What Color Deck Goes With A Blue House? [A Complete Guide]

Choosing a deck color that complements and perfectly matches your home is a big decision. If your home is a blue shade, you may wonder what the best selection for deck color is. Fortunately, several options available to you will look great and add to your home's visual appeal.

There are many deck colors that will go well with a blue house. The best choices include:

  • Gray
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Blue-gray
  • Blue

If you still have some questions about choosing the right color for a deck to match a blue house, our guide will show you the options. We'll discuss how to evaluate your existing color scheme and what to consider in matching deck colors. Keep reading as we present each color choice and what makes it a good match with a blue house. 

Huge blue house with a brown deck on the backyard, What Color Deck Goes With A Blue House? [A Complete Guide]

Deck Color Choices

When choosing your deck color, you'll want a color that complements your home, adds visual interest, and enhances your outdoor space. The ideal color will blend with your existing color scheme and avoid clashing. Consider your home trim and exterior color to select a color that harmonizes rather than distracts from your home's exterior and landscaping. 


Shades of gray are very complementary to a blue house. Gray is a good color choice that can be easily customized. Start with a lighter shade which can always be deepened if you desire a darker color. Light grays match well with darker blue homes, and the opposite is true as well - dark gray with a light blue home. Gray stain wears well on wood decks, making it easier to maintain over time. 

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Great large red new deck with lake front green house

Rich colors in red tones complement many shades of blue. Red deck choices range from classic redwood or brick red to deep mahogany red, and these options provide an energizing backdrop for your landscaping. The shade of a red deck pairs well if you have many shrubs, greenery, and plantings near the deck. Both light and dark blue homes match well with red decking.

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When choosing deck colors, contrast provides an aesthetically pleasing option. Light shades of blue paired with a darker brown create an appealing level of contrast. The neutral of a brown deck blends well with most landscaping and home colors. Brown is a classic choice in a deck and is easy to maintain. Clear stains that showcase the natural brown of deck wood present an additional neutral option for decking.

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Blue stains with a gray undertone complement a blue home nicely. This color combination pairs well, creating a subtle contrast level. Blue-gray is a neutral tone that provides a relaxing choice for your outdoor space. Blue-gray tones look great with white trims and accents.

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While it may seem counterintuitive to pair a blue deck with a blue house, this pairing actually works quite well. Vary the shades slightly to give some visual interest. For example, a light blue house paired with a dark blue deck is a very pleasing combination. The addition of a white railing provides the contrast level to keep the color from being overwhelming.

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How Can You Match A Deck To The House?

Bluish gray deck with corner lights

Use the following strategies to match your deck with your house:

  • Match your deck to your home's exterior color. Look at your existing trim and siding colors and make a color choice that complements or matches these features. 
  • Consider the material of your deck. Wood and composite decks are easily painted or stained in many colors. Concrete decks can also be stained, but the color is set if your deck contains brick pavers. If you know you like to change color periodically, a wood deck provides the most easily customized option. 
  • Look at a color wheel. Choose colors that are right next to each other or directly opposite each other on the color wheel for the most aesthetically-pleasing look. Color schemes that feature three colors provide the most appeal. Choose a dominant, secondary, and accent color. You can bring each of these colors into your landscaping with decking, planters, railings, and trim. 

What Are The Most Popular Deck Colors?

Red wooden deck with a pool on the side

Whether you want yours to stand out or look like an average deck, it can be helpful to know what the most popular color choices are. Shades of brown to brownish red are the most popular choices for deck colors. In particular, these shades include:

  • Cedar
  • Brown
  • Honey
  • Redwood

These choices provide a natural backdrop that compliments most home colors and also highlights the colors of landscaping.

If you'd like to explore more ideas for deck colors, check out this guide: 11 Awesome Deck Paint Color Ideas

What Color Should Deck Railing Be?

When choosing a color for your deck railing, you will need to decide if you'd like it to match and blend with the deck floor or if you'd prefer a contrasting color. It's also important to remember that you'll see the railing from the inside as well as the outside of your home. From inside the home, consider what color will be pleasing when you are looking out your windows. 

Brown deck with white fence

The deck rail will be set against the backdrop of your outdoor surroundings. Darker colors tend to blend best with woodland views and will stand out against a water view. Lighter colors blend better with ocean or lake views.

Is It Better To Stain Or Paint Pressure Treated Wood?

Because of the pressure-treating process, the paint may be less likely to adhere to pressure-treated wood, so stains are typically recommended.

Gray colored deck with white fence

However, if you are willing to take a few extra precautions, paint can be used. To paint pressure-treated wood, make sure the wood is clean and completely dry. Next, use a bristle brush to coat the wood surface with a primer designed for use on pressure-treated wood. Finally, using a brush, apply at least two coats of latex paint. Be prepared to perform regular touchups and maintenance to keep your deck looking fresh.

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Learn more about deck maintenance in this guide: How Often Should You Stain The Deck?

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

When choosing a deck color to match your blue house, you have several options available. Consider the level of contrast you desire and the existing landscaping and views from inside your home. Look to your home's trim and siding colors to draw inspiration for a color that will complement the existing structure. You can create a lovely outdoor space for relaxation and add curbside appeal to your home through your choice of deck color. 

suburuban blue home backyard with reddish brown deck. What Color Deck Goes With A Blue House [A Complete Guide]

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