What Color Blinds For Beige Walls?

Blinds don’t just offer privacy to households, they can also provide an additional aesthetic vibe and psychological effects to homeowners when properly matched with the walls. You’re probably thinking about which color would best suit your beige walls, so we gathered the information to help you decide.

Custom blinds can come in different colors that will match your preference. To help you choose the right color, here are the colors of blinds that complement with beige walls:

  • Emerald
  • White
  • Black
  • Almond
  • Mahogany
  • Burgundy
  • Olive Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Mint
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Mauve
  • Brown
  • Sage
  • Pink
  • Maize Yellow
  • Watery Blue
  • Peach
  • Gold
  • Cranberry
  • Mustard

Just like curtains, there are so many colors of window blinds that complement well with beige walls. In this post, we will get into more details about how these colors will be perfect for your blinds when decorating a room with beige walls, so stick until the end to decide easier.

A white window venetian blind with sunlight and lining shadow on beige empty wall, What Color Blinds For Beige Walls?

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20 Colors Of Blinds To Match Your Beige Walls

Beige is a neutral color that makes it easy to mix and match with other colors. It is one of the commonly used colors for interior walls due to its relaxing undertone, but matching it with colors that do not vibe with it, the overall look of your room might not be as aesthetic as you want it to be.

Choosing the right color for your blinds does not just make or break the interior design of your home, it can make psychological impacts as well. That’s why deciding on the right color to match your beige walls is important.

Blinds could either go dark or light in color, so if you’re feeling artsy and wants to choose the right color for your blinds, here are 20 colors to choose from.

1. Emerald

Emerald is a bright blue-green color derived from a precious stone of the same name. This color gives off a sense of balance, vitality, and harmony when used in a home. When paired with the neutral color beige, it provides an intense yet elegant look.

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2. White

Automatic venetian blinds beige color on large windows

Who wouldn’t love the neat and fresh vibes that the color white gives? White is a crisp and easy color to pair with almost every color.

Its neutral yet cozy warm color is perfect for making the space look wider. A combination of white and beige creates a minimalistic yet aesthetic look.

3. Black

Black is another color that would make a great combination with beige. However, black matches better with warmer shades of beige. This elegant color provides a homey vibe, especially with beige walls.

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4. Almond

This buttery shade of light brown isn’t hard to pull off because of its neutral color. Almond-colored blinds match perfectly with beige walls because of the aesthetic combination these two colors can create.

Just like white, it provides a minimalistic accent pleasing to the eyes.

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5. Mahogany

Another dark color that would match your beige walls is mahogany. This color is reddish-brown, whose name came from the Mahogany wood, and is often seen in faux wood blinds.

Since most furniture comes in Mahogany color, it creates a traditional yet homey vibe in your house when this shade is matched with beige walls.

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6. Burgundy

Another spectacular color combination for walls and blinds is burgundy and beige. This elegant deep reddish brown color reminiscent of wine also signifies power, ambition, and wealth. When paired with beige, it creates a classic yet powerful vibe.

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7. Olive Green

Olive green represents harmony, peace, and sophistication; the same attributes you would love your home to embody. Matching it with beige will create a sophisticated look since the two colors do not outshine the other.

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8. Navy Blue

Roman blind in the interior detail

Navy blue and beige work well because of their classic and traditional vibe. Since both colors are easily paired with other colors, there’s no surprise that beige and navy blue would create a bold yet preppy combination.

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9. Mint

While mint is fresh and icy, beige is light and sandy. When combined, these two create a cozy and relaxing effect at home. Mint also symbolizes tranquility and calmness, a feeling anyone would love to experience especially when coming home after a long day.

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10. Charcoal Gray

Pretty windows with blinds in a house

In addition to the list of darker colors that perfectly match beige walls, charcoal gray is a mainstream color used for roller blinds. It is a darker shade of gray but is still lighter than black.

Beige will bring out the striking shade of charcoal gray while charcoal gray can make beige appear more neutral and calming. 

11. Mauve

Mauve is a pale purple-gray color that seems impossible to match with beige. This color, however, creates a luxurious and calming effect when matched with neutral colors like beige. 

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12. Brown

Comfortable workplace near window with horizontal wooden blinds

Since beige is just a lighter shade of brown, these two colors perfectly match. Brown is a common color used for faux wood and wood blinds since it has a wooden tone.

Brown blinds would be perfect if you want traditional and neat-looking blinds that will suit your beige walls.

See this brown window blind on Amazon.

13. Sage

Sage is a gray-green color that gets its name from a plant with the same name used for tea. You will be surprised by how well this color goes with beige.

Although both colors have a neutral undertone, sage and beige do not stand out together and create a sleek but striking ambiance.

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14. Pink

Bouquet of pink lily flowers on window with blind

Although pink has been generalized as a feministic color because of its playful shades, it makes a great match with beige. The two colors create a mellow yet vibrant undertone when put together. 

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15. Maize Yellow

Maize yellow can be vibrant on its own, but when matched with beige, its undertone softens. When these two colors are put together, they create a vivid and interestingly versatile combination. 

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16. Watery Blue

This light color is similar to sea color, creating a great combination with the sandy color beige. This color combination doesn’t just give a nostalgic effect but can also provide a relaxing and calming vibe that’s reminiscent of the beach.

Here is a water blue window blind on Amazon.

17. Peach

If you’re trying to achieve a visually pleasing interior, peach and beige will not disappoint you. These two colors create a soft yet sophisticated combination pleasing to the eyes. This color combination is perfect if you’re aiming for a more feminine vibe.

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18. Gold

Gold will always bring luxury and dram. When paired with a neutral color such as beige, gold gives off a luxurious yet subtle effect while beige acts as a neutralizer to balance the color scheme.

Beige creates a good backdrop for gold to stand out and scream elegance.

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19. Cranberry

This almost-crimson color creates a great contrast with beige. Cranberry’s intense vibe compliments beige’s neutral undertone while providing a sense of boldness and passion.

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20. Mustard

Last but not least, mustard is one of the best colors to pair up with beige. Its rich color compliments so well with beige’s neutral effect. 

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Should I Get Blinds Instead Of Curtains?

Blinds and curtains don’t only provide an aesthetic look to the interior of your home. These window accents are also installed due to their purpose.

While blinds provide better privacy and are better at blocking sunlight from entering the room, curtains offer better insulation and soundproofing. Your choice will depend on the needs of your room.

However, you can also install both since blinds and curtains offer different purposes. These two window treatments can also perfectly come along.

Can I Install Blinds In Deep Windows?

If you have deep windows and are planning to install blinds, your blinds can be mounted outside the frame to create an illusion that the window is bigger than its actual size and to cover up some dents and holes near the window frame.

It can be mounted inside the frame to give off a more aesthetic and neat look. 

Wrapping It Up

Beige walls are not hard to style with blinds. You just have to pick the best color that will match your walls. You can also consider the psychological effects of colors to help you decide or plan out the kind of interior design you would like to achieve so you can pick the best color for your blinds. 

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