What Color Ceiling With White Dove Walls?

You have painted your walls with White Dove. Now, you are looking at how to blend these walls with your color ceiling. We’ve explored ceiling ideas that are the perfect match for your White Dove walls. Let’s explore each of them.

White Dove walls go well with any color ceiling either the same, bright, dark, or bold. Match these paint color ideas for your ceiling with White Dove walls: 

  • White Dove (OC-17)
  • Pure White (OC-64)
  • Chantilly Lace (OC-65)
  • Silver Mist (1619)
  • Balboa Mist (OC-17)
  • Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)
  • Cheating Heart (1617)
  • Avocado (2145-10)
  • Country Redwood (HC-183)

Commonly used in walls and other finishings, White Dove is an iconic paint color from Benjamin Moore’s (BM) off-white selection. Thus, if you want to learn more about these color ceiling ideas and get answers to other related questions on White Dove walls and tools for painting your ceiling, we provide a detailed discussion here.

Man painting a newly plastered ceiling white, using a roller, What Color Ceiling With White Dove Walls?

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Color Ceiling for White Dove Walls

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painting a gypsum plaster ceiling with paint roller

For an efficient design decision, we recommend using the Samplize. It offers real paint samples in the peel-and-stick form of these shades. With these, it will be easy for you to see whether a certain shade will fit your liking and overall room or not.

Unlike the common paint swatches, you will get the accurate color and texture as you painted them on the wall.

Same Color Ceiling

Sticking with the same color ceiling as your walls is an easier yet more reasonable choice. Hence, it is the most common color combination.

White Dove (OC-17)

White Dove (OC-17)

Usually, the same color means less variety. Despite that, you can still make your ceiling brighter than your walls. To make it pop, ask for the paint that is half in strength as that of the White Dove walls. This ceiling emits soft glow, allowing your art piece, furniture, and rag in the hallway to take center stage. 

Brighter Color Ceiling

As a rule of thumb, paint your ceiling a lighter color than those of the walls. The majority of home lighting comes from the ceiling. For this reason, a brighter color ceiling disperses light, creating an illusion that your room is larger and well-lit.

Pure White (OC-64)

Pure White (OC-64)

Even though Pure White is not true to its name, it is the coolest among the off-whites. If you have a small space, this is a great color. With a seemingly high ceiling, it transforms your room into a cozy place.

Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Although it is a neutral white with a blue undertone, it is dubbed the whitest white. Compared with White Dove, it has a greater hint of gray. In this picture, the color ceiling ties everything white.

Dark Color Ceiling

A dark color ceiling paired with creamy off-white walls produces color contrast and harmony at the same time.

Silver Mist (1619)

Silver Mist (1619)

Silver Mist is a light shade of misty blue with a little gray. While imitating the sky, this blue ceiling fits easily into the dining space as it reflects the furniture on the ground. The ceiling is darker than the walls yet the space looks light and fresh.

Balboa Mist (OC-17)

Balboa Mist (OC-17)

This shade is a pale gray with a warm undertone. It lies between gray and beige, forming a “greige” tone. This “greige” ceiling enhances white walls and spread elegance. Moreover, it fits the wood elements and vintage look of the room.

Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)

Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)

This dark slate gray has a green shade. Dark gray draws the space in, making the ceiling feel closer. It also give a sophisticated look.

Remember to avoid this combination for low ceilings as it will soak up the remaining light. This might make you feel dark and claustrophobic.

Cheating Heart (1617)

Cheating Heart (1617)

This color is a deep charcoal with blue tinges. Because of the dramatic divide, the black ceiling appears taller. It emphasizes the white walls and make other colors pop. While it draws attention, it hides the blemish within your ceiling.

Bold Warm Color Ceiling

Bold and warm colors are eye-catching and affect people’s mood. The bold color ceiling acts like an accent wall, brightening and adding warmth to the neutral setting.

Avocado (2145-10)

Avocado (2145-10)

Avocado has a golden tone. Along with off-white walls, a rich green ceiling brings vibrancy and peace. In this bedroom, you will feel closer to nature and relaxed during the downtime routine.

