What Color Carpet Goes With Green Walls?

You've found a gorgeous shade of green to paint your walls, but what color carpet goes well with green walls? We've gathered our research and have some ideas of color pairings for you. Let's take a look at what we found.

Same great carpet colors to go with green walls are:

  • Beige (and other naturals)
  • Greys
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • White or Creme
  • Patterns of Black, Grey, and White
  • Jewel Toned Oriental, Geometric, or Floral Rugs

We've found examples of each of these color inspirations for you to see. We'll also discuss using green on the living room walls, whether a green carpet can hide dirt, and what the most popular carpet colors are. So please, keep reading!

A teal green wall with a white curtain on the side and gray flooring with white rug, What-Color-Carpet-Goes-With-Green-Walls

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Great Carpet And Rug Colors For Green Walls

Green is a color with a lot of variations. You can buy wall paint that is almost white with a green tint, sage greens, emerald greens, up to the darkest deepest forest greens. There's moss green and army green, and some might even argue that teals can fall more on the green side than the blue side. So with all of these variations, which is the best carpet or rug color to go with the various greens?

Beige And Natural Colors

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Living room with light green colored wall, carpeted flooring, and a small window on each side

Neutrals are popular for a reason. They play nicely with others. Since green can be a bold choice for the wall color, sticking to a neutral floor color can create a cohesive look. Plus, with beige being one of the most popular carpet colors, it will hold value. The only downside to lighter colored carpeting is the potential for staining and wear. 

This natural fiber rug on top of a lighter wood floor, with a natural fiber pouf, looks super with this bold emerald green wall. It's a great look for someone who wants a room reminiscent of the natural world outdoors.

Get the look here with this great jute reversible rug. Click here for it on Amazon.


Eccentric teal and gray incorporated living room with and indoor plant on the side and picture frames hanged on the walls

Another beautiful neutral is grey. This color has topped the popularity charts for several years now, and fortunately, it also goes well with many shades of green. Above, we see a soft sage green paint on the wainscotting paired with a similar shade value of grey for the floor. 

Here a medium grey carpet works nicely with a greenish-blue medium-dark teal wall color. The room is soothing while still having some color interest.


A living room with a green accent wall, green chairs, and a light green rug on a white flooring

Choosing colors from the same family is always a good bet. Whether you match your walls exactly, go a little lighter (like the room above), or a little darker with your green carpeting, it should look good.

Various shades of soft green on the walls, sofa, and carpet give this room an incredibly soothing feel. This is a place you can put your feet up and relax at the end of a long workday.

Get the look with this palest green shag pile rug. Click here for this on Amazon.


This color combination is a bit trickier, but we love combining this deep green wall and the palest blue rug. It's like the sky against a gorgeous grassy field.  You could also mix a soft sage green with a deep navy rug playing on the cooler tones of that green shade.

We found this beautiful navy and white geometric rug that looks gorgeous with the palest sage green walls shown in this room. What a stunning combination. Find this here on Amazon.

White Or Creme

A teal green wall with a white curtain on the side and gray flooring with white rug

White or creme rugs and carpets give an interior a fresh and airy feeling. If you want to invoke the Caribbean's charm or the Mediterranean, mix a bolder green with a white or creme rug like in the image above. You'll feel the breezes on your skin.

With medium sage green walls and white accessories, this nursery gives a color choice besides the typical pinks and blues. It's a serene space that any child would feel lucky to grow up in. The white brightens things up, and the green says sleep, baby, sleep.

Black and White or Black And Grey Patterned Rugs

A contemporary inspired living room with retro styled furnitures and light green colored wall

If you love a bit of interest in your rug or carpet, think about a combination of white and grey or white and black. Patterns in this color combination or often geometric and can be as subtle or bold as you want. Because the basic palette is one of the neutrals, this carpet type will pair with any green shade you may choose.

We love this bold green dining room with an equally bold patchwork black and white rug. A combo like this lets your guests know that you're not only serious about entertaining but that you're also serious about design.

This black and white area rug would be a great choice with a green wall. Click here for this on Amazon.

Jewel-toned Oriental, Geometric, or Floral Rugs

End tables, small wooden chair, laminated flooring with a floral rug, and light green walls and windows

Because green is associated with emeralds and peridots, two beautiful gemstones, it's no wonder that jewel-toned carpeting or rugs pair well with it. Rugs and carpets threaded through with blues, reds, and greens give a room a sumptuous look that is both warm and elegant.

Here a jewel-toned rug with the southwestern geometry pairs exquisitely with overstuffed armchairs and dusky moss walls. This cozy room makes us want to grab the newest literary fiction work and a cup of Lady Grey tea.

This entryway plays with the idea of gardens and spring with its bright grass green foyer color and accompanying jewel-toned floral rug. We love the welcome greeting it sends to anyone who walks through that door.

Is Green A Good Living Room Color?

A classic themed living room with green walls, gray sofas, and wooden laminated flooring

Green is a gorgeous color for the living room. There are so many options for mood and theme. You can go bold to create something rich and luxurious looking. Or you can choose a soft sage or moss green to create the feeling of a natural spa. It is a harmonizing, balancing, and calming color. Green is also said to give healing energy to the heart, which seems like a wonderful choice for the room we gather in as families.

Does Green Carpet Hide Dirt?

A small kid putting his head in a cardboard box with a tent on the background

If you want to hide dirt, it's best to go with a darker green. Darker colors will hide all varieties of soil and sins. Keep in mind, though, if you go very deep in your color tone, lighter-colored debris and pet hair will stand out. So a medium-dark shade, like emerald or the olive green shown above, is a good choice. Light-colored greens will show dirt just as easily as other light neutrals.

A mixed green patterned rug like this one is a great choice when you have a high-trafficked area that's likely to get dirty. The variations and the density of color help hide stains until you can vacuum or clean them up. Click here to see it on Amazon.

What Is The Most Popular Carpet Color?

Neutral tones are, without a doubt, the most popular carpet color choices. Greys lead the way in popularity, with soft tans, cremes, and light greiges following closely behind. On the flip side of that, bold choices are making a resurgence. People are growing weary of so much neutral and are choosing to do either a bold color on the floor and neutral on the wall or vice versa.


Here a bold green carpet is offset by light natural wood tones. Matching curtains tie the two together (see our blog post here: Do Curtains And Rugs Have To Match?)

Here a deep green wall works beautifully with soft beige wall-to-wall carpeting and neutral bedding. It's a fresh look while also still invoking the calm we want in our bedrooms.

Other carpet colors that are gaining in popularity are shades of blue. Cornflower, cerulean, and navy are all top choices for carpet colors. Fortunately, many blues can also work well with green walls if you choose the right shades for the combination.

In Conclusion

Green can mean so many different things regarding the wall color—sage, moss, olive, emerald, forest. But as you've seen, there is a carpet color choice to work with any of them. The trick is finding the perfect combination for your style and your room. We wish you fun and luck and happy designing. Please check out additional posts that may be of interest below:

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