What Color Carpet Goes With Brown Walls?

Most wall colors are seen as a fun way to add a dash or splash of color to a home. Brown, on the other hand, is not. Brown is one of those rare colors that seem to make it difficult to add color to a home without it seeming a bit dull. That's why picking a good carpet color for a room with brown walls is so hard. Thankfully, we have the knowledge you need to create a gorgeous room. 

There are a few options that you can use if you want to get a carpet that coordinates with brown walls. Some of the more popular carpet colors to pair with brown walls include:

  • Off-whites
  • Beiges
  • Pinks
  • Blues
  • Oranges

Brown is notoriously tricky when it comes to matching carpeting. Thankfully, you don't have to worry too much about trying to find the perfect shade for your home. Keep reading as we discuss how these colors pop amidst brown and share some other tips for coordinating carpeting with the wall color.

An elegant designed living room with window wall, big television screen and wooden elements, What Color Carpet Goes With Brown Walls?

What Color Carpet Will Make Brown Walls Stand Out?

Though brown has a reputation for being boring, it's really anything but! The right carpet can show the stately elegance that brown can offer. To do this, you should consider using any of the following carpet choices below.


Modern elegant living room with brown sofa and yellow throw pillows

If you are looking for a neutral way to get a dramatic, old-world veneer to your room, then an off-white carpet is a good way to do it. Off-whites offer an elegant way to contrast with brown walls while keeping things rustic, traditional, and homey. This carpet color also goes well with all kinds of wall styles, including walls that have wood paneling, alongside brown shades.

Rooms that have brown paired with yellows and oranges will find off-white to be a particularly great fit. It's a built-in match, thanks to the warmth of the colors. 


Classic beige interior with sofa, armchairs, coffee table, carpet, curtain, flowers and wall moldings

Going for an off-white carpet can be a fairly intimidating thing to do, particularly if you are not sure you want that heavy contrast. Beiges, particularly beige carpets with a brown pattern, tend to be a favorite for this reason. They are an incredibly versatile option and can be used in a wide range of different styles without worrying about overpowering your look. 

The cool thing that people may notice about beige is that it can create a monochromatic effect. If you love that level of coordination, then beige is a top choice for you. 


Country style iving room with walkout deck

Pink?! While it might be a shock for many people, pink is a great choice for children's rooms that have brown walls. A light, baby pink is feminine, which helps balance out the masculine energy that brown walls often have. It's traditional, cute, and yet at the same time, slightly edgy in its own right. With that said, many people might find a pink room to be a little "extra." 

The room style you choose can make a huge difference in how extreme the pink looks. Here, hot pink looks right at home in an otherwise traditional room. In many homes, adding a splash of pink and green to a room with brown walls is an easy way to get that tropical vibe. 


Teal and brown family room

A couple of years ago, there was a major trend in fashion that involved pairing brown and blues together. Ever since then, designers have been pairing brown walls and blue carpets together. The two most common categories of blue that were featured in this dynamic duo are light blue and turquoise. 

Turquoise adds a more royal touch to a room, while light blue tends to be more popular in young boys' rooms. However, you really can't go wrong with any shade of blue here. Blue brings out brown tones in an absolutely striking manner. 


Contemporary living room with colorful throw pillows

Fiery and warm, orange is a perfect complement to the already-warm tones typically found in brown. To a point, orange and brown act as one of the most popular "retro" combinations for a room. This is doubly true when you pair the orange with cream drapes or light brown furniture. 

However, you shouldn't assume that orange will immediately make a retro (or, "Gasp!") dated look. When paired with the right furniture or architecture, orange can become one of the most strikingly modern colors you can pair with brown walls. Like most other things, it's all about how you work these colors.

What Color Carpet Does Brown Not Go With?

Truth be told, brown is a color that tends to go with almost every single carpeting option out there if it's styled correctly. However, it's often best to avoid these colors below:

  • Black. It's just too harsh and depressing on a brown background.
  • Lime Green. This color tends to be too extreme in most situations. 
  • Brown. Though this can work in many situations, many people tend to find it to be too monotonous. 

With that said, it's fairly difficult to lay down rules when it comes to "no-go" colors. Even potentially obnoxious color combinations can be worked in fairly beautiful ways if done correctly. 

What color walls go with brown wood floors?

If you are not totally sold on the use of carpeting for brown-painted walls, don't worry. One of the most popular, classic looks for a room with brown walls is to keep the floors bare with either tiling or hardwood. To make sure that your room looks totally cohesive with this look, choose a wood stain that works with your particular shade of brown. 

Distressed woods currently remain as the most trendy choice, but don't let that stop you. If you aren't sure which wood stain you should choose, you can always consult a design specialist to help you out. After all, they have the experience necessary to make choosing a wood stain easy. 

Should Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

There are a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to the best shade for your carpet. Most designers agree that you should choose a carpet that is (at most) two shades lighter or darker than the walls you have around your house. If you want to get a little more exotic, then you can also try a neutral color of virtually every shade. 

Trying to match the carpet and walls can be difficult, even if you're a veteran of the design world. It's absolutely okay to ask for help or even research it on its own. That's why we made an entire article about whether or not carpeting should be lighter than wall colors for you to read. 


While it would be easier to suggest that brown walls are a simple color to work with, the truth is that it's far from the case. Brown walls are fairly difficult to match carpeting with in many cases, which is why it often takes a keen eye for style to do it right. That's why it's often better to stick to neutral colors which can add a safe balance to the look of a home with brown walls. 

If you want to add a splash of color to your flooring, having brown walls can be a great thing. Pinks, blues, and even bright oranges can be used with brown walls in creative ways. All that really limits you when it comes to your design is your imagination. 

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