What Color Cabinets Go With Blue Walls?

Ask 100 people on the street what their favorite color is, and chances are that the majority of them will say it's blue. Knowing how popular blue is, it's not surprising that most people have at least one blue room in their home. Though it's popular, blue can be hard to match with. This is especially true with cabinetry. So...what kinds of cabinets should you start looking into?

Blue walls generally need to be paired with neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, or gray. This means that the best cabinets for a blue room will either be painted white, or made with wood finishes that have a gray, beige, or tan look. In some homes, contrasting blue walls with yellow may also be an exotic way to add flair to a kitchen.

It's important to realize that choosing a harmonious color for your walls isn't just important. It'll be what frames the overall look and feel of your kitchen. To help you make the most of your shopping, we're going to take a closer look at the best cabinets for blue walls. Just keep reading.

Collaged photo of different colors of cabinets, What Color Cabinets Go With Blue Walls?

Top Cabinet Colors For Blue Walls

Blue is such a pretty color, but it can be rather demanding when it comes to a proper pairing. Thankfully, there are plenty of great picks for people who want to add a decorative flair to their home. 


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White kitchen design with teal blue brick walls

Blue and white remain one of the most popular color pairings in the world of interior design. White cabinets will help expand the size of your kitchen while also giving you a slightly oceanic ambiance. In many homes, white and blue work together in both traditional layouts as well as with more modern layouts. 

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Pure white cabinets with blue blacksplash and white flooring

It's easy to see why blue and white is a dream team. Both colors have a tendency of representing cleanliness and happiness in people. The two together also happen to make a room look bigger.


White Scandinavian style kitchen interior with blue tiled and white walls, a wooden floor, wooden countertops and cabinets and a bar with stools

Beige is a little bit different than white, in both ambiance and shading. A little beige (or tan, or any other sandy hue) is excellent for homeowners who want to give their home a more oceanic feel. Beige has a way of imitating the sand on seashores, especially when paired with turquoise blues or pastels.

White cabinets inside a luxurious kitchen with blue painted walls

Anyone who is a fan of oceanic decor should consider adding a beige, tan, or sandy touch to their kitchen cabinetry. Beige undertones in wood finishes are particularly good matches, simply because of how coastal they tend to look. If you get the right light wood pairing, the results are truly beautiful. 


Shiny custom build kitchen with cherry wood

Browns, particularly dark browns, are known for being good pairings with blues. Having brown cabinetry is classic, particularly when you're talking about rich wood washes like mahogany or teak. Brown and blue are a winning combination, regardless of whether it's a combo for a wall and carpet, or for furniture and wall color

While it's a more traditional look, it's hard to ignore how stately and elegant it can look in almost any setting. If you want an old school look that can translate well into modern kitchens, then choose a dark brown finish for your wooden cabinetry. Oh, and if you love a little contrast, this color is a great choice.


Interior of stylish kitchen with white and blue walls, tiled floor, blue cabinets with built in items and round dining table with chairs

Though gray is a neutral color by default, it's also a neutral color that naturally has a cooler undertone to it. Those cool undertones complement all shades of blue perfectly, giving a kitchen a more coordinated vibe. Lately, gray has been getting a major resurgence in popularity, especially when it comes to grayish wood washes. 

Between the modern vibe this color palette offers and the way it helps bring blue to the forefront, it's hard to hate on gray as a cabinet color. If you want to add a particularly modern touch to your kitchen, go for distressed wood with a gray stain. While it is rustic, it still is trendy enough to elicit compliments from most people. 

Is Blue A Good Kitchen Color?

Yes and no. Blue is generally viewed as a good color for all interior design projects, but it doesn't always have the best results when kitchens are in question. According to multiple studies, blue is an appetite-suppressing color. This means that trying to put together a room where food prep happens using that color probably isn't optimal. 

Blue cabinets inside a classic kitchen

Moreover, it's not uncommon to hear people saying that blue can be a difficult color to pair with. So if you have a hard time putting together color palettes for rooms, putting together a blue kitchen may be a particularly rough choice. With that said, blue can be a fairly beautiful color for almost any room. If you want to use it for a kitchen, it will undoubtedly get compliments from guests.

Blue and white themed bathroom with a brown vanity

What Color Backsplash Goes With Blue Walls?

Blue walls are pretty difficult to pair with other colors, but there is some good news. Every single color that works well with cabinetry also can work well as a backsplash color. When in doubt, going for white tiling is often the best choice for light-colored kitchens. If your kitchen setup will have a darker theme to it, then dark brown or gray may be a better option. 

In some cases, it's also worth considering black as a backsplash color. At times, it can offer up a fairly easy pairing for kitchens that have a darker color set. Of course, it's also not unheard-of for people to use a black backsplash as a contrast against white cabinetry and blue walls. Like with most other interior design concepts, it's all about how you use it. 

What Color Floors Go With Blue Walls?

Flooring and cabinetry often match when people put together a kitchen that has blue walls. Admittedly, it's a safe way to arrange your kitchen's coloration and will offer a gentle way to unify your kitchen's look. However, that's not the only way to arrange your kitchen's flooring. 

A good way to come up with cool ways to color your kitchen's floor is to take a look at living rooms with blue walls. Since living rooms often have similar color schemes to kitchens, it's a safe assumption that any floor/wall combination you see in a living room will be able to work in a kitchen too. 

If you are not sure what flooring option works for you, then the best thing you can do is stick to a neutral color that has a similar darkness to the wall color. For example, pairing a light ash hardwood floor with white cabinets and a light blue wall would be a smart (and safe) move. 

In Closing

If you are a fan of blue, you're not alone. Blue is an exceptionally common choice for almost any room, including kitchens. While it's not the most popular color for areas of culinary prep, it absolutely can work well if you have the right color scheme in mind. Of course, that means that choosing the right colors for your kitchen's cabinetry takes on a major role in your ability to make your kitchen pop.

The hard part of choosing your cabinetry color is finding something that matches your particular shade of blue. Blue is, after all, notoriously hard to match. A good way to make sure your room looks amazing is to stick to neutral colors that complement (or even help bring out) the azure hues of your walls. 

An interior of contemporary wooden kitchen with white furniture and blue walls, What Color Cabinets Go With Blue Walls?

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