What Color Deck Goes With A Red Brick House?

A classic red brick house needs a deck that complements its style. With so many options, what color deck should you choose? In this post, we compiled some ideas to make your decision easier. If you were at a loss about what color deck matches your red brick house, keep reading!

For red brick houses, go for a deck with neutral, earthy, or warm tones. Or, you can use muted shades of green like olive or sage. And of course, a white or cream deck also complements a red brick house. The following are some good choices for you to consider:

  • Brown
  • Red or Orange
  • Taupe or Beige
  • Gray

We know a lot of time and work goes into building a deck for your home. Naturally, you want to make sure that you pick a color you’re happy with and that suits your home’s overall aesthetic. Read on to learn more about matching a deck color with a red brick house!

Walkout deck of a red brick house, What Color Deck Goes With A Red Brick House?

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Should Deck Be Darker Or Lighter Than House?

Whether you choose to stain or paint your deck, you will want to know what shade to go for. Red brick houses are not always the same shade of red, as they can come in different looks and tones. Some reds are brighter or more muted than others.

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Home exterior with red bricks and staircase with metal railings

Look closely at a single brick and you’ll find that it is not necessarily one solid color of red. There is some color variation that occurs in bricks, so you can get different tones from the same red brick. Not to mention, take the grout color of your brick wall into account.

A good rule of thumb is to find the deck color that best contrasts with your house. For darker brick, go for lighter deck colors. For lighter brick, go for darker deck colors. Lighter colors might stand out more the closer the shade is to white, so keep this in mind.

In applying this idea when you choose the color for your deck, you can achieve a complementary contrast to your home. Even then, what matters the most is your preference. 

Different combinations of color will affect the aesthetics of your home. You can always turn to the internet or ask a designer’s opinion for ideas on which color tone will be right for you.

What Type of White Goes With Red Brick?

Patio and sitting area on spacious walkout deck overlooking bay

You might think that there is only one type of white paint, but the truth is there are a myriad of shades for you to choose from. Using pure white paint for your deck can look too stark against a red brick house.

Not to mention, white dirties more easily, so it is usually a good idea to opt for stains or paints that are more resistant to looking dirty.

If you want to paint your deck white, then warmer, creamy shades are the way to go. They will blend nicely with the look of your house and are quite versatile for styling. It is good to note that white paints will come in different undertones.

Undertones are the subtle hint of pigment mixed in with the main paint color that alters its overall hue. White paints can have warm undertones of yellows, oranges, and reds, but they can also have cool undertones like green, blue, and violet. 

Consider sticking to warm undertones when painting your deck white. It will harmonize well with the red brick of your house since red is a warm color. 

How To Choose The Best Deck Color?

Brick house with walkout deck

Knowing which colors work well with red brick is only one part of the process of choosing the best deck color. Ultimately, your preference will dictate which color works best for you. Also, consider the utility of your deck and the climate of where your house is.

You will have to pick a color that can look great in any season and weather. Will you be setting out chairs on the deck? What decor are you considering?

Some decks look best when decorated with potted plants. Consider the color of your plant pots, since the colors will have to go well together.

As we mentioned a while back in this post, another design element that you can take a look at is the grout color of your brick wall. You can match your deck color to the grout color as a way to tie the whole look together.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some deck color ideas for red brick houses:

Outdoor deck is painted in white with a warm undertone and has accents in a taupe color

This deck uses white paint with a warm undertone and has accents in a taupe color. Depending on the lighting, the deck can look taupe as well rather than pure white.

Backyard deck patio with a warm greige accented with plants with black plant holders. Giving off a modern house look contrasting with brick and natural elements

This deck is a warm greige accented by plants and black plant holders. It gives the house a modern look that contrasts well with the rustic brick and natural elements.

An outdoor patio deck with a modern look. The deck is painted in grey and matched with black deck chairs

Here is another modern-looking deck. The gray deck and black deck chairs add a sleek touch to the house’s exterior that is perfect for lounging and easy on the eyes.

An outdoor with a monotone look paired with an orange-red stain creating a close to a brick shade

This deck has a monotone look with an orange-red stain. As you can see, the deck color is close to the brick shade. 

Front porch of a house with a red brick deck same as the front porch wall

Usually, when one thinks of a deck, it is referring to something made of wood. But for this house, the front porch uses the same red brick as the walls! 

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How to Make Your Red Brick House Look Better – What To Do?

People have been making houses out of brick for as far back as 4400 BC. In the US, New English colonists built brick infrastructure when they came to America in the 17th century.

Red brick houses never go out of style, and it is only a matter of keeping the design well-maintained and timeless.

If you buy an old house with plans to flip or renovate it, having one made of red brick is already a decent start. While some might decide to paint over the brick, you can make do just fine by simply keeping its original color.

Pressure wash the brick to clean it and have any damaged areas replaced. You can decide what to do from here.

A young man cleans a red brick house exterior

Elevate Your Red Brick House With The Right Deck

Adding a deck to your red brick house is a great way to give it some character and extra utility. The deck is one of the go-to places in the house where you and your guests can gather outdoors, so it should look and function appropriately.

Sitting area on spacious walkout deck

Take note, matching colors should not stop at just the deck. Every element of the house, from the trim, railings, and roof, just to name a few, needs to look cohesive. You can play it safe or be as creative as you want when designing around red brick.

For historical houses, you can keep their classic charm or build up on them to have a ranch-style appeal. Rustic homes that are mixed with natural elements is another popular way to style red brick houses.

In contrast to these suggestions, you can go in the other direction for a more modern and contemporary look while still maintaining the original red brick.

With all the ways you can update your house, you will want to take on such a project with a little guidance. Check out this article where we have compiled deck railing style ideas and front porch ideas for your red brick house to find some cool designs to try out.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether it’s for lounging in a deck chair, hosting a social gathering, or serving as an aesthetic feature for your home, your deck should look good and match the design of the house.

To recap, you have a wide range of options when picking a color for your deck, but typically going for neutral and warm colors will work best for a red brick house.

However you decide to make your house look with additional colors and features, every visual element needs to look well put together. Remember, the right deck color can make or break the style of your house.

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