What Color Blinds With Black Windows? [ 5 Fantastic Options]

Blinds are a stylish and versatile window covering that makes windows look elegant. But if your home has black windows, you might question what color would work best for your blinds. Don't feel clueless about interior design. We asked experts for their input to give you a list of suggested colors.

Follow your bliss and learn how to style your home with confidence. Add a touch of polish or glamour to black windows and choose the following suggested colors for your blinds.

  1. Black
  2. Bone
  3. White
  4. Gray/Silver
  5. Brown

Dressing your windows is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly upgrades. Are you curious about how to style your windows? Or, do you want to learn about different blinds? If so, you'll want to read on as we answer these questions and cover related points of interest.

Black Window Latch Handle and a green nature, What Color Blinds With Black Windows? [ 5 Fantastic Options]

Pairing Blinds With Windows

The type of covering you choose for your windows says a lot about your personality and space. So, if you have striking black windows, it's time to make a lasting impression.

Winter garden with venetian blind

How Do I Choose The Right Blinds?

When choosing blinds for your windows, you can express yourself with different louver widths or choose wood, aluminum, or vinyl blinds to suit your fancy. There are also modern rolling blinds, vertical blinds, or even woven blinds made from bamboo for a natural look.

If you need to dress your windows, think about the following points to help guide your choices. See below:

  • Lighting needs - Do you need light blocking, or can you adjust for light and privacy using differing louver widths?
  • Stylish materials - Based on the look you want for your space, change up the vibe with faux or natural wood, woven blinds, metal, or vinyl.
  • Budget - If you're set on a particular style of blinds, but it's a tad over your budget, look for alternatives.

Also, don't forget how color will impact your windows. Choose a neutral bright white, off-white, or stick with black. Or, make a bold move and choose a classic or vibrant color that matches or complements the trim around the windows or walls.

How Do You Dress Black Windows?

Window, Aluminum, Glass - Material, Light - Natural, Reflection

If your home has black windows, you can dress it as you see fit. You may feel comfortable with a more uniform look for your windows and opt for black blinds. Other colors also work with black windows, including neutral white, gray, and even earthy brown.

Consider installing rolling blinds, using blinds with wider or thinner louvers than standard, or adding texture with woven or vertical blinds. If you need light blocking, look for blinds that will darken your room and filter light as needed.

What Color Blinds Do You Put On Black Windows?

Let's explore some excellent color options for blinds on black windows. Create a more upscale window treatment, keep things classic and clean, or enjoy a visually striking look with extraordinary use of color. We also included visual examples to inspire you when dressing black windows.

1. Black

There is something timeless and beautiful about Venetian or faux wood blinds in black. Give a room a modern, chic treatment using blinds with louvers that are 2 inches wide or wider. Be mindful about staying within the same shade and intensity for black blinds so they don't clash with the windows or trim.

Check out these chic Zebra blinds in black on Amazon.

2. Bone

If black blinds seem too dark for your home, try a neutral color that isn't a bright white. Choose rolling blinds, vinyl, aluminum, or wood blinds in an off-white color. Push the envelope and choose window coverings in white sand, alabaster, cream, pearl, oatmeal, or light beige.

3. White

When in doubt, choose blinds in a lighter color than your black windows and stick to a bright, crisp white. Think about matching your wall or window trims in the same shade of white. Or, focus on creating a visual focal point in your room that is clean, neutral, and pairs nicely with everything.

Check out these white blinds on Amazon.

4. Gray/Silver

Pair black windows with aluminum blinds in silver or a matte metallic gray. Or choose to elevate your windows with sophisticated woven, rolling, or vertical blinds in a soft gray shade. Don't forget about sheer blinds to help diffuse light in a room.

Check out these cordless rolling blinds on Amazon.

5. Brown

Add plenty of visual interest while keeping your room's window treatment down to earth. Choose to cover black windows with blinds in a tasteful shade of brown. Consider textured bamboo, faux wood, or woven blinds to dress your windows in style.

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A Note On Other Colors

Don't be afraid to embrace bold primary or secondary colors for blinds. Focus on a color that matches or accents the trim around your windows and walls or balances with the dominant furniture. Because black is a color that pairs well with most colors, turn things up with vibrant colors that suit your decor.

Can You Have White Blinds On Black Windows?

Yes, you can certainly install white blinds on black windows. Do consider what shade of white you want to use so it complements your windows, walls, and furniture. Another lovely alternative for white blinds with an elegant look is white shutters.

Will Black Windows Go Out Of Style?

Large black aluminum open window with scenic nature view

Black windows are currently one of the hottest trends for modern and even traditional homes. As with most trends, you might wonder if they will eventually fall out of fashion and will no longer be stylish. You couldn't be more wrong.

Because black is a classic color that goes well with most colors, you can work with your windows' exterior and interior treatment. Black windows are pretty versatile, so you can make them fit your sense of style, whether industrial, bohemian, vintage or even a farmhouse look.

Do Black Windows Increase Home Value?

If you want black windows for your home, adding this feature will most likely increase your home's value. Black windows are certainly not the standard, so they make your property stand out and give it curb appeal.

If you want to install black windows in your home, opt for energy-efficient windows to get the most out of your investment. Some homebuyers may also be wary about black windows absorbing UV rays and holding onto heat.

Do Black Windows Fade In Sun?

Black window and a view of manhattan at night

Most black windows are fiberglass, painted, aluminum, or UPVC. However, they are likely to fade within a few years because of exposure to UV light. Many finishes might dull or fade after 10 to 15 years.

Do what you can to protect your windows and use a paint or coating that is UV resistant. Also, consider whether your windows get more exposure to the north, east, south, or west.

Take caution with black windows, especially if they are aluminum or fiberglass, because of heat transfer. Do what you can to keep your windows and home cool without losing its posh look.

Why Are Black Windows More Expensive Than White?

Prepare to pay more if you choose black windows instead of white ones, as they are more expensive. Why the higher cost? Well, black windows are more likely to fade after exposure to UV rays. So, black windows require specific finishes and coatings to protect them from damage.

Also, black windows need a bit more work when they are being manufactured because they trap heat and use higher-quality materials. It's more common to find inexpensive white windows made from wood. Although black windows are worth the investment, they are harder to find and more specialty than white windows.

Final Thoughts 

Black Window Latch Handle and a green nature

We hope you feel more confident about dressing your black windows, no matter the style. Black windows may be on-trend, but they have a sophisticated polish that bolsters your home's value for decades. 

Find window coverings that satisfy your personal style and accent your black windows with flair. Choose from blinds in an array of colors without sacrificing quality and performance.

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