What Color Faucet Goes With A Stainless Steel Sink?

Faucets are a permanent feature in kitchen decor. They might not seem a big deal, but they leave a lasting impression when ideally paired with the kitchen sink. When decorating your kitchen, you might be looking for the best faucet color to offset the stainless steel sink. Worry not! We’ve asked experts, and they gave us some beautiful suggestions.

Metallic finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, and nickel are the best. Colored faucets are another option to consider. Black stands out and contrasts very well with stainless steel sinks. 
Designers advise staying away from metals that aren’t silver in tone.

Why these colors pair well with stainless steel sinks and not others it’s not a mystery. Read on to understand the science behind these colors being ideal for these sinks.

A stainless steel double sink in the kitchen, What Color Faucet Goes With A Stainless Steel Sink?

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Faucet Colors For Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks stand out. You can’t disguise them easily. A faucet with the correct color will showcase the sink and look harmonious. The best options, according to experts, are:

Brushed Nickel

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Stainless steel kitchen sink inside a modern kitchen

Nickel is a metal that has been around for a while. It’s one of the metals used in coin making. Brushed nickel has a muted finish and blends well with stainless steel. 

Nickel is durable and ideal for a kitchen faucet in constant use. You won’t see water spots on a brushed nickel faucet.

Moreover, brushed nickel faucets are perfect for traditionally-styled and transitional-style homes.

Check out this brushed nickel faucet on Amazon.

Polished Chrome

Chrome faucets fit in with traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. You should specifically use polished chrome faucets for stainless steel sinks.

Polished chrome has a shiny look that suits a stainless steel sink. Brushed chrome isn’t bad, but it might look out of place when paired with stainless steel sink.

Have a look at this chrome faucet on Amazon.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel faucets are no doubt some of the best faucets around. It is easy to maintain and holds up well with frequent use. High water temperatures won’t affect a stainless steel faucet.

As its name suggests, stainless steels faucets are resistant to water spots and fingerprints. You can clean them easily with a dry rag.

Check out this stainless steel faucet on Amazon.

Black Faucet

A powder coat black faucet matched with stainless steel sink

A black faucet visually contrasts with a stainless steel sink wonderfully. Matte black is preferable when working with two finishes in your kitchen decor.

You can echo the matte black finish with the countertop or cabinets door handles to enhance the theme. You can have your stainless kitchen, range cooker, dishwasher, and refrigerator look alike.

Faucet Colors That Don’t Go With Stainless Steel Sinks

A stainless steel modular sink

Most experts recommend staying away from brass and bronze finishes. It isn’t a universal rule or opinion. 

Some experts advise having a stainless steel sink with a brass faucet that matches the light fixtures in the kitchen.

The rule of thumb in design is not to have more than three colors in a space. With this in mind, you can mix and match colors but stick to two metals in your kitchen.

Does A Faucet Have To Match The Sink

Not really! Different finishes and styles make your kitchen faucet a decorative piece. Homeowners might want to play safe and match the faucets with the kitchen sinks.

If you have a flair for color, you can seek professional assistance to know what combinations will work well together.

What To Match Your Faucet To

There is something called layering in design. Layering helps you use undertones to avoid monotonous design in your space. It has nothing to do with minimalism or maximalism.

Cabinet Hardware

Use colors, patterns, textures, designs, and styles to create depth in your space.

You can use cabinet hardware to complement the kitchen faucet. For example, you can use matte black knobs and pulls to compliment matte black faucets in the kitchen.

Have a look at these cabinet knobs on Amazon.

Check out this matte black faucet on Amazon.

Light Fixtures

You could tidy your kitchen decor by having the light fixtures match the kitchen faucets. The main idea is to tie the whole look together. It makes the kitchen look organized and not accidental or random chaos.

Please note that it’s not compulsory to have your light fixtures look like your faucets.

Here are pendant chrome lights on Amazon

Kitchen Countertops

During your kitchen makeover, try matching your countertops with the kitchen faucets. The design and style you choose for your kitchen will give you an idea of what features and colors to use. 

For instance, a country-rustic look will help you pick cohesive countertops and faucets. Avoid picking accents and features randomly. 

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What To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen faucet is the most used tool in the kitchen. This centerpiece also expresses individual style. Before you choose a faucet, you must take your time.

Designers give tips on what to consider when shopping for a kitchen faucet. Have a look at what experts say is vital for a perfect centerpiece for your kitchen decor.


A shiny or matte look for your kitchen faucet makes a design statement. There are different finishes to choose from in the market. However, don’t just pick any kitchen faucet that pleases you.


You will need to have a practical kitchen faucet. Depending on where the faucet will be mounted, ensure that the faucet has:

  • The right arc
  • A proper handle style
  • Convenient height

Each of the above details plays a vital role.

Style And Design

To decode the personality of the homeowner, look at the kitchen faucet. Some homeowners prefer traditional styles, while others are open to modern ones. 

Transitional styles of kitchen faucets help blend the old and the new. A busier kitchen might have a commercial-style-looking faucet.


Being able to install the kitchen faucet is a deciding factor for any homeowner. Although you can’t avoid having to work under the sink area, an accessible faucet makes all the difference.

Ensure you know where the faucet will go. You can mount kitchen faucets on the countertop, sink, or wall.


Some faucets have extra features such as sprayers and elongated faucets. These additional features make work in the kitchen run smoothly.

What Is the Most Popular Faucet Finish

Surveys and customer purchase patterns show that the polished chrome finish is the most popular one. Chrome is a durable metal, but the most enticing factor is the clean look of the faucet.

A stainless steel sink with wooden countertop inside a modern kitchen

A polished chrome faucet fits most decors and homeowners’ tastes. It requires little energy to keep clean.

Which Faucet Finish Is In Style

Brushed gold and matted black faucet finish are trending now. A bold matte faucet is striking and sophisticated. It helps widen the color palette for your kitchen decor.

The classy brushed gold finish is stunning and enriches the space. Both finishes have striking contrasts and can work with other undertones.

Are Copper Faucets Available

You won’t find plain copper faucets in the market. Faucets that you’ll find are a combination of copper and brass.

The brass and copper combination makes the faucets resistant to corrosion from soft water and calcification from hard water.

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Brass/copper faucets can be found in older homes. Modern brass/copper faucets are trendy in kitchen decor.

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

A double sink kitchen with a movable faucet

There are many brands of kitchen faucets for consumers to choose from. Some of these brands might be suitable for general homeowners, while others are best for commercial use.

Homeowners can choose faucets from designer or high-end brands. Extensive research has helped experts classify different brands depending on how consumers relate to them.

  • Pfister- has a wide selection in the market.
  • Kraus- has a commercial style faucet selection
  • Kohler- a favorite designer brand
  • American Standard- Generally, for most homeowners, it’s the best
  • Delta- is a popular brand overall
  • Moen- this brand is popular with high-end consumers

Most popular brand names are costly. Homeowners can find cheaper options that are as durable. Homeowners are free to make a choice based on their home improvement budget.

To Wind Up

A stainless steel double sink in the kitchen

Stainless steel sinks are popular, and you’ll need to choose faucets that compliment them. 

In kitchen decor, experts advise working with not more than two metals. Expatiate on the undertones. You won’t have to match all features in the kitchen to the T’s.

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