What Color Floors Go With White Walls?

Matching the walls of your home to the flooring is essential in creating a cohesive living space. You could have your home decorated with diamonds hanging from the ceiling, but if the floors don't match the walls you definitely are going to have a problem. Choosing the perfect flooring to match your walls is arguably the most important design decision you will make. So what floors look the best with white walls?

The best color palette to stick with would be very light or very dark wood. The best thing about white walls is that they open up a vast array of opportunities for you to get creative with your home's flooring. Going light or dark on the color wheel is going to turn out the best when it comes to your flooring decision. You cannot go wrong with white walls. 

As you continue reading, we will dive into design ideas and what flooring will look the best with your white walls. Think of your home as a blank canvas ready to be painted and interpreted. From baseboard color recommendations to light and dark flooring ideas, we have got you covered. Just keep reading.

A living room in luxury home with carpet flooring, white and gray sofas, What Color Floors Go With White Walls?

Should Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Flooring can really tie a space together and make it amazing or not so great. White or any colored walls should be paired with a lighter wood or carpet to complement the space better than darker colors will. Dark floors can look very good with white or lighter colored walls but do give off a more severe look.

Light floors tend to show less wear and tear while also being easier to maintain and clean. Dark wood or carpet can even create an illusion that your space may be unclean, which we want to always avoid. Below we will include some examples of styles we like and recommend.

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Living room in luxury home with white and gray sofas

Above, you can see how this bedroom design includes a light wood floor paired with a white wall. The lighter colors really open up the space and give off clean and comfortable energy. If you do prefer dark colors, try using a darker palette for your furniture. Lighter flooring alongside white walls has really become a standard in home design.  

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Kitchen with white cabinetry

Although we do usually recommend lighter flooring for your home, the photo above shows a good example of a darker option. The dark wood complements the lighter walls and finishings within this space very well. Dark paired with very light colors do tend to complement each other, but they walk a very narrow line. Darker flooring shows dust and hair more than a lighter floor will and that may be a dealbreaker for pet owners. 

Are White Walls Always In Style?

You can never go wrong with white walls. They have proven to be timeless and elegant for centuries across the globe. The best part about having white walls is that they allow more freedom in your design and accessorizing within your space.

When you see a white and lighter palette home, it just feels very clean and modern versus other styles. It is also fairly easy to maintain because white paint is usually derived from a similar shade and can be touched up easily. 

Should You Paint Your Whole House One Color?

When choosing the colors for the walls of your home, it comes down to what each room or space means to you. Painting one room white and one room grey is not going to destroy your aesthetic. Accent walls are actually quite popular and have a glamorous look to them.

Maybe paint your home office a fun color to get you excited about your work and space. Color can really create a moment for your home and if paired with the right furniture and flooring can look really amazing. Accent walls paired with art and unique looking furniture can entirely transform a space within your home. 

Home interior with sofas

The space shown above is a wonderful example of having fun with the colors in your home while also staying aesthetically pleasing. The green walls alongside the white accent space give off a very clean and modern look to this living room. You can see they have gone with lighter furniture but not matched all of it.

The flooring has a dark glossy finish and makes the space look very clean and livable. Glossier flooring has really seen an increase in demand in recent years and is a style to watch out for. 

Modern purple living room

The example shown in the image above is an ultra-modern and more feminine space and is truly eye-catching. The purple accent wall stands out while also fitting in with the white walls toward the dining space. Sometimes a bright color can make a space feel futuristic and unique versus a standard home design. 

Clean modern interior living room with white sofas

This specific style is more severe than the others but we figured to throw it in for those of you ultra modern home lovers. The black pop within the white space is very distinct while also staying subtle. We love how this design incorporates a lighter palette within the furniture as well as flooring to allow for the black accent wall to shine. It does not take an entire room to be painted the same color to create cohesive energy in your home. 

Should Trim And Baseboards Match The Floors Or Walls?

Trim and baseboards, no matter the wall color, should be light. They should be cohesive with your flooring and overall color palette. White or lighter colored trim is the only way to go in our opinion. The lighter trim or base gives a frame for your walls and connects the floors to your entire space.

White walls will look best with a nude or light grey trim while colored walls will go better with white trim or base. The contrast can be subtle while still creating a clean and purposeful ambiance. You do not want your trim and walls fighting for attention.

Foyer with curved staircase

The space pictured above is a great example for those of you wanting darker flooring in your home. You can see how the grey walls and white trim complement each other and do not force attention from one to the other. Grey and white are best friends when it comes to pairing and overall aesthetics within any space.

Family room with stone brick fireplace

In the photo shown above, you can see how this space used a lighter wall color and matched it effortlessly with white trim. The nude wall paired with the medium-toned floor really gives off an earthy and clean vibe to this space. Trim being white is definitely what we are after when decorating and planning out a space. You can literally do so many different designs with white trim and wood or carpet flooring. 

Yellow chair with parquet floor on teal blue background

The example shown above is on the brighter color palette and is also being paired with white trim and finish. Vibrant colors pop even more when a white or lighter colored base is utilized. This also opens the door to a white or lighter furniture palette which could really look elegant and tasteful. Whether your walls are creme or hot pink, light-colored trim is going to save you a lot of trouble in your home design process.

In Closing

No matter the design or the space you are renovating, lighter colored flooring, walls, and trim are superior to other alternatives. Nude and light-colored paints paired with a darker floor also allow for a more serious color scheme for those who swing that way.

White on white can be too plain for some so why not switch up the color of your walls trim? The smallest change can make the biggest difference in a home. Whether you are looking for an ultra-luxurious feel or a comfortable look, lighter floors and walls can help you to achieve your design dreams. There is no wrong answer when it comes to decorating your home, although we do recommend staying lighter and brighter.

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