranquility and relaxation, you want your bedding to create a certain ambiance in your space. While there are no rules for decorating your bedroom, there are several colors of bedding that are popular color companions to white furniture. The colors that we will discuss further to pair with white bedding are:

  1. Blue
  2. Brown
  3. Black
  4. Gray
  5. Purple
  6. Green
  7. Blush
  8. Gold
  9. Neutral
  10. White

Deciding on a bedding color to go with your white furniture is only one of many questions you will have to answer when decorating your room. Is white furniture a good idea? Can you mix white with wood furniture? Is whitewash furniture in style? We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading! 

White nightstand furniture, white bed frame and headboard, gold colored beddings in a bedroom, What Color Bedding Goes With White Furniture?

What Color Bedding Goes With White Furniture

1. Blue Bedding

Simple, neat, double bedroom with wooden headboard, bedside tables and lamps, all in shades of blue and white

The color associated with water, sky, and tranquility, blue is a perfect color to combine with white for a peaceful yet bold color palette. To add a calming, sophisticated ambiance to your room, blue bedding pairs with white furniture for a relaxing coastal feel. Combining several different blue shades in the example below gives the color scheme depth and really pops against the crisp white contrasting headboard and bedside tables. The use of several different boldly colored throw pillows adds some detail and definition to this decorative scheme. 

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2. Brown Bedding 

Bed with brown beddings, white bed frame and headboard

Warm and cozy, brown tones are a rich, elegant contrast to white shades and make a great color for your bedding. In the dark-colored room with chocolate toned bedding in the example below, white furniture provides a break in the dark colors to lighten the brown and black colored room. The vivid shade of orange used is the perfect hue to energize this color scheme. 

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3. Black Bedding

Bedroom with white bed frame and headboard, black bed sheet, white blanket and white walls

Opposite of white, black is the ultimate in dark neutral colors. Both timeless and classy, the color black is versatile and bold. Adding black shades to your color scheme can transform the entire look of your room. The black bedding in the example below contrasts beautifully with the white furniture for this classic monochromatic look.

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4. Gray Bedding

Modern bedroom with white bed frame, gray beddings and wood panels wall design

The perfect mixture of white and black, gray has become one of the most popular colors in home decor. Gray is a cool, stable color that is the perfect color to pair with any white shade. The multiple shades and textures of gray bedding in the example below are combined with the white and neutral-colored furniture for a layered dimensional look. The neutral-colored furniture and flooring coordinate in this room to add a subtle warmth for a modern cozy ambiance.

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5. Purple Bedding

White bed frame in a beige bedroom with purple bedding and wooden accents

Associated with elegance and royalty, purple shades can be the perfect moody shade for your space. A deep mysterious jewel tone, purple shades can be an intriguing color companion to the color white. Different purple shades are combined with white and brown furniture for a mysterious modern look in the example below. The brown accents in the mostly white furniture provide a warm accent color to the purple and white color palette.

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6. Green Bedding

White wall bedroom interior with green floral bedding on cozy bed and jugs on nightstand

For a crisp nature-inspired contrast to shades of white, green can be the perfect cool pairing for a tranquil but slightly exotic feel. Green tones create an elegant and relaxing ambiance in any space in your home. The greenery inspired bedding in the example below makes a great backdrop to this eclectic design scheme. Multiple pink, gray, and yellow shades are used to give this room a soft eclectic look.

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7. Blush Bedding

Bedroom with blush tone bedding, modern posters above bed with headboard

A softer version of red, a blush tone makes a beautiful color companion to white shades. From soft blush hues to deeper shades of clay, brick, and burgundy, the color scheme in the example below is warm and welcoming. Using subtle natural wood tones and light gray shades to accent this look, give this room dimension and pull the entire look together.

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8. Gold Bedding

Gray bedroom with white bed frame and headboard, gold bedding and white nightstands

Warm and luxurious, gold is a lavish, warm metallic color that combines with white for a soft, extravagant look. Gold may not be a typical color for bedding but can add an unmatched rich contrast to your color palette. The yellow undertones of the gold bedding in the example below coordinate perfectly with gold accent pieces and decorative detail around the room for an elegant, cohesive look.

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9. Neutral Bedding

Cozy bedroom in warm colors with painting, a nightstand, a pouf and a plaid

If a subtle contrast is a look that you are going for, neutral tones such as nude shades or light tans can provide a soft, warm color companion to the color white. Stable and versatile, neutral shades are easy to accent with additional colors, as in the example below. Using light neutral shades as the dominant colors in your space create an expansive feel to your room and allow attention to be drawn to details and accent pieces throughout the room, such as the artwork over the bed or the unique lighting. 

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10. White Bedding

Scandinavian boho style bedroom with white walls, white bed and white beddings

If your household allows, a white room is relaxing and airy and can be the perfect color scheme for your bedroom. While it may be difficult to match exact white shades, using very similar shades of the same color can make your space seem bigger. Combining white bedding with white furniture creates a bright backdrop to highlight accent pieces around your room, as in the example below. A boho look is achieved in the room using natural browns and live or artificial greenery to add color to the simple yet intriguing look.

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Is white furniture a good idea? 

White furniture is timeless and classic. Offering a sense of purity and breeziness, white furniture can give the illusion of expansiveness of your space and break up more intense color palettes. White furniture can not only brighten up your color scheme but also hides dust and dirt better than darker colored furniture. The ultimate choice in a light natural color, white is extremely versatile and makes a great color companion to almost any color you choose.

Can you mix white with wood furniture?

Mixing white and wood furniture can give your room an interesting nontraditional look. Excessive furniture coordination is a thing of the past, being replaced with eclectic and innovative styles instead. By combining white furniture with natural wood colored furniture, you can give your space a sense of intriguing playfulness. Combining colors of furniture also allows for a more flexible decor scheme. 

Is whitewash furniture in style?

To update your furniture subtly with light color, whitewashing is a paint method that is will never go out of style. This particular paint style has been used for decades for a bright, fresh look. A watered-down white color is used to paint over your existing wood color for a sheer white sheet of color that makes any piece more interesting. Whitewashing can give your dated wood furniture a complete facelift. 

In Closing

Whether you have whitewashed furniture or solid white painted furniture, this crisp, clean shade can give your space a brilliant breezy feel. As white is one of the most versatile colors available, color companion options can seem endless. With the selection of bedding colors to pair with white furniture that we have discussed, we hope to have made your decision a bit easier. 

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