What Color Coffee Table With A Blue Couch?

Your living room is one of the most used spaces in your home. Although the decor in your room should be representative of your own personal styles and tastes, certain color combinations have a tried and true reputation. Decorating around a certain piece of furniture can be challenging. We have combed through multiple sources to bring you some of the most popular color palettes that include blue for a color scheme that is sure to be perfect for your space.

A blue couch adds a strong and distinguished look to your living room. Cool and traditional, the color blue is the perfect color to combine with accent colors. Finding the right color coffee table to accentuate your blue couch can be a difficult decision. The coffee table colors that we will discuss further in this article are:

  • Light natural wood
  • Dark wood
  • Black
  • Dark gray
  • White
  • Blue 
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Red

Finding the perfect colored coffee table to accent or match your couch is one of the many choices you will likely make during your living room project. You may find yourself questioning how and if you should match your coffee table to your couch or simply compliment the colors in your couch for the perfect look. If you have a blue couch in place, you may wonder what colors complement the color blue. We will discuss all of these topics along with some other closely related subjects; just keep reading.

Modern interior design of living room with blue couch and a wooden coffee table, What Color Coffee Table With A Blue Couch?

Light natural wood

Lightly colored natural wood is a great color companion for your blue couch. Adding a natural-looking warm contrast to your cool-colored couch creates a light beachy feel. The bright blue couch and light natural wood color scheme as pictured in the example below is eye-catching yet tranquil.

Stylish office lounge interior with black honeycomb pattern walls

The vivid blue couch seated against the strong black colored wall creates a dramatic color contrast. Pops of natural greenery add to the beachy ambiance of this space. Consider white accent pieces such as the white floor, trim, and planter as shown below for a crisp, clean burst of color against the other strong colors of your space.

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Dark wood

To create a more deep and dramatic color scheme, add a dark wood-colored coffee table. With a deeper wood, your blue couch becomes the focal point of the room. Dark wood can add a deep warmth to your entire space, as pictured in the example below. White or neutral walls and accent pieces lighten the area and add a clean, crisp contrast.


A blue and black color scheme is dramatic and sophisticated. The gray backdrop combined with the jewel-toned blue couch in the example below is the perfect setting for a sharply colored black coffee table. Black is the perfect color to create a clean and simple yet powerful accent to this crisp gray and blue color scheme. 

White and gray living room interior with blue couch

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Dark gray

Dark gray or charcoal is a lighter, more modern alternative to classic black. As shown in the example below, dark gray is a striking accent color to the brightly colored blue couch. Natural wood ceilings and floors add some warmth and coziness to this space. This color scheme is bold but has traditional touches, creating a unique rugged look. 

Side view of studio apartment with black walls and blue sofa


For a clean, sophisticated look, consider a white coffee table to go with your blue couch. White is the ultimate light neutral and goes with pretty much every color imaginable. This color can create an expansive feel in any space so it is great for use in small spaces. The clean lines on the coffee table pictured below add to the simple yet elegant ambiance in this living room.

Panoramic office lounge area with blue couch


To create a cohesive look in your living room, use the same colors throughout your room. The blue shades used in the example below are very similar, only differing in deeper or lighter shades. Pops of color are introduced to the space using accent pieces of brown and white. 

Blue wall and sofa with with orange lamp


Fun and vibrant, yellow makes a perfect accent color for your blue couch. While yellow is not a common color for a coffee table, adding this vivid tone to your room can liven the entire space. Bright and sunny, this coffee table will grab the attention of visitors and keep your space from looking dull or drab. The yellow coffee table pictured below would pair well with almost any shade of blue.


A metallic version of the color yellow, gold can be a fun and dramatic pairing with your blue couch. Gold can give your living room a regal look and feel. The gold coffee table pictured in the example below is topped with a mirrored piece of glass that creates an expansive feel to the center of this living room. 


While pink may not come to mind when considering colors for your coffee table, this fun and funky color pairs surprisingly well with the color blue. Because pink is a variation of the red hue, it is also sort of a complimentary color to blue, making it a perfect color pairing. The gold trim on the pink coffee table pictured below offers the perfect accent color to create a sassy color scheme. 


Sitting directly across from blue on the standard color wheel is orange. A warm, vibrant color could be the perfect addition to your living room and would complement your blue couch beautifully. The orange surfboard coffee table pictured in the example below combined with your blue couch is a whole new spin on a beachy ambiance for your space. 


As pictured in the example below, red is another complementary color to blue. This warm and cool color combination is classic and fun. While this example shows a blue couch and a red side table, the idea is the same. 

Red table and blue sofa in a modern living room with tile floor in the attic room

Should my coffee table match my couch?

While coordinating your coffee table with your couch is an option, your coffee table does not necessarily have to match the color of your blue couch. Using complementary or even contrasting colors is a great way to add some life to your space as well as create a focal point in your room.

As we discussed above, attention-grabbing colors are great pairings with your blue couch. Bright bold colors used for your coffee table can make a statement and be a great way to coordinate accent pieces in your room.

How do you match a couch to a coffee table?

While matching your coffee table to your couch is an option, your coffee table should compliment your couch. Any color that brings out the tones in your couch that you find appealing are colors that you should consider using for your coffee table.

The selection that we provided above is a few of the many colors that go with a blue couch. Some common colors such as white, black, gray, and brown tend to pair well with most other colors. 

What complements a blue sofa?

Complementary colors on a standard color wheel are the colors across from each other. Orange is the complementary color of blue. Because red and yellow are the colors beside orange, they too are complementary colors of blue. While red, orange, and yellow are complementary colors of blue, all of the above colors that we discussed complement a blue sofa. 

What colors go well with a navy blue sofa?

Since navy blue is such a deep hue, lighter colors usually pair well with it. Whites and neutrals with your navy blue sofa can add a nautical feel to your living room. Brighter colors that go well with navy blue include reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. Depending on what colors suit your tastes, there are endless color combinations that include navy blue. 

Final thoughts

Because your living room is one of the most utilized spaces in your home, your choice in color combinations should represent your overall tastes. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to decorating, and you shouldn't be afraid to venture out into the color spectrum to find color pairings to go with your blue couch. We hope that the selection we have provided for you helps inspire the perfect look for your family and your home. 

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