What Color Dining Table With Light Wood Floors?

Wood floors give a classic look and warm feel. Thus, many prefer wood as flooring mixed with wood furniture. However, matching wood furniture and wood flooring with the same material and color would look bland and uniform. Were you planning to buy a dining set and have not yet decided which color would best match your dining area? We have searched the net for different ideas.

There are few things to consider in choosing the right color for the dining table if you have light wood flooring. Primarily, consider contrast. A few shades darker table from your wood floor would accentuate and give a dramatic aesthetic, while lighter shade tables such as white or cream would give a homey, relaxing ambiance.

Here are a few color options to pair a dining table with light wood flooring:

  • white
  • grey 
  • beige
  • orange 
  • pink
  • mahogany 

Would you like to know more different colors that would match a light wood floor? Wondering how much it would cost to buy that dining table you want? Continue reading this post for more creative ideas for your home.

Modern dining room, round wooden table witn four chairs, What Color Dining Table With Light Wood Floors?

Tips Before Buying Your Dining Table

There are things to consider before choosing the dining table that would match your light wood floor:

Analyze the Floor's Characteristics

Is your flooring stained or sanded? Is it oak, walnut, or cherry? Check for the patterns, the coloring, and its characteristics. The contrast in pattern and colors make a difference. You can take a sample of your flooring when you shop for your dining table. The dealer can give suggestions on which dining table color suits your wood floor.

Familiarity with Mass Tones and Undertones

Colors have two tones: the undertone and the mass tone. You can see the undertone in close inspection, while the mass tone is what you see from a distance at first glance. Undertones have cool, neutral, or warm tones:

  • The cool color sample is gray
  • The neutral color is beige
  • The warm color is yellow or orange.

Considering these factors will help you a lot in deciding which color is perfect to match your floor.

Do Not Go Against the Grain

All woods have grains, and they go in the same direction. Make sure the dining table you are buying has the same grain and direction to match your floor, regardless of the type of wood you plan to choose.

For more information, you can read this post: "Should The Dining Table Match The Floors."

Dining Table Color Ideas

Listed below are some dining table color ideas for light wood flooring.


Beautiful dining area with white massive dining table and chairs for four

The white dining table matches the light wood floor well. This simple design gives a light, breeze feeling in your dining area.


Corner view on dark kitchen room interior with bar counter, dining table with chairs, grey walls and oak floor, cupboard,

This grey table matches perfectly with the light grey oak floor. It adds elegance and contemporary touch to your home.


The dining room is decorated in a minimalist style. White wood and marble dining table with a gray cloth dining chair

This beige table and chairs set have a classic yet stylish finish. A little darker shade of beige table matches the beige wood floor. This finish provides top-notch look and luxurious feel.


Orange dining room with wood table and hardwood floor

An orange-toned dining table gives a warm feeling that matches the hardwood floor. The table shown above has a few shades darker color than the floor.


Pastel interior in classic style with dining table in the living room in white-pink tone

The pink table could never go wrong in the white-pink classic tone. If you love pink and your wood floor is light, this color suits you best.


modern mahogany dining table with six leather chairs

The contrast between the modern Mahogany dining table and the wood floor is classy and sublime.

How Much Does A Dining Table Cost?

Price varies depending on the design, size, materials, and other factors. A complete set of 48" solid wood table and chairs could cost between $299 and $5,000. Other materials such as glass and plastic are more affordable than solid wood.

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What Is The Standard Size Of the Dining Table?

Aside from determining the color that would match your floor, you should also consider the table size. The standard size of a solid wood dining table is from 36 to 40 inches in width and 29 to 31 inches in height. Solid wood dining tables are durable, low maintenance, and can last for a lifetime.

Light Wood Floor and Dining Set Ideas

The photos below show different dining sets and wood floor combination ideas.

Warm Mahogany

Large dining room with wood floors and area rug

The dining room shows a warm yet classy style with wood floors and a mahogany table with an area rug.

Bold Contrast

dining table in dining room. ceramic dish decoration on wood and wooden table with soft lighting

The darker dining table and chairs stand out from the white wood floor, which doesn't give a flat, dull feeling.

Coordinated Cool

Stylish wooden dining table and chairs in room. Interior design

This stylish wooden dining table and chairs match the light wood floor and wall, giving a light, breezy ambiance.

Modern White

Dining table set in bright modern interior

A lighter wood dining table and chairs in a bright, modern interior give a neat, homey feeling to your dining room.

Tips In Decorating Wood Floor and Wood Furniture

From a decorating perspective, solid wood is the best combination for flooring and furniture. The question is, is it better to use both in the same room, or is it exaggerated?

If you are a fan of wood, then you can go ahead and use wood on flooring and furniture. Although to make it work, keep in mind these tips listed below:

Avoid Matching Wood Type for Floor and Furniture

If all furniture is from the same type of wood and color, your room will look dull and flat. It is still interesting to mix and match different wood types. Mixing and matching the same types of woods is suited if you plan to purchase all your furniture from multiple suppliers at different times. You can also put rug beneath your wood table to stand out from the floor.

Limit The Room to 2-3 Wood Types

Pick at least 2 to 3 types of wood and colors to put harmony in your dining room. Choose one dominant wood to accent and use another color frugally.

Consider Wood Species

There are lots of types of wood from different tree species, and they have different colors naturally. If you plan to paint the wood to match your wood floor or wall, take note that woods take stains distinctively. Woods absorb moisture, so there is no guarantee that they will look the same.

Determine Wood Traits

Get a wood table with the same wood undertone and grain patterns. Woods have different grain designs and patterns,so choose the woods with the same grain direction.

Balance the Colors in the Room

Spread the dominant colors out to keep the balance in your room. If you picked a mahogany table, place mahogany wood furniture to the other side of the dining room to create a harmonious, visual balance.

What Are The Different Wood Species You Can Choose For Table?

Rough or Rustic Pine

Its rough surface is imperfect yet simple and natural-looking. Rustic pine is one of the most affordable types of wood.


The surface of Alder has two types:

  • Clear
  • Knotty

Knotty Alder has knotty wood grain and is darker in color than rustic pine. Clear Alder has the same characteristics as knotty Alder but has fewer grains.

Red Oak

The most common hardwood in North America is red oak. It has a coarse texture with distinctive, straight grains. Its natural color is light brown with a hue of reddish marks.

Hard Maple

Hard maple has a creamy white to light tan color. It is sturdy and durable, which is why it is often used in furniture.

Black Walnut

Black walnut's grain patterns and natural color stand out among other wood types. It is ideal for a dining table because of its non-grooved tops and a clear finish that protects the surface from stains.


Hickory has brown and tan stripes mixed with a light cream color. It is resilient to moisture and immensely heavy.

Reclaimed Wood

This is a 100-year-old type of wood from demolished homes, buildings, and barns (particularly found in Northern Texas). It is heavy, durable, and naturally beautiful.


Modern dining room, round wooden table witn four chairs

Working on your interior designs needs time, patience, and creativity to pull off that stunning dining room you desire. You probably want your dining room to match your taste and reflect your individuality. In order to do that, you will need to consider the tips mentioned above about what furniture you need and the colors you have to put together to get a harmonious balance in interior designing. 

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