What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets?

There's a reason white cabinets are incredibly popular in kitchens around the world. They're timeless, clean, bright, and complement a wide range of decorating styles. One of the ways you can help your white cabinets look their best is by pairing them with a fantastic countertop color.

The best colors of countertops to go with white cabinets include:

  • Grey
  • Beige or brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Wood (or butcher block)

We've researched this topic thoroughly and have compiled all the information into this handy guide. In the section below, we'll help you think about the style you want for your kitchen. Then, we'll discuss how certain colors of countertops can help you accomplish that, plus how to give your kitchen some color. Let's go!

modern kitchen with white cabinets and countertops, What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Still In Style?

White kitchen cabinets have been in style for the last decade or so, and will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. Currently, kitchens are trending toward keeping the white cabinets but adding color in other ways. 

interior of modern white wooden kitchen in luxury home

For instance, white cabinets with a bold countertop, stainless steel appliances, colorful walls, and dark floors can all help the kitchen from looking washed out. If you do those things, you can be sure that your white cabinets will stay in style for years to come.

How To Pick Out Countertops For White Cabinets

Interior of modern clinic office with white cabinets

The good news for those who decide to go with white cabinets is that there is a wide variety of colors that can work for the countertop. It's up to you to determine what sort of style you're looking for and how well the countertops will work with the rest of the decor. One thing to keep in mind when designing your kitchen is that there are hundreds of thousands of paint colors in the world, but much fewer options for countertops and appliances.

First, decide what style of kitchen you're aiming for. Do you want a sleek, modern design with a stark contrast between white and black? Would you prefer a completely white kitchen that feels clean and sharp? Or maybe you want a combination of warmth and brightness, choosing a countertop with some warm hues. Let's break down the best color countertops for your white cabinets.


Light grey is a versatile countertop color that is easy to match with paint, flooring, and appliances. You can also get this color in a variety of materials -- granite, marble, quartz, or laminate -- so there's an option to fit any budget. Grey gives depth to the kitchen without being flashy.

The grey marble countertop in this kitchen is fun, yet doesn't darken the room significantly. 

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Another unique grey option is concrete countertops. Concrete comes custom-cut so that no two counters are alike. They're durable and smooth and can help give your kitchen a relaxed, natural aesthetic.

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Beige or brown

Many of the most popular countertop materials contain elements of brown, tan, or beige: granite, quartz, or laminate. Most often, these brown tones are joined with hints of other colors such as green, blue, grey, or red. This is an excellent way to add more variety and warmth to a kitchen with white cabinets.

See how this countertop naturally provides several different colors without looking overbearing?

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Similarly, this granite counter leads right into a unique tile backsplash.

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Adding white countertops to your white cabinets will make your kitchen look pristine and shiny. See how this kitchen positively gleams?

modern kitchen with white cabinets and countertops

White countertops -- especially with shiny finishes -- reflect light and can make the kitchen feel lighter. They are also easy to match with flooring, backsplashes, paint, and other accessories. Essentially, your options are endless with white countertops. 

There are a couple of negative aspects of white countertops. First of all, keep in mind that white countertops stain and show dirt more easily than others. No matter what material it's made out of -- marble, granite, quartz, or laminate -- staining is an issue. Whether it's rust from a dish dryer or frequent spills, white countertops are less durable than some other colors. 

The second issue with white countertops is that too much white in one room can make everything bleed together. This can make the room feel plain or boring. If you go with white countertops, make sure to add color in some other way. 

How Do You Add Color To A White Kitchen?

A renovated kitchen with a dark grey island, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a white herringbone backsplash.

The good news is that there are several ways to add color to a kitchen, even if you choose to use white countertops. One of the simplest ways is to have a colorful backsplash, like in the photo above. Another way is to use colorful paint. As mentioned earlier, decide what your preferred style is in the kitchen, then pick out a paint color that agrees with it.

An oft-forgotten way to give a kitchen color is to pay attention to the flooring. This kitchen has a colorful rug and a light brown floor to contrast with the white cabinets and counters.

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Finally, pay attention to the accessories in the kitchen. If, like many kitchens, you have small appliances or dishes that sit on the counter, use them for color. Kettles, coffee makers, serving trays, tea sets, towels, hanging pots and pans, and other little pieces can work wonders. Consider using a small plant for some greenery that can brighten a room, like in the kitchen below.

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In addition to the tiling on the walls, this kitchen has a bowl of lemons for a vibrant yellow color.

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The classiness of the black countertops in this kitchen makes the whole room feel modern. Black countertops most often come in granite form, meaning they're easy to clean and hold their value and color well. You'll also notice that this kitchen opted for stainless steel appliances.

kitchen with black countertops and all white cabinets and fixtures

If you're looking for something different, black countertops let you use black appliances. These matte black appliances look fantastic with the white cabinets.

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Keep in mind that black is another non-color and you might find the kitchen too drastic for your liking. If you aren't confident that this is a look you want, consider one of the safer options on this list.

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Wooden (Butcher Block)

A wooden countertop, also known as butcher block, makes a kitchen feel farmhouse-like and relaxed. Combining it with white cabinetry makes both the countertop and cabinets pop. The owners of the kitchen in the picture below added a cool, navy blue paint above the countertop that contrasts nicely.

renovated kitchen interior with white cabinets and wooden butcher block countertop

Another benefit to butcher block is that there is a wide range of stains and finishes. If you want the wooden look, you can find any tone you'd like. In this kitchen, your eyes are drawn to the counters and backsplashes, which has a more golden finish.

contemporary style kitchen with wooden (butcher block) countertop

For a more affordable alternative that still gives you a wooden color, consider faux wood laminate countertops. Though they might not last as long and feel cheaper, they are a solid replacement.

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Do White Appliances Look Good With White Cabinets?

White appliances can look good with white cabinets as long as you have color in other areas of the room. Unfortunately, white appliances often appear to be cheaper than stainless steel or black appliances. The grit and grime that build up in a kitchen can make white appliances -- particularly refrigerators and ovens -- look dingy within a couple of years.

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If white appliances fit into your plan for the room, go for it! But if you'd rather play it safe, stainless steel is a great option. It goes with most colors of paint and flooring, looks high-quality, and is durable. Black appliances look sleek and would work great if you're going for a bold, contrasting aesthetic. If you go with black appliances, make sure to feature black elsewhere in your kitchen.

In Closing

Kitchen sink detail shot with a subway tile backsplash, granite countertop, white cabinets, and a chrome faucet.

The first step when choosing countertops for your white cabinets is to determine how you'd like your kitchen to feel. Then, consider which of the following options can give it that aesthetic: grey, beige or brown, white, black, or wood. Add color to the room via the walls, floor, or other accessories.

We hope this article has given you a better idea of what color of countertop to pair with your white cabinets. Happy designing!

Modern white u-shaped kitchen in scandinavian style with plants and jars, What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets

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