Country Redwood (HC-183)

Country Redwood (HC-183)

This color is an earthy red with an orange tinge. A bold, distinctive hue raises the energy level in a room. Because red evokes feelings of excitement and passion, it suits the ceiling of the kitchen or pantry area perfectly, creating a modern and chic vibe.

Should The Ceiling And Walls Be The Same Color White?

No matter how cliche a white ceiling is, it is still the safest choice. For instance, a white ceiling with texture or pattern imperfection will not be apparent since it redirects the attention to your bold or colorful fixtures and furniture. Likewise, it is a great color for rooms that lacks light.

Nonetheless, the color of your ceiling and walls can either be the same or have a different hue, depending on your preference.

Is White Dove A Warm Or Cool Color?

People consider White Dove as warm white. It has a light reflective value of 83.16, meaning it reflects a high amount of light. The higher the value, the brighter the color. However, because of its warm undertones, it is not pure white. 

What Undertones Does The White Dove Have?

White Dove has warm undertones. It has hints of green and yellow. You can also spot a slight gray. Pairing it with darker tones will make it look like a true white. But, when you compare it with different white paints, you will see its undertones.

As a result, this paint is versatile and not too creamy, making it good for brightening the room. 

Is White Dove Too Yellow?

Under dim lighting, you will notice White Dove has a yellow tinge. The warm undertone is evident in the afternoon and nighttime. Nonetheless, morning sunshine and ambient light make this paint a lighter shade.

What White compliments White Dove?

If you are unsure about using another white hue that compliments White Dove, here are BM’s five shades of white you can try:

  • Simply White (OC-117) has subtle gray and yellow undertones. Add this to bring a little warmth to any area. 
  • Vanilla Milkshake (OC-59) reflects a pale, sandy white with a hint of brick. Paint your main hall with this to create a vintage look.
  • Swiss Coffee (OC-45) offers medium brightness. Transform your foray into an inviting space with this hue.
  • Oxford White (CC-30) is a classic muted white with a green shade. Use it for your home exterior.
  • Decorator’s White (CC-20) is a cool white with blue, green, and purple tinges. It is perfect for sleek crown moldings
  • Steam (AF-15) is creamy warm white without a yellow undertone. Incorporate a splash of this to soften your room.

What Tools Do You Need To Paint A Ceiling?

One man, mature male house painter standing on a ladder and painting a ceiling with paint roller, indoors in a house.

Here is a list of 10 tools you will need to paint your ceiling like a pro:

  • Ladder
    • This sturdy 4-step ladder features an enlarged non-slip pattern platform.
  • Bucket
    • A bucket with a built-in magnetic brush holder is ideal for trim work and touch-ups.
  • Paint tray
    • For dipping into paint and rolling out the excess paint, fill a tray with 1 quart of paint.
  • Roller cover
    • For a lint-free result, use a washable microfiber cover. 
  • Roller frame
    • Expanding from 12 to 18 inches, the adjustable roller frame’s angle allows better ceiling coverage. It fits most extension poles.
  • Extension pole
    • A telescoping pole is handy during painting and dusting your ceiling with up to 20 feet of reach when standing.
  • Paintbrush
    • Cut in-ceiling edges with an angled sash brush for crisp lines.
  • Painter’s tape
    • Protect the edges of your ceiling with painter’s tape designed for multiple surfaces. 
  • Safety goggle
    • Wear a breathable goggle for tough protection against fog, dust, and debris.
painting the ceiling

Final Thoughts

Man painting a newly plastered ceiling white, using a roller, What Color Ceiling With White Dove Walls?

White Dove, a luminous and versatile off-white, is a popular choice for walls. With enough natural or artificial light sources, the White Dove wall complements any color. The blending of wall and ceiling colors is a great approach to refreshing your interior design without the need to repaint your walls.

The paint colors mentioned above are only examples. There are no hard and fast rules. In the end, the best color ceiling for you depends on your desired outcome.

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