What Color Cabinets Go With Green Walls?

Refreshing your home can present you with lots of opportunities but also lots of questions. For instance, if you choose to paint your kitchen or bathroom walls green, do you also need to change the color of your cabinets?

You've come to the right place because we've done all the research you need to find which color cabinets go with green walls.

Cabinet Colors That Go With Green Walls:

  1. White
  2. Light Natural Wood
  3. Dark Brown Wood
  4. Gray
  5. Green
  6. Purple
  7. Yellow
  8. Black

Keep reading for more information on mixing and matching your cabinet color with the green walls in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your house.

We'll also give you tips on what else to consider when choosing cabinets for your home.

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Cabinet Colors That Go With Green Walls

1. White

White cabinets are a classic choice. No matter your wall color, you can't go wrong when opting for white kitchen or bathroom cabinets. But white cabinets pair especially well with a lovely medium to dark green shade.

White cabinets will always brighten up bold and darker wall colors, and they're a great choice if you're worried a room might feel too dim.

But white cabinets also work well with lighter or more muted green shades like sage. Together, green and white can create a fresh, modern look in any space.

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2. Light Natural Wood

scandinavian classic kitchen wooden decor green

Light natural wood is also a common choice for kitchen cabinets. And it's another choice that will work well with any wall color, including green.

Choosing to pair natural wood cabinets with green walls allows you to bring a little simple Scandinavian style to an otherwise less-than-ordinary kitchen.

A green-and-natural-wood combo is also a terrific option if you're hoping to evoke a sense of nature and the outdoors in your home.

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3. Dark Brown Wood

modern bathroom pastel coloured walls white

Just about any type of wood or shade of brown will work beautifully with green. Darker brown cabinets look nice with green, especially if your walls are a lighter green.

When considering color combinations, mixing lighter shades with dark will almost always make a perfect match. 

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4. Gray

stylish interior modern kitchen

When you choose a unique shade like green for your walls, opting for a neutral color for your cabinets makes sense. But if you'd like a neutral color that brings an extra modern twist, consider gray.

Green and gray come in many shades, and almost any combination will work in any room.

You can either opt for muted tones for both cabinets and walls, contrast lighter green walls with darker gray cabinets, or go dark and bold with both. The choice is yours!  

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5. Green

If you choose a dark or bright green for your kitchen walls, don't be afraid to go all in. You can choose the same gorgeous green color for your cabinets as you do for your walls.

Simply choose a contrasting color for your countertops and backsplash to provide some definition and separation to the space.

Bright gold pairs beautifully with this deep, dark green. And choosing the same gold for the cabinet hardware ties it all together.

Tip: If the same shade throughout the room feels like too much, but you really love green, just choose different shades for the cabinets and walls.

Lighter green walls with darker green cabinets, or vice versa, will let you show off your favorite color with a little more variation. 

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6. Purple

If you've chosen a bold shade of green for your walls, why not choose a bold color for your cabinets as well?

Purple in any shade offers a great complement to green. The two colors combined look fabulous together and will definitely help you make a statement.

A small space like a bathroom is the perfect place to get creative and flex a fun design choice like this. If your home has multiple bathrooms, you can choose a different flashy color combo for each one!

7. Yellow

A sunny yellow is always the right choice for those looking to brighten up their kitchen or any other space. Yellow cabinets will breathe fresh air and sunshine into any room with darker green walls.

When choosing the countertops to pair with your yellow cabinets and green walls, you can always opt for a simple neutral like white, brown, or gray.

Or you can have some fun by selecting another bright color. Yellow and blue make green, so it only makes sense that the three colors will look great together. 

8. Black

For another bold choice, consider pairing black cabinets with your green walls. If you opt for this color combo, you'll probably want to stick with a lighter green shade for your walls to avoid making the room too dark. 

While this pairing can definitely work for either a kitchen or bathroom, it's also a sensational option for a lounge, bar, or other entertaining space.

Black cabinets and green walls will provide a sophisticated upgrade to any previously ho-hum area.

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How to Pick the Right Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing new cabinets for your kitchen [or any other room], you'll want to coordinate with the wall color, but what else should you keep in mind? 

Size of Space

Smaller kitchens may look even more cramped and tiny if you opt for darker-colored cabinets.

In contrast, opting for white or another light shade for your cabinets can bring an aura of airiness and openness to the space.

This is especially important to consider if your walls, counters, backsplash, or appliances are in a darker shade.

Alternatively, if your kitchen is already large, open, and airy, dark cabinets can help define and add interest to the space.


If your kitchen doesn't have plenty of windows to let in lots of natural light, choosing lighter colors for your cabinets will help brighten the space.

Dark cabinets in a room without adequate lighting can make it feel even smaller and dimmer than it is.

But if your kitchen is already quite bright, feel free to tone it down with cabinets in a darker shade.

Mood and Aesthetic

Are you hoping to evoke a more traditional or modern vibe? Do you want your kitchen to feel cozy and inviting or sleek and professional?

Each of the design choices you make in your home will contribute to creating a certain feeling, and the color of your kitchen cabinets is no exception.

If you want your kitchen to feel comfortable and homey, you'll probably want to stick with neutral colors and lighter or more muted shades.

If you want it to feel sophisticated, dark gray, black, or a dark bold color might be the way to go.

If you want your kitchen to show off your fun personality, choosing your favorite bright color for your kitchen cabinets could be the best option.

Other Elements

Kitchens are made up of more than just cabinets and walls. When choosing the color of new cabinets, you'll also need to consider how they coordinate with your counters, backsplash, floor, and appliances, especially if you aren't also planning to upgrade all of these items.

Contrasting lighter elements with darker ones is often a safe bet. You can also choose a bright color for one element and keep to neutrals for all the rest.

But if you're more interested in showing off your style than sticking with traditional options, then go ahead and mix and match as many bold colors as you like.

Resale Value

If you think you might move in the next few years, or you're refreshing your kitchen because you plan to put it on the market soon, then you'll want to keep potential buyers in mind.

Simply repainting your kitchen cabinets is an easy and affordable way to increase the value of your home without needing to remodel your kitchen completely. But you'll want to consider the colors you choose carefully.

Bright, bold colors could turn off some buyers. So you'll probably want to stick with neutral colors for your cabinets instead. White, light gray, and natural wood are the safest choices.

If you know it'll be years before you even think about selling, then don't worry about the current trends and choose whatever colors for your cabinets you love best. 

In Closing

close kitchen sink built yellow countertops

When choosing the color of cabinets to match your green walls, you're only limited by your imagination.

For those who want to create a more traditional look, neutrals like white, light or dark wood, or gray are smart cabinet color choices.

If you'd like to make a bigger statement, opt for bright, fun colors like purple or yellow for your cabinets, or go bold with black. And if you just love green, you can choose your favorite shade for your walls and your cabinets.

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  1. Ah, green walls in a kitchen! It’s like bringing a hint of nature indoors. Now, pairing them with the right cabinet color? Think warm woods for a rustic feel or soft creams for a breezy look. And if you’re feeling bold, deep navy or charcoal can create a striking contrast. With green as your canvas, the cabinet color possibilities are as fresh and varied as a spring garden! 🌿🎨🖌️

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