What Color Deck Goes With A Brown House? [11 Good Options]

If you're planning outdoor area modifications, consider the color of your deck. Also, your house's color is essential to determining a suitable deck color. Do you wonder what deck colors complement a brown house? We've researched the best colors to breathe new life into your home.

Choosing specific colors might give your deck the appearance everyone wants. You may select the perfect color to brighten up your outside space by using the deck color ideas listed below:

  1. Gray
  2. Walnut
  3. Beige
  4. Whitewash
  5. Taupe
  6. Blue
  7. Variegated
  8. Burgundy
  9. Orange
  10. Brown
  11. Black

However, choosing the wrong color could make your deck look unattractive and difficult to maintain. But, when used correctly, deck colors can improve your outdoor area, match your home, and offer visual interest. Continue reading to find out which deck color might work best.

Amazing Home Patio Deck With View of Golf Course - What Color Deck Goes With A Brown House [11 Good Options]

Deck Colors For A Brown House

Your deck color scheme plays a significant role when deciding your outdoor living style. To get you going, here are the top deck colors that will complement a brown house:

1. Gray

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Summer pots of plants with matching wicker deck furniture and cushions, Stylish And Sophisticated Residential Deck Decor

Gray and brown will go hand in hand because they are both neutral colors. These two hues are frequently in use for houses because they bring harmony to interior and exterior spaces and give us the cozy feeling we yearn for.

Finding a combination that offers sufficient contrast is relatively simple because both colors have a wide range of tones.

2. Walnut

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Wooden terrace seen from the floor

The most adaptable woods are those with neutral tones, like walnut. Usually, brown looks best with another color that has a brown basis. You can find dark and light brown shades in walnut deck stains.

Walnut is the best option if you're searching for a warm color to brighten your outdoor space. A deck made of walnut is perfect because of its aesthetic, alluring, and distinctive natural pattern.

3. Beige

Bakyard with patio area and play yard for kids

When you pair the right colors with brown, a neutral tone like beige that is also quite warm and adaptable is a good choice. In the end, the hues are in the same color family, since beige is merely a very light version of brown.

You may feel more at ease with neutral colors like beige and brown. The combination of these colors is soothing and peaceful.

4. Whitewash

Happy woman holding paint bucket

Combining a dark brown with a crisp white tone will always make it look much better. Whitewashing doesn't entirely cover the wood as solid deck stains do. Combining these two hues will give your deck a fresh, opulent, delightful feel.

5. Taupe

New deck constructed from a Composite Decking Material. PVC Gray plastic with a wood grain. Supports and beams are real wood,cedar.

A taupe deck color goes nicely with a brown house. Taupe paired with brown represents elegance, modesty, and refinement. It can complement and serve as the basis for a traditional or contemporary area.

6. Blue

Covered walkout deck with metal railings and table set.

Given that brown hues are neutral, they offer a fantastic approach to more finely manage the formality of the blue deck. Brown and blue make a bold statement without being overpowering.

This color combination creates an atmosphere that strikes a delicate balance between classic and modern. Consider combining brown and blue if you want a more contemporary, sleek, wonderfully calming, and on-trend appearance.

7. Variegated

A well put together outdoor deck

Selecting a variegated composite board can be a good option if you're seeking something that resembles the natural grain of hardwood.

8. Burgundy

Amazing Home Patio Deck With View of Golf Course

Burgundy and brown are timeless colors that work well with modern and traditional decor. This color combination possesses mainly formality and gloominess.

9. Orange

Designer Apartment Rooftop Deck

Another great hue to go with brown is orange. You create an excellent contrast between the warm orange and the neutral brown, which gleams with energy and joy.

Brown and orange are close in color. Thus, they naturally complement one another and produce a subtly attractive result. What's more, a deck's orange undertones have a chic charm that looks contemporary and artistic.

10. Brown

Back of the house with a wooden deck

A brown house can give you a modern and relaxed look when paired with a brown deck. You can produce a friendly, pleasant, and vibrant ambiance with this unique color combination.

Brown is a color frequently linked to stability and safety. However, it may also give off a feeling of loneliness and misery.

11. Black

leisure corner with wood chairs and table Dining for four people . 4 chairs on a terrace on a summer day

Black effortlessly blends with brown. Dark brown is a warm alternative to black that you can use in color schemes. The color combination of a brown deck and a black house is associated with dependability and approachability.

Should The Deck And House Be Painted The Same Color?

You can paint the house and deck the same color, but everything depends on the design and architecture of the house.

Your deck's color should go well with the rest of your house, so start by comparing it to other parts of your home. It will be okay if you wish not to pair the deck color with your house.

Painting your deck can change its appearance and give the area a fresh look. You must learn how to choose a suitable paint color, though. A deck that is difficult to maintain, or an eyesore, could result from choosing the wrong color.

Should Deck Be Darker Or Lighter Than House?

Home deck and patio with outdoor furniture and BBQ cooker with b — Photo

Dark-colored decks are a better option than light ones, especially if your house is filled with kids and pets. This option is not prone to the visibility of dust and dirt.

But, light-colored surfaces also have advantages. They reflect light and keep your deck cooler, whereas dark-colored surfaces heat up more quickly. Also, think about deck color that will contrast with the exterior of your home.

Should I Paint Or Stain My Deck?

Wood texture and paintbrush housework background

You can increase the usable life of your deck by changing the hue. Paint and stain maintain the surface smooth and clean while preventing decay in the wood. Both have pros and cons, but the best option to use for a deck is to paint.

Paint gives you access to a broader range of colors than stains. Paint conceals the defects of an aged or weathered deck considerably better than a stain does because it fills in gaps and cracks. Even more, paint has lower maintenance and a longer lifespan than stains.

However, while painting often does a better job of filling in the cracks and providing longer-lasting protection, staining frequently takes less time. Also, painting your deck is not as advantageous if you live in a rainy area.

Other advantages of stain include adding natural beauty to your deck, holding onto moisture, and stopping wood damage. Stain is preferred for pressure-treated wood because paint doesn't adhere to it.

Also, consider the colors of your external components to help you decide on paint or stain choices.

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What Color Should I Stain My Deck?

Woman applying protective varnish on a floor

This stain highlights a wood deck's richness. When choosing the perfect deck color, keep in mind the house's design and exterior. Ensure your selected color highlights your outdoor space when you look out of the house.

Browns are ideal for blending in with natural surroundings and add a sense of warmth to wooden decks. Like Mahogany, the richness of a dark brown adds elegance and depth.

More pigmented stains result in more intense color. The appearance that you produce relies on the shade you choose.

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Do Black Decks Get Hot?

Lovely furnished back deck with fireplace and grass.

If you want to make a great contrast in your outdoor design concept, black is one of the best deck colors. But, this color could be overwhelming because it tends to absorb and trap heat from the sun. 

This applies to all dark colors but be careful because black is less forgiving to deal with than grey. You'll need to plan your outdoor furniture thoughtfully to go with this striking color.

In Closing

It is crucial to understand your objectives for your new outdoor space, whether when considering the general style, the features you want to incorporate, or the color palette.

For many, brown feels lifeless and uninteresting, yet when applied correctly, it may improve a room's design and breathe fresh life into the area. When mixed with complementary hues that enable this hue to stand out, brown tints can appear natural, rich, and earthy.

We hope our advice has assisted you in making the right deck color selection for your house. If you feel inspired, check out these other posts:

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