What Color Curtains Go With Burgundy Walls?

When it comes to wall colors, most people go with the obvious choice of neutrals. However, some go against the current and dare to choose a bold color like burgundy. If you are one of those brave ones, you may be wondering what curtain colors go well with your burgundy walls. Don’t worry—we have delved into this topic and have recommendations for you.

Decorating burgundy walls can be a bit of a challenge. But burgundy works well with many curtain colors, including grey, turquoise, and gold. You can also pair it with these colors: 

  • Green
  • White
  • Cream
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Navy Blue
  • Brown

Admittedly, burgundy walls can be difficult to match. However, you don't have to worry. Finding the right curtain color to go with your walls is tough but not impossible. Keep reading to find out more on burgundy, and how to beautifully decorate this unusual wall color.

Interior of a modern living room with burgundy painted walls, wooden chairs and white granite flooring, What Color Curtains Go With Burgundy Walls?

Matching Burgundy Walls With The Right Curtain Color

Before we discuss which colors go well with burgundy walls, let's talk about the origins of the color.

Burgundy is a dark reddish-purple color that should not be confused with maroon. The name comes from the wine originating in France. This is a combination of red, green, and blue, which creates a purple undertone.

Interior of an modern living room with a white and burgundy colored living room

The color is associated with elegance and wealth. When considering color schemes, getting the right curtain color will elevate the look of your burgundy walls.

Gold and Burgundy

We mentioned that burgundy is linked to elegance and wealth. When you want to emphasize the sophistication of burgundy, go for gold.

What is more luxurious than gold, right? These two colors are a match made in royalty heaven. A lighter shade of gold curtain will accentuate your walls well.

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Green and Burgundy

Burgundy on its own may appear as a serious color. When you pair it up with green, like emerald, it looks formal. There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if you are looking for something fun without being tacky, try using a curtain in a lighter shade of green to make the vibe less serious.

Grey and Burgundy

Nowadays, grey is trendy. However, it is often viewed as emotionless. To match this vibe, pair a light grey curtain with your burgundy wall.  

Choosing grey to go with burgundy gives off a modern feel to your room. Light grey also mutes burgundy and helps brighten up the space.

White and Burgundy

Clearly, white is an obvious choice for your curtain color. After all, what color does not go with white? White is very versatile. It also gives a crisp and polished look to anything.

The lightness of white balances the richness of burgundy. A white curtain also makes the room look wider and brighter. Finally, white is a classic color that will make your room look clean and airy.

Cream and Burgundy

Cream is another neutral color that blends well with burgundy. If you want something that’s not a conventional as white, go for cream.

Cream also serves as a good contrast for burgundy minus the too predictable look. Cream-colored curtains on burgundy walls create a more mellow appearance than white.

Teal and Burgundy

If you look at the color wheel, teal is located opposite burgundy. They are contrasting colors, and as a result, they complement each other. Design-wise this is a good idea.

The coolness of teal matches vibrant burgundy. The combination is fun and innovative.

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Purple and Burgundy

Purple is linked to majesty and nobility. Using purple curtains with burgundy walls creates a regal look. If you add a good accent color to these two, you will create a royal feel in your room. For a more cohesive look, use the same color pattern.

Navy Blue and Burgundy

This curtain color can give your room a professional look. Burgundy and navy blue are both rich colors, so when you pair them be careful, as they can be overwhelming.

You should use another color to balance these two shades. For instance, you can add white accents to create harmony.

Brown and Burgundy

Burgundy walls with light brown curtains will look good in your library or study, since they create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Of course, you need to add neutral colors so the room won’t look dull.

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Turquoise and Burgundy

This color is a bit closer to teal in the color wheel, but opposite burgundy. These two are also contrasting colors that will make your room livelier. Turquoise is often paired with burgundy accents as well.

These are just a few colors to can choose from. If you look at the color wheel, you’ll see different color combinations that you can try. 

In matching colors, designers have a 60-30-10 rule. This means that the dominant or main color makes up 60%, the second color is added to make up 30%, and the remaining 10% is the accent color.

This is a helpful tip to keep in mind when looking for a match for your burgundy walls.

What Parts of The House Can You Paint Burgundy?

If you are going for an elegant look and don’t mind using bold colors, burgundy is for you. The key to making your room stylish is in the execution. Burgundy walls can convert your room into a chic space depending on the accents that you will use.

Living Room

Burgundy walls in a living room is not a common sight. However, there is no hard rule that stops you from using this color. If done right, burgundy will convert your living room into an elegant space that’s not too intimidating. 

You can also use a light-colored couch to go with the vibrant wall.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Burgundy is a good choice of wall color in dining rooms and kitchens if you want to break away from the usual white paint.

Since burgundy gives off a cozy feel, it'll make a better dining experience. This color, along with shades of red, stimulates one’s appetite and encourages conversation as well.  


Colors affect people’s behavior in certain ways. This includes sleep patterns and behaviors.

Because burgundy has purple and red undertones, it is best to steer away from this color when painting your bedroom walls. Instead, you should instead choose pastels for better sleep.

Burgundy or Maroon: What Is The Difference?

At a glance, these two may seem like cousins. However, technically speaking, they are very different.

Maroon is a warm color, as burgundy is the opposite. This is a combination of red and brown.  The color got its name from the French word marron, which denotes chestnut.

On the other hand, burgundy is made by mixing red and purple. It is a deeper shade of red.

How Does Burgundy Affect Your Mood?

Knowing a bit about the meaning of this color will help you decide whether you'll use it on your walls (if you haven't done so yet).

Burgundy is the color of intensity. It symbolizes power and superiority. Because it has red undertones, this color is associated with passion as well.

With this in mind, let's talk about how burgundy can affect your mood.   

  • Burgundy increases energy levels.
  • Burgundy also promotes productivity and activeness.
  • It stimulates the appetite.
  • It gives the feeling of being refined.

Tips For Color Combination

As mentioned earlier, the color wheel gives you several options for color pairing. Thus, most interior decorators follow simple rules when looking for matching colors.

Using 60-30-10

As discussed this earlier, this is the basic rule for creating a color palette for your living space.

Using Complementary Colors

Complementary colors refer to opposite colors in the color wheel. Complementing colors add variety to a room. Just be careful in picking a contrasting color. The colors should boost rather than oppose one another.

Using An Analogous Scheme

Basically, this is the use of a group of colors next to each other in the color wheel.

Using A Triadic Color Scheme

Along with analogous and complementary color schemes, designers use this color pattern. This color scheme is made up of three colors that are evenly spaced out on the color wheel. 

The most basic example is red, blue, and yellow. Unlike the first two schemes we have talked about, triadic schemes can be a bit tricky because you may pick incorrect colors that may be too loud. 

In Conclusion

Interior of a modern living room with burgundy painted walls, wooden chairs and white granite flooring

In this article, we have discussed curtain colors that go well with burgundy. Although it may seem like a bold choice, with the right color match, you will be able to make the most of this unique wall color.

It is also good to know what the color signifies for you to understand how to better utilize it as your wall paint.

Ultimately, there are guides you can follow to better create a harmony of colors that will make your living space feel both chic and homey.

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