What Color End Tables Go With A Gray Couch?

Gray is the best selling color of a couch for many reasons. Gray is very modern looking and is easy to clean, which many people love. If you incorporate a gray couch into your room, you might be interested in learning what color end tables will match a gray couch. We've done the research to get the best options for you.

We recommend pairing either a white end table or gold or silver accented end table with your couch when it comes to what is trending now. Gray is a neutral color and can be paired with almost any type of table. Deciding to go with an all-white, gold, or silver option will give your space a modern look.

Please keep reading as we delve into this modern styling with a few great examples of end tables and considerations when pairing colors with gray to dress up your couch. Now, let's find the perfect table to pair with your gray couch!

A gray sectional sofa with throw pillows placed next to a metal end table with a lamp on top, What Color End Tables Go With A Gray Couch?


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Minimalist themed living room with a gray sofa, white end table with an indoor plant on top, and a mock up picture frame on the walls

This first gray couch and end table fall into the white color recommendation, as pictured above. You can see how adding a white end table adds a sophisticated look to the room and also gives the eye something to look at. White and gray are best friends when it comes to decor and always work very well together. 

2L Lifestyle Chillon White End Table

We have also found a white end table for you to check out that is made by 2L Lifestyle and can be seen above. This is a simple option to potentially pair with your gray couch with a tripod design. Follow this link onto Amazon to check out this tripod style end table.


Interior of a contemporary living room, a gray sofa, wooden flooring, and a small metal framed end table

This second end table example follows the gold-colored recommendation and is shown above. You can see how this gold table design adds a splash of color to this space yet blends in very well with the gray-colored couch. Another great idea would be to choose an end table that may be white with a gold base or detail. 

VASAGLE Gold Tempered Glass Side Table

We found this gold example by VASAGLE. This is a rounded end table and is also tempered glass. Gold does tend to pop, so even choosing a glass tabletop will work well with a gray couch. To view this product on Amazon, please follow this link.


A gray sectional sofa with throw pillows placed next to a metal end table with a lamp on top

Our next end table follows a silver recommendation and can be seen above. Silver tends to match gray furniture very well and also adds a change of texture in a space. The shiny look to it draws the eye and also reflects light and other elements within your room (sometimes even a rainbow if you are lucky). 

Convenient Concepts Glass And Silver End Table 

This silver end table by Convenient Concepts has an art deco design. This table incorporates a glass top with an open-air design and will compliment a gray couch very well. To view this silver end table on Amazon, follow this link.

Can End Tables Be Higher Than A Couch?

End tables can definitely be taller than the couch they are next to. You don't want them to be awkwardly high and unusable, but a little extra height between the table and couch is fine. Most end tables work as more of a drink or snack holding area, so you need to be able to reach it from where you are sitting. 

You can see above how this end table falls on the taller side but also is usable. This table can still hold magazines or snacks and can be easily accessed by whoever is sitting on the couch. 

DHP Rosewood Tall End Table

Above, we have found a taller sized end table that could be used next to your couch. If a taller and slimmer table is  your style, this is a great reference to how it may fit in your space. To view this taller end table on Amazon, follow this link.

Zoopolyn Bamboo Laptop Tray Side Table 

This is another tall end table, intended for a laptop or even food near the couch. This style allows for more work around your home and is maybe something to look into if you spend a lot of time on the computer. Working from the couch is a much comfier option than at a desk, from our personal experience. To see this table on Amazon, click this link.

How Do You Dress A Gray Couch?

Dressing a gray-colored couch with lighter and neutral accessories is our recommendation to you. Trying a furry white or cream throw blanket to toss over your couch is a comfortable and stylish way to add some color. Choosing some neutral tone pillows can also give that livable look while also adding comfort to your space. Who doesn't want an excuse to go buy a thousand throw pillows?

Throw Blanket

Adding a throw blanket to your gray couch can add a stylish and comfortable look to your space. Throw blankets are an easy and affordable way to decorate a couch and can also be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone seated. Staying warm in style has never been so easy. 


Whether you decide on two or twenty pillows, they are going to add color and comfort to your couch. Dressing a gray couch with pillows is very easy, and mixing and matching colors can add some vibrance to your living room.

Final Look

Here is a great visual for how your space may look if you decide to add some pillows and a blanket to your couch. 

Looking into this room, you can see how even adding a simple blanket or pillows adds a chic and livable touch. Your couch should make you want to snuggle up and take a three-hour life-changing nap, and this room achieves that. Try mixing and matching some colors in your design, and see how it works. 

Is Gray Furniture Going Out Of Style?

Gray furniture is on track to remain very popular and is definitely not falling out of style. People want a livable couch and easy to clean, and gray fits into that very well. Having a gray sofa is almost standard in home design nowadays and is only becoming more trendy. A gray-colored couch's versatility is unmatched and offers such a diverse amount of accessory and design options. 

Traditional Sofa 

Contemporary living room interior with wooden laminated flooring, gray sofa with throw pillows, and a white end table

This example shown above is a middle of the road gray option and is pretty standard. Light gray is a good compromise for those who may not want such a dark color of a couch. 


Minimalist themed small living room with a dark gray sofa, white coffee table, and wooden weathered flooring

This next style of a gray couch is a loveseat design. Trying a darker shade of grey might be more your style and works to camouflage any spills you may have on your couch. 


A gray sectional sofa inside a contemporary living room

Our final style is a gray sectional couch and is shown above. This shade is more charcoal and is a good compromise in color. 

To Conclude

Choosing the best end table for your gray couch is much easier compared with other colors. Gray has a versatile look to it and can really open up Pandora's box when it comes to accessories and colors. Sticking with a white, gold, or silver end table will create a modern and luxurious looking energy in your space, and who doesn't want that? Trying a throw blanket or some pillows on top of your couch will add comfort and color to a grey palette as well. 

Purchasing a gray couch may be the holy grail in home design and is definitely not going out of style. Remember to stick with a common color scheme and have a ton of fun planning and decorating your space. Cheers!

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