What Color Carpet Goes With Beige Walls? [6 Options Reviewed]

Whether you’ve decided to repaint the interior of your home or shake up the color of your carpet, you are now wondering what carpet colors look best with beige walls. The good news is (and there is only good news!) is that we have already found several ideal color options to coordinate carpet with beige walls.

Ultimately, any decorating decisions for your home are entirely up to you. Still, these terrific color options that go well with beige walls will get you started down the road toward design-level decor:

  • Turquoise
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange
  • Cream
  • Red (various shades)
  • Green (various shades)

Keep reading to see five excellent examples of pairing these carpet colors and patterns with beige walls. We’ll also discuss whether carpeting versus rugs (or both!) are best for beige rooms, and whether to coordinate lighter or darker colors with beige walls. Beige walls can be a little tricky, but we’ve done all the research to make sure you have the confidence to decorate your home right!

Modern interior of apartment, living room with beige sofa, coffee table, rug and shelf and beige wall, What Color Carpet Goes With Beige Walls? [6 Options Reviewed]

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Carpeting VS Rugs; Which Is Best For Beige Walls?

When it comes to matching carpeting to beige walls, keep in mind that your options aren’t limited to the carpet installed onto your floor. The cost of having a contractor rip up carpeting to install a brand new color not only seems daunting, but it may not be in your budget when the urge to redecorate strikes. If this is the case for you, don’t forget that rugs are also an option.

Rugs can offer an affordable, customizable, and colorful way to complement beige walls. With variations in shape, pattern, and size, rugs are not only cheaper but easy to replace without a long term commitment. Plus, use multiple rugs for added flair instead of relying solely on the carpeting. For example, you probably wouldn’t install navy blue carpeting, but either a navy blue throw rug or maybe a cranberry color, placed over a tan or light cream-colored carpet, looks fantastic with your beige walls.

Accentuate Beige Walls With Colorful Carpeting 

Beige walls age well, and it’s a classic color that has remained in use over decades. This wall color, however, has drawbacks. Beige can appear dingy, so having a well-put-together room with an exact design scheme is essential. Beige also makes an otherwise bright room feel darker, which should be kept in mind when considering carpeting and rugs. 

Earthy tones and bright colored carpets and rugs will do well with your beige walls, so don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try new, bolder things!

1. Wood Floor, Woven Beige Rug

[PIN id=”413064597077619368″ description=”hide” size=”large”]

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Above, a prime example of how to have beige on your floor, as well as your walls without making the room seem small or drab. The wood floor gives the room personality, yet the textured beige rug adds to it, rather than takes away. The use of texture with the rug is ideal here for contrasting the smooth wood flooring while blending the walls with the floor.

2. Dark Wood Floor, White And Beige Rug

[PIN id=”21392166966656965″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Beige walls look great with earthy tones, and natural wood floors are an attractive choice. Rugs can soften the look of a solid wood floor. This white and beige rug draws the beige tones from the walls and ties the room together. Contrasting white on the darker wood on the floor and the simple pattern makes this a complementary combination for walls, as well as the accompanying decor and furniture.

3. Textured Brown Diamond Patterned Rug On White Carpet

[PIN id=”32158584828513125″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Don’t hesitate to place a rug over carpeting for an accent color, a different texture, or even just a bit of your personality added to the room.

As a neutral color, white in the carpet goes with the beige wall, and also with nearly any color of rug you decide to use. In this case, beige is an earthy tone, making a bold, brown pattern ideal. The direction of the pattern draws your eyes horizontally, while the weave of the rug itself runs vertically, the same direction as the weave of the carpet. Pattern placement keeps the visual transition from the rug to the carpet smooth, giving the whole room a very pleasing effect. 

4. White And Red Flowered Rug

[PIN id=”599330662912276733″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Beige walls can make a room seem dark, and one of the best ways to combat darkness is to use a lighter floor covering. For a dark wood floor, as pictured above, a lighter rug produces a brightening effect. Without this red and white rug, this room has dark walls, a dark floor, and dark furniture; all alleviated only by the lighter entryway. 

But add a rug, and voilà! It lightens up the whole room, making it much cozier and more inviting. The faded red tones in the rug add warmth to the room. Curved, soft patterns soften hard lines and the severe structure of the room. 

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5. Geometric Distressed Navy Blue Rug

[PIN id=”40039884178250841″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Beige pairs nicely with various colors, including blue. This lovely, navy blue rug is a fantastic accent for the room, and in this case, an alternative to an accent wall. Paired with either a blue throw pillow or blanket draped on the couch, your beige walls and this rug will be the perfect match. 

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Should Carpet Match Wall Color?

When it comes to design and fashion, there are very few hard and fast rules; here as well. In most cases, you don’t want your floor and your walls to be the same color. The lack of variety makes the room seem small and bland. Having an accent wall in the same color as your carpet can be a good way to bring cohesion to the room, but overall it would be a better idea to have your walls in a different color than your floor, or at very least a different shade of the same color.

Do Beige And Grey Go Together?

Absolutely, and we’ve written an entire article about it!  Click here to read all about the best techniques to pick out carpeting for grey walls and why beige is one of the best available colors to pair with grey! 

How Do You Brighten Up A Beige Room?

Modern interior of apartment, living room with beige sofa, coffee table, rug and shelf and beige wall, What Color Carpet Goes With Beige Walls? [6 Options Reviewed]

One of the downsides when it comes to having beige walls is the tendency to look dull or dirty. However, this can be easy to fix! Here are two easy ways to make your beige room look brighter:

Add More Light

Yes, it’s a basic answer, but it needs to be said. Add a stylish lamp or two, a mirror across from the window, or change the bulbs in your existing light fixtures to something that will give you more natural light. If you’re not sure how exactly to do that, click here to read an article that covers how to add lighting to a room!

Use Brighter Decor And Furniture

Using a rug in lighter colors like whites, blues, or greys is a great way to make the room seem brighter. Light color tones are especially useful if your room has a dark floor as well as beige walls. Furniture in lighter colors, or even something as simple as a few brighter throw pillows, can also add a surprising amount of vitality to a dark room.

Get To Work!

With all the different shades of red, blue, grey, and any of the earthy tones to choose from, now you’ve got all the knowledge you need to get the perfect carpeting or rug to coordinate with beige walls!

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